Let it Ride Episode 53: A Fireside Reading of “Put the Scissors Down and Count to 10”

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Back Away From the Scissors Bro

Taking it back DEEP again! This time we revisit blog post #4, Put the Scissors Down and Count to 10, originally published on December 18, 2014.

We had three blog posts published when we first launched the website (actually re-launched; we’d previously had a rough beta version live on the internet...wish we had screenshots). From that point forward we posted once a week, so this was the first week with a blog deadline.

Since then we have lived with the weekly demands of the content—so we hope you like this shit! lol. I believe we had three or four posts in the queue back then, ready to be scheduled. How quickly those dried up, putting us in week-to-week territory, and here we are.


It’s fun to look back at these now and see where we were, what we were thinking, how we were saying it. And shit man, I gotta say! Pretty damn consistent.

Realize, we didn’t have all our lingo established back then, our zingers and slogans and taglines and one-liners. We certainly didn’t have our monikers, it was just Chris and Lindsay making shit up. The vernacular was just being written...but you know what? It sounds pretty much the same (although we may have been a little saltier back then).

Fortunately now, for your audio entertainment, you can literally hear El Moreno reading it out loud. Be sure to go back to the post itself for some classic photos, especially getting my hair caught in an elevator door.


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What was the first blog post you read/watched? How long ago?


  1. My hair is just long enough now for computer-bag straps to be an issue. Toss it over my shoulder and yikes! Now I know what the girl who sat in front of me in third grade felt like when I pulled her hair. Karma, she a biatch.

    Another issue is when I don’t have my bifocal glasses on. I have to bend my head down so I can see over the top of my regular glasses and flop go my bangs so I can’t see a thing.

    But honestly, I’m glad I made it long enough to have bangs. When I’m home I love to literally “let my hair down” and hang in my face. As long as I have a couple of peep holes through the hair to see the tv or computer screen I’m ok.

    Count to 10, go to a Longhairs.us blog “meeting” for some support, and finish up with some shopping therapy while you’re there…you’ll make it through.

    El C.

    1. This is definitely relatable as I also like the bangs covering the face style and my hair gets caught when I put my bag on.

    2. Does the computer bag have one strap? If so, then I might have a solution. If you want to show off your hair while carrying the bag, it is perhaps best to wear the Sidekick on the opposite side of the shoulder on which lies the strap. On one shoulder, you carry the bag, and in front of the other, your hair is free.

  2. a technique so efficient that it make sober much alcoholics: the morning, take the pledge of, for this day, and this day only, you don’t cut your hair ; tomorrow is another day…
    and, day after day, you will pass trough the akward stage

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