The Great Cut Website Is Live

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Production department just punched it into the end zone, and The Great Cut website and registration is LIVE. Thanks to those who completed The Great Cut survey, which helped us refine some of the details.

Here’s a slice of what we’ve been tackling behind the scenes:


Registration and Pricing

We had to nail down our registration packages and pricing. You’ll find three options: Hair Donor, Hair Cutter and Guest. They’re all the same price, with discounts for early registrants.

In regard to pricing we considered how much it costs to go to a professional sporting event, a concert, a music festival or conference, or to participate in a race or triathlon. Being an all-day event and everything that’s included with The Great Cut, our price offers unbeatable value.

Get Sponsored

To help you offset the cost, we’ve been wrestling with a means for friends and family to sponsor your participation in The Great Cut. We finally settled on providing you with instructions, examples and assets for starting a GoFundMe campaign, where you’ll be able to fundraise through your personal network. This will be available soon.

Event Details

You’ll find event information, more about the purpose of The Great Cut and the world record we’re attempting to break, what to expect, where to stay, answers to frequent questions and more.

Business Sponsors

We’ve been reaching out to dozens of businesses for sponsorship, including local San Diego homies and our network of Mark Cuban Companies. As our list of business sponsors grows you’ll see more dope products added to registrant gift bags, silent auction and raffle, helping to make The Great Cut an extraordinary experience for our guests.

We’ll encourage you early and often to visit our sponsor page, get to know the companies supporting The Great Cut and consider patronizing their businesses. We are partnering with companies we know and trust, who we hope will benefit from their involvement.


Specifying The Goal

Finalizing the financial structure and event details has allowed us to hone in on the specific, measurable goals we intend to achieve:

200 lbs. of Hair | 2,000 Hair Donors | $200K Raised for Children With Hair Loss

At The End of The Day

We’ve concluded the most critical factor in achieving these audacious goals is boots on the ground: we need 2,500 longhairs, friends, family and supporters. If we can rally the team, we’ll easily hit our marks.

Which means we intend to make this an experience worth your commitment.

The Team Behind The Scenes

We have to give some serious cred to El Camaleón for helping us with the budget and planning, El Barbudo for working on the GoFundMe details and our event coordinator Liny.

While the core team continues to drive on making this historic event a reality, we’ll be adding leadership to the squad and galvanizing our mission with every registration.

There’s work yet to be done, but the path is clear ahead.



We’re offering DIE HARD COMMIT pricing for ONE WEEK. This is the absolute best price we will offer on registration, for those who are with us from the outset.

In The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell explains how an idea spreads like an epidemic, where it reaches the point of critical mass, when its viral effect becomes unstoppable.

If you’re reading this, we’re asking you to help us reach the tipping point and register today.

With that, we are damn proud to present the website and registration for The Great Cut.