What it means to have long hair

Every guy with long hair has a reason for it. Maybe it’s a statement, or a story, maybe it’s about his character and who he is. Maybe he just doesn’t like getting his hair cut. But there’s something about it for all of us.

Here’s what it means to these Longhairs.

This is El Rubio. He was high & tight for about 30 years, except for that brief attempt in ’06 that got derailed mid-awkward stage. He unleashed his locks while traveling the world then figured, he made it this far, why not go a little longer?

Business in the Front

There are plenty of jobs out there where you can’t have long hair. So in order to work for them I’d have to cut my hair. I’d have to be controlled. Told what to do. Made to conform. Trust the process. Play by their rules. Do as I’m told. Don’t ask questions. Read between the lines. Take what I’m given. Check the boxes. Follow the signs.

Having long hair means I don’t have to depend on someone else to make a living. I’m in charge here.

Party in the Back

Long hair also means I like to have a good time, and these streaming locks should make it clear that having a good time is important. That’s a no-doubter.

Down Since Day One

Long hair says something about me. It says I’m in, I’m down to let it ride. A bro-trip or a freak storm, a friend in need or family will be there, I’m down to roll. Drop in. Dive for it. Leave the country. Huck a gainer. Kick the doors in at El Camino and drop a stick of dynamite on the dance floor. My long hair says I’m down.

And it gives me superpowers.

Golden locks with coconut oil
This is El Moreno. He started letting it ride for the sole purpose of doing hair whips while surfing, but soon learned hair whips are great for all occasions. He hasn’t found a good reason to cut it yet…most likely because there is no good reason.

It’s a Struggle

Short hair is easy.

Think back to a time when you walked out of a barber shop with a fresh cut, feeling real proper, real smooth. It’s a great feeling, right?

Now imagine that was your last haircut for the next 2 years. A path in a new direction, a journey that would give you a whole new perspective on how you choose to live your life. A life with long hair.

Long hair is a struggle, a constant battle. If you have never had long hair before it will be hard for you to understand. Growing it out is a serious commitment, a commitment you better be ready for. You will have to battle through months of awkwardness and complete annoyance. Struggle through times of looking bad. There’s no hiding it, no gelling it, no combing it.

Sure, you can cover it up with hats and beanies…but at the end of the day. The hair wins.

It will wake you up in the middle of the night. It will constantly fall into your eyes and impair your vision, sometimes with serious consequences. It will get in your food, bed, car, sheets, beer, toothpaste, shaving cream, sun glasses, underwear, sink, computer and strangest of all places wrapped around your ballsack.

With long hair there is no escaping the battle of it getting in your way. The funny thing is though, you learn to love that battle.

You learn to figure it out. You deal with it.


It’s a New and Different Perspective

The hair will put you through things you’d otherwise never experience.

You will understand women and their hair problems much better. You will use hair products and actually be semi interested in them and how they make your hair feel. You will wear head bands and hair ties. Sometimes you’ll ask women for hair ties, actually, sometimes you’ll even ask a man for a hair tie.

For some reason the first time I did that it felt really awkward. Semi-uncomfortable but at the same time semi-cool. Then I realized it was really cool.

It’s uncomfortable because you are weirdly asking some random guy for an intimate thing that he has most likely used, probably several times and who knows where the hell else it’s been.

It’s cool because the other guy knows your struggle, he can sympathize with you. He feels your pain.

It’s All Worth It

It’s a pain in the ass. And it puts a different perspective on things. But damn, it’s all worth it.

I don’t know if it’s the look or the lifestyle or the meaning behind long hair or simply just the way it makes you feel. But there is something different about it, something sexy.

If you have never grown your hair out before, I challenge you to take the journey. If you have the balls to make it, you will not be disappointed.

Share Your Longhair Story in the Comments, Amigo



  1. I’m 67. I’ve had longer hair in my youth, but served in the military for many years & kept it short. I grew it out around 2004 for 3 years then donated it. Kept it short again until December 2020 when I started letting it grow again.
    It’s a pain sometimes I admit but all in all I like it a lot. Plan to go a couple more years then decide what to do. Getting a few grays now but not too many. Just got sone bands in today & really like them.

    1. Tony, have you heard about The Great Cut? It could be a great opportunity for you to enjoy your hair and also make a difference.

  2. I’ve dabbled in long hair territory briefly during my junior and senior year in High School only to cut it just shy of my graduation, then attempted to grow it again in 2009 but only made it 9 months. I’ve kept it short for a few years to buzzed then started noticing the MPB (Male Pattern Baldness) kicking in during the 2010s. Nevertheless in 2014 I had a dream watching a solar eclipse and usually I don’t notice how I look in dreams, but this one I could tell or sense I had long hair and then decided to give it another shot in hopes it was a vision for the August 21st, 2017 eclipse. Alas after 5 months I gave up on it as MPB had taken too much from me. I ended up shaving my head for nearly 6 years, though I still rocked an impressive full beard. 2020 comes and covid which at first didn’t do much for me as I didn’t need to go a barber just to shave my head, so I kept shaving through 2020. Then when I returned to work after a 6 month absence helping my mother whom fell ill during that time, I noticed all the guys that were rocking the longer locks as well as some co-workers at my store.

