7 Ways to Wear Long Hair with a Headband

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They’re cooler than you think

You’ve worn it down, you’ve tied it up, you’ve rocked all types of hats, but have you tried the headband? We know, they’re a little strange, maybe even feel a little girly. Once you get over it you quickly realize that this versatile tool can become a staple within your hair product arsenal.

The first thing you need to know is that headbands come in all shapes, sizes, colors and materials. There are thin elastic bands, thick cloth style bands, plastic arches, ones with teeth, some with rubber, the list goes on. Let’s just say there are tons of style options. Don’t let that intimidate you. Stick with the simple and basic ones to start. We recommend getting yourself one thin band, one thick band and one of the plastic style arch headbands.

Headbands for men

If you are in the awkward stage, or your hair is just at your shoulders, the headband is a ridiculously easy way to keep the hair out of your eyes when it’s still too short to tie it back. For the veterans out there who have a flowing mane, not only is it a great way to keep things out of your face, you can also get pretty creative with combinations of tying it up while utilizing the headband.

Here’s some inspiration for rocking the headband like a real man should. We’ve got seven sick ways you can bring this into your daily routine and add headbands to your list of long hairstyles for men.


The Futboler

The Daily Driver

The Free Spirit

The Runners Choice

The Tennis Pro

The Up & Back

The Layover

Did You Know?

We make sick headbands. We also shot a video with even more ways to wear a headband with long hair. Might be worth exploring, mate.



  1. Ive been rocking the headband for over a year now. I always rock the daily driver. comes in handy when im working and it doesn’t cause the tension headache that pulling back does.

    1. Author

      Excellent point Micheal. That is huge with the headband, zero tension.

  2. Great looks! Some classy Longhairs headbands for guys would be a good product addition.

  3. I used a headband during my awkward stage last year. I’m not sure I’d say that I was successful… but I did. Maybe it’s time to revisit it now that I’ve got a flowing mane that very little can tame. I don’t like having it roped up and tied down just to keep it out of my eyes and mouth.

    Live long and proud!

  4. Thanks bro, loving this. Just 8 months into my journey, so eying the basics at the moment. Gotta keep on keeping that growth coming. You guys keep me focused. Thanks!

    1. Author

      Hell yea Andy. You got this! The headbands are awesome in your stage, even if it’s just when your around the house. They keep everything out of your way so you can handle business.

  5. Headbands are great! I use them for the gym and for running, and sometimes at work 🙂

  6. The one problem I have with headbands is that they always slip back. Even the ones with the rubber backing.

    I got some mad curly hair and the plastic ones with the teeth are a bit rough on my locks.

    Any suggestions?

  7. I use these and I love them. You can wear it normal to just get the hair out of your face, which is why I bought it. It looks good with your hair up or down. And you can also wear it backwards, put your hair in a ball and just slip it into the pouch area. It doesn’t look the greatest, so I only wear it like this at home. lol Its a great way to quickly get the hair off you neck when its hot, without having to use a hair tie. They fit nice when you get them, but they stretch out after a while. 15$ is a bit pricey for a headband, but its value and ease is a no brainer for me. You guys should definitely consider making some of your own. 🙂

    This is an Amazon affiliate link. I wasn’t given these, discounted or paid anything. Just thought you guys might wanna check em out.

    1. Author

      Dude those are sick. I like how big it is, kinda like a half beanie.

  8. Don’t forget about the old standard issue red bandana. Been around for years.

  9. Just tried a few and I love having less tension so there will be less breakage. I am in the same boat as Humberino where I was doing a pony tail just to keep the hair out of my eyes and face but these are really great options. The ones with the thickest band will be great for when it gets cold too. Awesome advice and thanks for the detailed pictures!

  10. I’m digging the runners choice!!! Not only does it get the hair out of your face and off your neck, the headband pulls back the flyways. Awesome style, i possibly might use that even went I don’t work out!

  11. Hey,
    Just stumbled upon this great page.
    Love the headband styles.
    I want to to know what type od headband you have used in the “the UP&BACK” style, cant take my eyes of it. Love its kinda tribal look.
    Any amazon or any other link that you can gimme to buy it.
    I use the common steel-like headband(you know the ripple shaped one) but my hair get entangled in it while removing the band (trying for To grow my mane in hot n humid climat, pray for me)so i need a wide toothed style headband like the one in thr “UP&BACK” above.
    Thanx bruh

  12. Hey Man, love the looks
    If you don’t mind my asking where’d you get the runners choice headband?
    Keep it up!

  13. just got into wearing headbands. I love them. Thought they were girly for years but then finally got the guts to go out and get some plastic headbands and now wear them everyday. Get alot of weird looks but who cares. I love wearing them in the driving style image as you have on here.

    1. Author

      They’re looking at you because you look AWESOME! And they only wish they could rock it like you.

  14. So I’m pretty much in the awkward stage but I’m curious as to how long it should be before I start rockin the headband?

    1. Author

      The headbands are great for any length of hair. Especially in the awkward stage.

  15. Where can I get a good thin headband because I only see the thick ones on your store. I really want to get one thick headband and one thin one to see which I like better!

    1. We are working on them mate! They’ll be coming out this year and will be dopy city.

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