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Known in these circles as El Suavecito, Marshall Shakro is one of many who helped make The Great Cut a special event, and who has breathed life into The Longhairs’ community.

As a guest on Let It Ride, he shared his story of growing his hair out in honor of his aunt and godmother who lost her life to cancer, which you can hear on Marshall Shakro on The Longhairs Podcast.

Foreshadowing his donation, months later he fulfilled his promise in cutting over 16 inches of hair, in one of the countless heartwarming stories to emerge from The Great Cut.

As we all got used to short(er) hair, Marshall found himself with a healthy collection of Hair Ties For Guys...without enough hair to tie up. He depicts this predicament in a fun and lighthearted video, which ultimately brings us to the conclusion…’s not about the hair ties. It’s about the community.

What About Those Cards?

El Suavecito and his creative cadre demonstrate how a simple hair tie can be a connector⁠⁠—and might even help you find the woman of your dreams.

Of course you might not feel like giving all your favorite hair ties away!

That’s why you should get a free pack of Longhairs referral cards, which you’ll see Marshall distributing in the video. They are a perfect way to share the community with anyone.

We’ll ship you a pack for free, simply request Longhairs referral cards.

With that said we are proud to present, from Marshall Shakro and his creative team…


Losing Ties

El Suavecito

Marshall Shakro is an actor and model for hire. When he’s not in front of a camera he’s traveling, creating, and just being Marshall. Connect with him on IG @marshallsmedia

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