    I then had that same dream in 2014 again. I knew it, it was the 2024 eclipse that I was going to have my long hair. However I knew fighting my Norwood 6 almost 7 hair loss was going to be a bear. However seeing balding guys with long back flows got me hooked. On January 7th, 2021 I put the razor down from my scalp for the last time and after using various different treatments, some natural, some medical starting with vitamin supplements, then ketoconazole shampoo which can help with hair loss, before moving on to Minoxidil and Finasteride foams and pills, and finally a gel that combines the 2 my hair has really come back. I’m down to Norwood 4 almost 3(v) and 21 months later at the time of this post I’m rocking shoulder length locks and not looking back. Looking to get over 3 years or 39 months of growth by the time that eclipse occurs on April 8th, 2024. I am planning to keep my locks for a while longer past that. Looking at mid back length or so. I was stoked when I could finally get it all in a decent sized pony tail this month!

    1. What a journey you’ve been on, Steven! As a fellow man with MPB, you’ve done it right and came ROARING BACK with a vengeance. Keep lettin’ it ride!

      – El Chucakrino

  3. I had long, long hair from high school until my middle twenties. Then I had to grow up and get a real job. The era was the middle 70’s. I worked for the man for thirty plus years and made a pretty good living for my family. The trade off was short hair. I’m not materialistic, I drive an old truck and we don’t live in a “Mc’Mansion”. I was doing my duty and it was worth it.
    I’m 66 years old, and retired now. I started growing my gray hair in earnest the day I stopped working. Actually, I had it all stored inside my “head” for decades, just waiting to escape. I’ve grown a thick full beard as well. My hair is thin on top. I don’t do a “comb over”, I do a comb back.
    Have you ever noticed that a lot of lawyers have long hair? They’re beholding to no one. I share the same perspective.

    Live and let Live,

  4. The first time that I worked. I really have the plans to make my hair long for reasons that I want to experience what it feels like ro have a long hair. Unfortunately, I needed to cut due to lice infestation ruining my plan. My last haircut was around October 2091. Being the breadwinner in the family. My long hair has been a witness to the efforts that I’m doing and the hoops I’ve been. I always keep my hair down sa a symbol of me being down with hardships that I face but also it symbolizes that I still go through despite of it. Maybe once I fulfilled my major plans and got my dream job, thats the time I’ll cut my hair and donate it.

    1. Roy, thank you for sharing your inspiring story. Long hair is so much more than just hair. We wish you great luck in finding your dream job. Way to go, keep going!

  5. I’m in highschool now but when I was young I had long hair and had other students tell me my “hair was weird” or it wasn’t normal. Naturally it gets me pissed off that type of hair style I was once called weird for is “the thing”.

    1. Fads come and go. Having long hair isn’t just about style. It’s a way of life. You know that, we know that, and that’s all that matters at the end of the day.

  6. Hey, 57 years old here. I’ve been growing it out for about 4 years now. ( still not close to the length it was in the 80’s). Now it has a little gray but that’s fixable. I’ve been considering giving it a little layered, shag cut to it. Maybe along the lines of Dolly Parton’s wig. I’m sure I would have fun with it. It just takes a long time to grow it back out if I don’t like it. Oh, I am in corporate management 🙂 What do ya think?

    1. We have a saying around here, Shane. LET. IT. RIDE. Do your thang, we know it will look amazing.

  7. I just purchased a bristle brush from this site. And I do indeed have very long blond hair. But, the thing is, I bought this brush for my beloved Red Standard Poodle. She is named Lucy, and she does have lots of red hair, very curly, and getting longer. Since I will not be shaving her, or forcing her to have a stupid fancy lion cut, she will just have the occasional trim, and brushing with the terrific Boar Bristle brush. I did own another bristle brush, which I loved, but Lucy ate it. Which is why, I just purchased a new brush. Lucy will not get to eat this brush.

    1. We are so happy to hear the Mane Hog is working for your pooch, Jacquie! There’s no way Lucy is getting her teeth on this one. Let us know when it’s time for a brush for your long blonde hair.

  8. I keep my hair long because it would be a crime against humanity for me not to share this golden blonde cascade with the rest of the world. I’m sure there probably is a law against cutting something so beautiful, and I’m too pretty to go to prison.

