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How to Tie Your Long Hair – For Men

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And We Don’t Call it a ‘Manbun’

Congratulations. You have long hair. You know this because you’ve reached the internationally recognized benchmark: it’s long enough to tie it up. But do you know how to tie your long hair?

With great power comes great responsibility, and with great hair comes a pain in the ass, which is hair in your face.

You need to tie your long hair up sometimes, but not only that, you want to have some options. You’re a longhair, that means you’ve already decided to be different. You can and should try new and different long hairstyles for men with your hair.

That’s why we’re introducing the Longhairs Support Series. It’s purpose:

To give you options, tips and tutorials on what to do with your long hair.

Like how to tie your long hair, for example. Here’s the first installment.

The Menstail

Just like a ponytail, except we don’t ride ponies, and men’s long hairstyles should have manlier names than ‘manbun’ and ‘up-do.’

The menstail is probably the first way you’ll ever learn how to tie your long hair up. It’s a simple, basic, introductory tie. It pulls your hair back, gets it out of your face and keeps it under control.

This also covers the basics of using a hair tie, and that’s important. You’ve got a video tutorial immediately below, along with step-by-step still shots a little further down.

Let’s run that back, a little slower this time

1. Put your hair tie on the wrist of your dominant hand.

Hair Tie on wrist of dominate hand

2. Use both hands to gently pull your hair together at the back of your skull.

Pull Hair Together on the back of your skull.

3. Hold your hair at the base making a circle with the thumb and index finger of the hand your hair tie is on.
Grabbing the Hair to make the man tail
4. Use your other hand to grab the hair tie from your wrist; stretch it over your hand and hair, pulling your hair the rest of the way through.
Pull Hair through the hair tie
5. You’re now holding the tie with your other hand. Stick 3-5 fingers inside the loop of the tie, give it a twist, then grab your hair with the fingers you’re holding the tie open with.
Pulling the Hair through
6. Once again stretch the tie over your hair with your opposite hand and pull your hair through. Repeat this one or two more times, depending on how much your tie stretches.
Doing the second wrap on the man tail
7. For a menstail: pull your hair all the way through on your last loop.

Man Tail

8. For a foldover: pull you hair only halfway through, folding it over on top of itself on the final loop.
Fold Over
9. Tighten it down if you want by pulling your hair apart in opposite directions right at the base of the hair tie. This will also add some swag to your foldover. Kind of like doing pushups before going to the bar.
Tightening up the fold over

There you go boys, that’s how to tie your long hair – for men. Rock that shit.

Superior Hair Ties For Men

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Your locks deserve a better hair tie. And we’ve got em. Introducing the finest men’s hair ties in the world: Hair Ties For Guys™.



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    1. Author

      Yo Sammy. Not quite sure what you mean here, amigo. If you have a picture or something we can look into it.

      Welcome to the team, thanks for joining up.

  2. Thanks for the help with this vid and tutorial man, I’m 13 on the 9th June and my parents and teachers were pretty much forcing me to get it cut before my birthday, as i couldn’t figure out how to tie it up. This helped, it took around 10 tries to find how to perfectly do it. Thanks for the help.
    Sorry for the long block of text, but i wanted to thank you 🙂

    1. Author

      Actually that was the first Hair Tie For Guys made by hand in-house. That one has been bronzed and is displayed in a glass case at The Longhairs Global Headquarters, but you can find our other collections right here: https://blog.thelonghairs.us/shop/

      Thanks for asking amigo, let it ride.

  3. Hey man nice work…my only comment would be to take care of that neck hair with a pair of clippers. Definitely feels better

  4. Had really long hair for years, then cut it short to let it grow back, then got a crazy undercut, then got bored and cut it short to let it grow back once more. Luckily for me it kinda grows fast. Just wanted to say, you guys are amazing 😀 keep it long bros!

  5. Three years not a blade of scissor near my locks…. Love the mane down my back! Thanks so much for posting this!

  6. What’s the word on other collections of ties, man? None of these really fit my style.

    Failing that, where else wouls you suggest i shop for ties?

    1. Author

      Yo Doza!

      Thanks for writing man. We just sent a V2 update to our email list. It’s been a challenge getting here, but eight new collections are in production and will be available within 30 days. Appreciate you caring to ask, hopefully you can hold out.

      Let it ride man!

  7. Great advice.
    Got any for a 60yr old who finally “grew a hair” after putting it off for “the man” all these years.
    Kids are grown and so are some of the Grands, so it was pretty much now or never.
    I love (and hate) the reaction.
    But I grow it for ME.
    So glad I did.

    1. Author

      Great stuff Mark, thanks for sharing your story. Super pumped you found The Longhairs and you’re (finally) letting it ride—whatever the damn kids and grandkids think!

  8. I also have very long hair, about 2 feet. Big guy so it looks medium long. Anyways, I have been wairing it as a ponytail like the first finished picture. Now I am using the “stop half way” look,really nice. Thanks (^_^)

  9. well..I’m not a guy and I have hair that reaches the top of my waist, but this tutorial helped me tie my hair by myself for the first time today.
    Thanks! 😀

  10. Fuckin brilliant mate and simple even for dumb Aussies like me. Thanks very much.

  11. Well this is very helpful I have my hair very long usually but am now an artist in making my hair look shorter than it is (thank you secondary school) but now I can relax at home outside of school in style
    So thank you for that stay cool

  12. Do you have any advice for guys with shorter hair? I’ve only been growing it out a few months, it’s only around 8-9 inches, but I wanna be able to keep it out of my face when I go swimming, which is frequently.

    Sorry for the run-along sentence, but I can’t figure out how to do this and it’s a pain in the ass.


  13. I’d prefer to call it “stallion” “studtail” or “warhorse” than “ponytail” tbh, though the second one might be misinterpreted.

    Finally got the courage to grow my hair, thanks to you guys.6

  14. “Best way to do that is with a menstail, it’s just like a ponytail but I don’t ride ponies” so you ride…. men?

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