Let it Ride Episode 55: A Fireside Reading of “Long Hair and Short Shorts”

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Let The Meat Pistons Breathe

I’ve gotta say this is one of my ole favs. Here we revisit blog post #75, from May Day, 2016.

Nothing screams DORK like really short shorts. That was my perception growing up, and I used to make fun of guys in short shorts. Ok I still do sometimes...and yet as the owner of nine pairs of Chubbies, I’m arguably the biggest perpetrator since your dad in 1983.

“I don’t know about you but I don’t want the federal government to know what size shorts I’m wearing.”

So what’s the deal? For me it dates back to the fraternity days, when we went to theme parties, holiday mixers and swanky soirees, including countless Halloweens, aiming to look as ridiculous as possible. Exposing the high upper thigh was a shameless and surefire winner every time.

But why were we so compelled to look ridiculous? What force was so powerful to overcome the classic male archetype demanding we look cool and act tough? Perhaps the answer lies deeper, beyond the hemline.

“The length of your hair and the hemline on your short trousers are directly and inversely related.”

We examined this dichotomy in Long Hair and Short Shorts, and though it was published over two and a half years ago, its reflections still resonate even today.

I’ve always wanted to read this post out loud. And now I did...so listen to it.

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What makes you different? (Besides your hair)


  1. i am the exception that confirms the rule: i’ m a longhair man, and i always wear long pants

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