  9. I’m about to turn 66 and have had long hair off/ on since I was 17. I would cut it when it became too unruly. Or for a job I really wanted. I’ve always been artistic but not the artsy-fartsy type. Just creative. The last time I cut it was 2018, in CA, 110° every freaking day. I went to other extreme and started shaving my head. As of 2020, started growing it back and live in KY now. It’s about 6″ past my shoulders so far. At my age I wanted to see if I could grow it long one more time and I have but I’m going to let it keep growing. I have to put it in a ponytail for work but that’s ok. But I’ve got receding hairlines on top and a small bald spot in back. My hair has always been baby-fine. Static electricity is my enemy right now. I’m happy to see this site because I need to keep better care of my hair now that’s it’s grey and thinning.

  10. Been growing my hair for a year and a couple months now, after my last haircut was a disaster to say the least, and now I just grow it out because I don’t want another haircut, my hair is long, thick, and curly, it comes down to my neck curled and dry, but when wet it goes past my shoulders, and when I get it wet, I have to rinse it multiple times just to properly clean it

  11. Just celebrated my 3rd year with out a hair cut!
    I started this journey October of 2019
    After I accidentally shaved my head,
    I said screw it,I’ve had long off and on for a few years prior to this.
    Also started this journey because to be honest, I thought I was going to bald by now

    I really enjoy having it long, women love it, friends and family support it
    It’s a really great flex to have
    And like I’ve been saying
    “I’m staying single till I find a women with better hair then me”

  12. Am from the Eastern part of Nigeria, my hair is 6months old uncut. My challenges come from my parents and relatives though am above 30 but the way people here view those with long hair is really not encouraging but when They see the whitemen with much hair they admired it. I love traveling, so this month August 2021 am going to Gambia from Lagos for a greener pasture for that reason everyone is on my naives that I most cut my hair if I really want to travel to Gambia. This is my pain 💘 I don’t wanna cut but when life bring you to Ur kneel you have to make a choice.

  13. My story is much like many others on here. I had long hair back when I was about 17 to when I was about 21. Then I had to get a decent job in a hurry, so I ended up getting it cut. That was okay for a few years (maybe 40 or 45 years). I always let my hair grow beyond the six weeks recommended by every hairdresser I visited, but still, eventually, ended getting my hair cut, when I figured that would please my bosses, fellow workers, or even employees that I supervised. Luckily, I am mostly retired now and supplementing my income with self-employment endeavors which don’t “require” a conventional short haircut. Even after retiring, I was still keeping my hair short thinking I might have to get a “real” job again at some point. Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit and I was basically in lockdown for over a year. At first I didn’t want to visit the hairdresser in case she gave me or I gave her the virus. But, as time passed I decided to just not get it cut at all, even when I could have safely done so.

    Now about my hair. Indeed, like so many others have said, it is somewhat grey, seems a lot thinner than I remember back when I had long hair, and doesn’t grow nearly as fast. Still, just today, I managed to get it in a ponytail where all of the strands of hair stayed. There are definitely times when I don’t want to wear a hat and don’t want my hair in my face, but that’s no longer a problem. This being able to put it in a ponytail, my friends, is thrilling. It has taken well over a year to get to this point–much longer than I thought it would. Growing my hair long is an awesome accomplishment, something very personal, for me.

    So, if you’re having doubts about growing your hair long and are at that awkward stage where it isn’t long enough to tie up, but is long enough to get in your face, among other things, hang in there. It will eventually grow and you’ll be glad you persevered.

    Sure, some acquaintances and relatives probably think I’m bonkers, but most of them probably thought that when I had short hair and, at any rate, few of them make comments about my long hair. Even if they did, why should I care. I’m being true to my inner vision of myself. That, in the end, is what is really important and possibly something I lost sight of many years ago.

  14. I quit cutting my hair in 2016 for personal reasons. I used to be a dog groomer and I gave my 2 clippers and all my blades to a buddy that was starting out in the business. I used to get frustrated and buzz off my hair. I wore my hair long between 1976 and 1977. I got it buzzed for a job. I just never let it grow out. At 61, I decided that I was going to grow out my hair just because I could. LOL. My hair started turning gray in my late thirty’s. Every time I shaved or buzzed my hair I had grey spots. I looked like an ocelot. LOL. As time past the spots became sections. As I let it grow, gray, silver, and white hair started showing up. My beard was white by this time and the dye nearly asphyxiated me. I made the decision to be proud of my hair. I earned every single one of them. LOL I realized that it was a genetic gift and a chance to be independent and wave my freak flag. I admit in humidity it can be a pain in the ass. I tried the Longhair ties. I have been really surprised by them. I knew that they looked cool, but they really work. They don’t pull out my hair and they keep it safely up and out of the way. I’m always fiddling with my car’s engine and I remember when I was a teenager, several buddies unfortunately had patches of hair snatched out when it got near a fan belt. One other benefit is that, unlike other ties. It looks good being worn on the wrist. I can always keep one of the Longhair ties handy when I need one. I have a convertible and I really enjoy driving with the top down. With a Longhair tie always on my wrist, I know that I won’t need to spend half an hour later carefully getting all the tangles and knots out of my hair. I’m not being compensated for this endorsement. I wish that I was. LOL. I’ll be buying many Longhair ties in the future. Best wishes men and wave your Longhair flag!

