The Journey To Dreads Part III

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The Final Installment

Listen as we complete the Journey to Dreads with Danny Ramirez. Talking dreadlocks and good times at The Longhairs’ global headquarters.

What You’ll Hear About

  • Forming dreads without using beeswax or resin
  • Caring for dreads—washing, maintaining and treatments
  • Working in a professional environment with dreads
  • How dreadlocks are like the economy
  • The three things you need to consider if you’re thinking about dreads

Recap previous installments in the series:
The Journey to Dreads Part I
The Journey to Dreads Part II

Enjoy, and dreads off to all the dreaded homies out there.


  1. Oops! I forgot that the interview was a few years old. Sorry.

  2. Based on everything I have seen, heard, and read, it seems that the best way to form dreadlocks is to throw out the comb and scissors, let it dread, and let it grow, completely low maintenance. Good luck, Danny. I’d like to see how you are progressing in a few years.

    1. He is still rocking the locs hard! Follow him on IG @shmector he is doing some dope prints

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