How to Use Bobby Pins with El Andrew

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The Bobby Pin

Overlooked for millennia, guys with long hair have gone bereft of this useful tool since the dawn of time.

Whether you’re attending an evening gala or you just HATE those little flyaways, the bobby pin blends practical functionality with ease of use in an efficient, inconspicuous hair tool that can likewise pick a lock or serve as a roach clip.

In this precedential tutorial featuring our newest video contributor, proficient longhaired actor and model Andrew Reed skillfully demonstrates how to use the bobby pin―for guys.

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  1. Bobby pins are hair’s best friend.
    My mother kept my hair long as a boy and put them in my hair.
    I have continued to use them all my life.

  2. So great! Would
    Love to know how you keep your curls curly all day when wearing your hair down.

  3. Bobby pins are great, just remember that they work best (and look better) with the “teeth” towards your scalp. Obviously when you’re inserting them into a high/low ball, it doesn’t matter as much, but keep that in mind for other styles. They’re also useful for fishing your hair onto hair (and/or beard) beads.

  4. beware, sir
    to make a tight bun (cinnamon bun) on the wet hair can cause a strong pull on drying, with tearing of hair
    for my part, I always do it on dry hair

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