  15. Thanks for this opportunity to let my freak flag fly. I started growing my hair right after my Army time ended in July of 1970. I grew it for 7 years as I went to college and as I began teaching Special Education in 1977. I cut my hair in the summer of 1977 and didn’t start growing it out again until 2 years ago in May 2019. This is when I started teaching on Standing Rock Souix Reservation in South Dakota. That is where my rerun started again. It is now again shoulder length and I am prepared to keep it until the end of my time here on the planet. Be well, prosper and may peace and love be the standard.

    1. A few years back, I worked with a fella that had long, amazin’ black hair, He is of middle-eastern decent. I, myself, had short ott-6 sides and finger length on top, with a long beard. I had longer hair, more of a mullet, back in the early 90s that I’d think about. So, I started talking to him about his hair and how rough it was to deal with. He did say that it was a pain in the beginning but worth it.
      So, we made a bet, he would grow out his beard while I let my hair go. One thing I realized was that I had a lot of redish highlights and I really liked my hair as it got longer. He, on the other hand, hated his beard. He had a wedding to attend where he was the, “Best-Man”, and he begged me to allow him to trim his beard. I stated that the bet was to let it go….untamed as we had agreed upon. He did not cut his beard but many months later, he was graduating from college and once again, asked to cut his beard for photos. I stated what I had previously and he did not cut it. A few months later, was graduation day and asked to cut it. I told him that on graduation day, a photo with the dean would release the bet. He actually kept it until graduating and produced a photo of him with the dean. I let him out of the bet.
      Almost 3 years later, my hair is just south of mid-back. It can be bothersome but, I like it and no, I’m not cutting it.

      It’s been ran over with a creeper, tangled into the wheels. In my face/eyes constantly if not up in a pony or bun. It looks great and I receive a lot of compliments by the ladies but in the end, I do it for me. My nickname is Jesus.

  16. Gotta say I’m happy to be here. I stumbled across your hair ties and thought “how have I not seen this before? And why am I wearing my wife’s hair ties?” So I ordered some. And now I’m a little regretful that I didn’t take advantage of the addition set. Woulda, shoulda, coulda. Just the same, I’m happy to have found you guys. I think you’re providing a great service. But (and don’t take this the wrong way) I want more!!!
    Way back when, when I spent more hours on my Harley than in my bed, I had long hairs. But 15 years at an engineering firm and six years prior in a management role left me with cute, nice, neat hair. I’m happily retired now and stoped cutting my hair and beard more than a year ago. So it’s longer. FYI I haven’t asked my wife how she feels about either. I figure no news is good news. Unfortunately, this time around it’s come out really wavy. And gray. I’m not complaining about the gray. It just has a different texture. I don’t know how to style any of it anymore. It’s always in my face. ALWAYS!!! I should be a little ashamed at how much product I’ve bought to try to tame it and get it styled somewhere that’s out of my face. Even part of the time would be great! Ive followed all the rules. Only wash once or twice a week. Co-wash almost daily or every other day. Use only quality products. Air dry. Dry with a t-short or microfiber. Use argon oil. Don’t use too much. Only comb wet. Use pastes. Use smoothing lotions. Don’t use stuff with…..that list just keeps going on forever. I mostly keep it in a hat or a wrap these days. Love your how-to and tips section. But what if really love to see is a video of a guy with 12” long wavy hair going “okay, guys. Ima show you how to style this mess because you probably don’t know how to do it right.” Yeah. That’s what I need. Or maybe I just need more time. Maybe in another year it’ll be long enough so it doesn’t look like a curly assed baboon crawled up to take a nap on my neck. Maybe it’ll tame down and decide to stay where I put it. Until then, again – happy to be here. Love the products you’re offering. Can’t wait to try more!
    I’m going to keep growing it and see if I can’t get it under control. You know. I’m at that age where I go to more funerals than weddings so I’d like the option to make it look a little less Harley and a little more Harold at times.

  17. My brother cut my hair for the last time when my wife of 34 years started the painful part of her battle with MS. I was so upset that none of her doctors would help her (us) out, that I went to my employer, a local church, and told them that I would get my hair cut when my wife got relief from her pain and muscle spasms. They agreed, but I think they had more confidence in the current healthcare system than I did.

    So, fast forward to a couple weeks ago. My hair was a mess, I was starting to emerge from the awkward stage, but had no plan for when it got this long. I looked online for longhair styles for older men. That’s when I found the Longhair website. After navigating the website, I found it was indeed alright to trim my sideburns and found out about the magical powers of finishing serum.

