Let it Ride Episode 54: Why Do You Grow? With Marshall Shakro

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What’s Your Reason?

Every guy with long hair grows it out for a reason, and Marshall Shakro is no exception.

An aspiring model from Connecticut, Marshall left his job and everything else behind to move to California and pursue his career. Hustling and working job to job, he’s done whatever it’s taken to get to where he is.

While he’s employed his long hair in his modeling pursuits, that’s not why he grew it out.

Having grown it long for a more specific reason, Marshall made the drive down to San Diego to share his inspiring story with us, and honor his family in the telling.


What you'll hear about:

  • Why Marshall grew his hair out
  • Selling out and moving west
  • Pursuing modeling as a career
  • Talking yourself into a job
  • The value of just being yourself
We often play a tough card here at The Longhairs, but you know what? We don’t always have to be tough guys. Our thanks to Marshall for modeling the way.

Marshall is just being Marshall.

And that’s where you can connect with him: @marshallshakro And check out this luscious video shoot he did for Manven.

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  1. Awesome podcast and story it inspires me to venture into modeling once more.

  2. in the 60’s, the french singer Antoine, who was a longhair, said in the song” les élucubrations”: Oh yeah !
    My mother said to me, “Antoine, have your hair cut”
    I answered her: “my mother, in twenty years if you want
    I do not keep them to point out
    Neither because I find it beautiful
    But because I like it. ”
    his definition stays fundamental for every longhair man !!!

  3. Marshall,

    Real men DO cry! I suspect this might be the first time you’ve shared this event in so much detail. The telling of the story about your aunt will make you stronger than steel and those who hear it will help you bear the weight. Think about how many more people now know about her and will remember her story.

    I was going to wish you luck with your career, but you don’t need luck. You’re dynamite looking for a flame. You have a unique, intense look and that hair is gorgeous.

    What the hell, GOOD LUCK bro! See you at The Great Cut!

    Hey! What’s your El Name-o?

    El Camaleón

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