    Today, I’m 14 months from a no.2 buzzcut, and my mane is tamed. I’m 55, and looking at curls that I never knew I had. My wife loves it, and the only negative I get is the older ladies at the church will look around chuckling and saying “now where did I put those scissors?”. The advice I got from your website made a huge difference, and I’m looking forward to growing my hair and ordering your products.

    As I write this, the doctors are no closer to bringing my wife relief to her pain and spasms (I guess the opioid crisis has more casualties than just the suicide victims). I am her primary caregiver, and we’ve both been going down the depression side of the journey. With something else to focus on, I’ve put more effort into taking care of my hair. I’m looking at my nutrition, weight, exercise, and getting healthy to make sure I’m around to take care of my bride. She loves the new look, and gives me smiles and a wink when I’m with her. I even think it’s helping her depression. Thanks.

    1. One of the most heartwarming stories I’ve read here, Dave. Very glad to have you here, and willing relief to you and your wife. Especially glad the hair journey is giving you something positive to focus on. Keep in touch and keep lettin it ride!

    2. Brother Dave, keep fighting the good fight. You’re an inspiration and I know your wife is forever grateful to you. I’m sorry the healthcare system has let you down but hold on to faith. Hope and the fight inside of us goes a long way.

  18. I’m in the awkward stage now, kinda mullety, but hair getting down to bottom of my neck in back now, probably 9-10 months since I last cut it. Had it long-ish in college, 20 years ago, but never got beyond awkward stage then. I didn’t so much decide to grow it out for real this time, as I woke up one day and thought, “I’m not cutting my hair this time – I can’t and I won’t, until I reach the promised land.” And here I am. I dig what you guys are doing. It’s inspiring, and it makes me feel like it’s okay to be me, not like everyone else, and that includes following my own path in work and relationships and in life generally. I spent a lot of years worrying about other people and trying to be who I thought I was supposed to be instead of who I am, and that’s all dropping away now and I’m starting to feel freer than I ever have, and that’s what my long hair means to me. I am so stoked I found you guys and stoked to get the slick new hair ties, bands, and head wrap from The Longhairs that I just ordered. Thank you guys for creating this awesome company and community.

  19. I’m a barber and I decided to let my hair grow out. One day to the next I just had enough of keeping up with the clean cut look. I work around haircuts everyday of my life and boy it was tough.
    It’s been almost a year and a half now and I can’t recommend it enough even if I know it ultimately leads to less business for me. I’ve guided a couple of clients into longer hairstyles and they love it man. It’s such a cool feeling seeing people be comfortable in their new post quarantine hair just being out there man. It’s such a specific feeling I get knowing that’s another person who gets it. And honestly I can’t remember what life was before my hair was grown.

  20. Wanted long hair growing up, but as the son of a first sergeant in the USAF that was frowned upon. Even while playing the drums in a variety of rock and country bands, I had shorter hair—until I sported a mullet for a bit. Cut that off unannounced one week and donated it.
    Then during Xmas break 2019, I asked my wife what she thought about me letting my hair grow. She was supportive. So at 53 I decided to go long while I still can!
    A year and change later and I couldn’t be happier.

    1. Yo Andrew! Hell yes man that is great to hear! Glad to have you here and keep lettin it ride!

  21. One of my best friend’s call me Reaper, im 27 years old.. as a kid I crew up with high and tights and then when I enlisted In the Marines it was easy for me while for some it was not, then I went to medium regs. I have always wanted long hair my whole life bc it makes me feel more like myself, been trying to grow it out for the past 2 or 3 years, but always had to get it cut for court. I hated it. Then I just started to let it go, been like this since the beginning of last year, went and talked to my dr. And she said to use biotin, it helped a lot, I seen it grow pretty quickly in 2 short months but I am just now hitting the point of a very short pony tail, been having it in a pony tail for work and it was in a pony last Saturday, Monday, yesterday and again today. Some of the guys I work with say I have the Fabio look going on and some say I look like a girl from the back but hey I LOVE IT! I’m wanting to donate to locks of love and the guys understand but that won’t ever stop them from giving me sh*t, I love how it makes me feel and I’m going to keep it going just going to let it get longer and longer, oh and trust me when I say I give the sh*t talk right back I don’t care lol I feel free I feel more connected more comfortable like this because I believe if a man can take care of his long hair then he can take care of a woman he can take care of a house because having long hair is a big true responsibility and I love it. It will help me to understand what women go through with their hair 🙂 when I told one of the guys that he said flat out “this aint Mulan so you can cut that sh*t out” lol well guess what that was a badas* movie and holds true that men can have long hair. Back then there was no cutting your hair it just flowed long and proud and im not done growing it! Come guys let all of our hair grow out! Let it flow! Loud and proud! And trust me fellas any and all advice to those trying will always help we have to stick together! 🙂 my advice would be biotin once a day and keep taking it, not only is it good for helping your hair grow out but it is also good for healthier looking hair nails and skin and until my dr. Tells me other wise I’m going to keep taking it! 😀

    1. Yoooo REAPER! Kick ass man, we are glad to have you hear and I think a lot of us feel the same way. If you are thinking about donating then you should definitely join us for The Great Cut 2024! Don’t take no sh*t from the boys and keep letting it ride amigo!

  22. After 20 years of “high and tights” in the Army when I retired I decided to let it flow. I’m lucky in that my hair as it grew out is wavy with curls on the ends. I’m an old dude now fellas and my hair is a shiny silver. Gets lots of compliments and people seem to like it. Not that I really care because this is for me, but my girlfriend loves it.
    As it really started to get long, just above halfway down my back now, I was having troubles controlling it. In my face when working, in my mouth eating outside in a breeze, you know what’s up. My girlfriend was loaning me her hair ties but I was pulling hair when I took them out. I saw you guys on Shark Tank and so I ordered some ties. They’re great. I just ordered some more and will be getting some headbands as well. Keep up the good work and thanks for a fun product.

    1. Author

      Great to have you Smitty! Holdin it down for all the silver foxes out there. Stoked you like the ties!

    2. I was an executive in corporate America for over 45 years and never was able to grow my hair long. Now retired I began my journey at age 66. June 2019 I started to let it grow out and now 20 months later it has passed my shoulders. Luckily for me I have a full head of hair. Friends say my hair looks like Fabio’s. I’ve always taken care of my hair by using quality hair products. I found your company because I was looking for better hair ties and that’s how I found your website. After placing an order for hair ties and reading your articles I am excited about being connected with you guys.

      1. Yo Gerry! We are super stoked to have you here and for sharing in your long hair journey! A new life at 66, who knew?! Please stay connected and keep letting it ride!

      2. Gerry,
        Enjoyed your story. Mine is similar, 35 years at a “hair above the collar” corporation. Started letting it grow out and got the dreaded “you are in violation of the dress code” email. I complied, but working from home has given me the chance to let it ride! I cant go all out until I retire, but I plan to then!
        Enjoy the Longhairs products and grooming tips!

  23. I grew up in the sixties. . .hippie through and though and let my hair grow accordingly! It was a different time and having long hair made you a target of just about every short hair. Hard to get a job, cops very suspicious and often targeted us for various assumed offenses. Like peace and a bit of ganja now and then. Anyway, David Crosby sang, “Almost cut my hair, but didn’t and I wonder why? Because I feel like I owe it to someone.”
    So every time I think of doing the same. . .I hear David singing and I just say no!

  24. I have hair down to my waist almost, and what it says for me is I’m connected with the world with nature on a deeper level then most. It means that I dont have to depend on anyone, it means that I am untameable and cannot and will not be controlled. It also represents the fighter in me.

  25. i have curly kong hair ive been growing out for almost 4 years now, im 17. i love having it, i had to buy a lot of products and learn a lot of things but i cant see myself shaving my head, only getting trims maybe. but at this point my hair is so connected with me i dont care what people have to think or say about my hair, because my hair makes me truly feel good.

      1. wait, I’m a girl,………..is it bad if I’m reading this?…………😐I better get out of here

    1. Taylor, all right man!! Great attitude and stoked you seem to have the curls figured out. Glad to have you here and keep lettin it ride!

    2. I have hair down to my waist almost, and what it says for me is I’m connected with the world with nature on a deeper level then most. It means that I dont have to depend on anyone, it means that I am untameable and cannot and will not be controlled. It also represents the fighter in me.

  26. I am 20 and just started growing my hair out during the very beginning of covid-19 quarantine. I am at the awkward stage right now haha. Luckily my hair is growing very quickly though. And let me tell you this is by far one of the best things I have ever done with my body, tied for best with tattoos lol. But, even at the awkward stage I have received complements! For me, I was so nervous about the awkward stage, but literally I have not received one bad comment on it. It has gained me so much confidence. Definitely will not be cutting it short anytime soon. I hope this helps anyone nervous to grow their hair out like myself at the beginning!

    1. Dude! What a great experience to read about. I have a feeling there are many others in your situation right now. Thanks for the motivational thoughts, hope you find lots of great content here at The Longhairs!

  27. Hey dudes! I’m relatively new to this game, in spite of just turning 56 (that can’t be, can it?!). I’ve been told I had a mullet in my 20’s, but I’m still (mostly) denying it. …So I’ve been growing my beard out for the last couple of years and my wife asked if I’d like to grow my hair out too. Really?! Sure! I’m in that awkward stage where the back is trying to catch up with the front and sides, really annoying, not enough product in the world, not yet long enough for a pony tail (and certainly not for a high-ball yet), and straight and fine as… well… ANYWAY, glad to be here!

      1. I am 33 year old. Well, I keep long hair not for any fashion style. Infact, it is a living statement i.e., living beyond look and appearance not confining myself to the taboo and tradition of the community I come from. I breath freedom and a sense of higher being.
        It is kind of a Spiritual path.

      2. Had long hair since i was 17. Sucks i think im losing it, hopefully not because it really is a way of life👌👌

  28. I’ve had long hair since I was 17 and I’ll be 40 next year. I first grew it out because I was a huge wrestling fan in the mid to late 90’s and was a big fan of Sting. When is started growing his hair out, so did I. I’m just now starting to have some gray in the sides (my friends call it the “Doctor Strange ” look). Women Love it. I get nothing but complements. One day I may cut it, but for new……… I’ll going to let it ride.

  29. Thanks for posting this! I needed the motivation. I’m almost a year in and the struggle is real. I was active duty for 8 years and the one haircut a week was the norm for me. However, like you said the article there is something “sexy” about it, in which my wife enjoys. God Bless you and rock on my man!

  30. I haven’t cut mine since I retired from the military 11 years ago. I’m 58 and have been in bands for 25 years now. Of course I play lead guitar in a rock band. My platnium blonde hair thanks to revlon is half the way down my back. The shampoo I changed to at the beginning of the year is Mane & Tail herbal grow and Tresemee conditioner.

      1. Covid hit I quit cutting my hair. I’m 61 and still have a head full of hair. Hairdressers I know say let it go

  31. It must have been 1987 or 1988 that somebody in my classroom had long manes. I instantly liked it, it was completely new for me. I decided to grow out my hair too. The rest is history… it just turned 2020 and I still have those manes. Partly because I like it personally, partly I must admit I would like to look a bit different than all those “standard” looking men. It was not until I met somebody from Norway who I learnt to know through Facebook that you can do much, much more with those manes than just tie them together in a pony tail. The magic words are “man bun” and “top knot”. This Norwegian guy has a top knot with undercut, which simply looks stunning on him. Then, I learned my long hair needs…. care?!?! I just use de-greasing Guhl shampoo every two days, as I have greasy hair, and that’s it… now, times will change. I just ordered a can of super strong hair spray to counteract those flyaways 🙂
    By the way, a bit off-topic: we all have a secret wish to be a bit “different” don’t we? Then consider a not-so-standard jacket also! As a skinny man I like down jackets a lot, and some really make you stand out from the crowd… just Google “Nuptse aztec blue rage combo” and you’ll know what I mean. Want something that’s simply super-stylish but not so eye-catching? Then get yourself a nice Nobis jacket, for example the Kato or Cartel. These tick all the boxes: warm, stylish, looking a bit different and… completely waterproof!!

  32. I had to always have really short hair throughout school due to the rules so naturally during high school when the rules dropped I wanted to experiment with medium messy hair and then during college I wanted to grow out a manbun for the aesthetics but gave up halfway and settled for a top-knot

    But somewhere along the line it stopped being about the aesthetics and I got my last haircut like 16-18 months ago and haven’t chopped it off since then, it’s no longer about the aesthetics but long hair makes me feel more me ? I don’t know if that makes sense.

    Also I no longer care about how people feel about my hair, I was always very self conscious and now I rock a bun or pony even during bad hair days and i reply back to criticism like a boss, the confidence scares me lol.
    Us long-haired men look different and the confidence can intimidate people , glad to know there’s people out there just like me. Let’s rock the flowy locks yo

  33. Hey. Nice post. I am currently in grade 9 going to 10. And I started growing my hair about 4 months ago from very short. I am worried because my hair is curly(not ringlet curly but extremely wavy), and so far it is just curling and looking poofy out the sides. When it grows more will it drop? I am going for the Joaquin Phoenix hairstyle from the Joker movie initially, but I am worried that my hair won’t grow like that. Any help is appreciated.

    1. NATHAN! Glad to have you here amigo. For you, it sounds like it’s going to take some time before your hair falls. It will likely grow “out” before it falls “down.” Hang in there, it will all be worth it.

  34. I have been growing my hair for over eight (8) years. My hair is just touching my shoulders. It feels good to feel my hair touch my shoulders. I wear my hair tied back in a short ponytail. I hope that my hair grows longer. My hair is part of who I am; not all of who I am. Nevertheless, without my hair there would be a part of me missing; I would be diminished. I have a freedom with my hair. I feel regal and sovereign. I respect other guys who choose to have short hair or to shave their heads. However, I feel an affinity, a fraternity with a guy who chooses to wear his hair long.

    1. REGAL AND SOVEREIGN!! Pumped to have you here man, this community has materialized for guys like you. Also appreciate your views on respecting all hair lengths. KEEP LETTIN IT RIDE MAN!

  35. Hey I’m 14 years old I have been growing my hair for around two years now. It’s a couple inches below my shoulders now. The reason I grew it long is because I love the history of the American revolution, and that the men had long hair.

    1. Author

      So awesome Matthew! Stoked you found us, welcome to the team.

  36. This comment section is beautiful. I found this post searching on google for hairstyles, but to give a little background, my father always had long hair. I didnt start to grow it out until 7th grade, got it down to my ass in 11th grade, then cut it. Then grew it again from age 25 to 28, when i was diagnosed with cancer and lost it all to radiation. Then, from 28 to now 31 ive been growing it again, and ive been through multiple awkward stages, and ive lost the hair i loved to things beyond my control, as well as my own choice, but i love my hair. Currently just touching the top of my ass, but, other than trims, i plan on growing it as long as it will go.

    I love the camaraderie here, the acceptance, and support. It may seem like a small thing, but its made me smile, laugh, and maybe even tear up a bit.

    1. Author

      What’s up Joshua and welcome. So glad you found us! Thanks for sharing your story, sounds like you’ve been through a lot. Happy to hear you are doing well, I think we all have a lot to learn from your experiences and how grateful we should be for what we have.

  37. I’m a musician and It feel it is right for me to let my hair grow long.

    Gimme a head with hair, Long, beautiful hair, Shining, gleaming, Streaming, flaxen, waxen. `The Cowsills

  38. So, my high school wasn’t one of those that has uniforms or anything, but it’s hair standards were ridiculous. Guys couldn’t have hair that came down below the earlobe and couldn’t have any other facial hair besides a well trimmed mustache. After I graduated, I buzzed my head and shaved completely one last time, but I’ve been rockin’ a main and a neat beard ever since.

    1. I was in the Marine Corps for 5 years, and that’s where I gained a warrior mentality. I grow my hair out because because I’m a goddam savage!

  39. 4 years coming up in August, made a promise to grow my hair for 4 years. Never had it this long before. Or long ever really.

    Wanted to show I could be committed, dedicated . So I went from haircuts every 2 weeks to a trim every 6-8 months.

    Almost to the finish line.

    1. Amazing man! Glad you found us here.

      So what happens in August?

  40. I think having long hair is nice on men , guys or boys if you keep it neat and clean

  41. “My name is david Desi macias jr… I first started growing my hair long when I lived in Hawaii… man it went from 0 to 60 real quick… I loved it and kept it when I moved to Los Angeles and did tv and movies and videos… had lots of females wanting to “buy” my hair which was long.. wavy and black but then cut it about 12 years ago (2007) and now live in Nebraska and had it short since and kept it nice and neat so when I would go back to California to visit my mom but since my mom recently passed away August 2018 I decided to start to let it grow back out but my woman now is always bugging/ my ass to cut it cuz I look stupid but I just laugh and say no because I just feel like it’s my hair and leave me alone about it but still she’s doesn’t like it oh well sorry but her happiness should not be determined by the length of my hair… right? What do you guys think as it’s my hair my choice and it makes me happy and really don’t give a rats ass 😊

    1. Yo David! It’s your hair, it’s your choice, and we don’t give a rat’s ass! lol

      Thanks for the comment mate, glad to have you here. Keep lettin it ride!

  42. Hi this is Michael Bowers. I have been growing out my hair since mid to late 2017 and it is not quite at my shoulders yet. I have never felt comfortable with short hair, even while growing up. My father is retired military chaplain and always kept his hair short and so never really allowed mine to grow to much length either as a child. Now that I am 35 years old, my parents still have there opinions about my hair, but now that I am older they respect my decisions as an adult. You guys mentioned professionalism in some of your blogs and such. I can think of a few famous individuals with long hair. George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, William Shakespeare, Jesus Christ, Travis Tritt(Country Singer), Alan Jackson(Country Singer) and even Willie Nelson (Country Singer). If these famous people can have long hair and be successful, why not ever guy? I even had a pastor at my church who looked like Ben Franklin. To me my hair means I am my own damn individual not a follower of everyone else in this world. Coming from the church background, Jesus said be in this world, but not of it. I think too many people do the same thing and look how many people are on anti-depression meds and are depressed in our nation. If being like everyone else is right why so many unhappy people? To me my long hair says I am free from this world and not a slave to the conventional wisdoms of our time. Thanks for this site and all the support you guys give. Keep up the damn good work guys!! Hell yeah!!

  43. Love all the support on this site,cannot believe how judgemental society and employers can be,but oh well.they are the reason i am a rebel,and will never conform to anyones standards but my own.period.i made the mistake of cutting my middle of the back wavy curly hair for a job.never again.had a buzz cut for the past 20 years because of the fear of not getting hired.now,i really dont care anymore.so who is the idiot?the person wanting to grow his hair,or the bend over conformists out there?after a lengthy cancer battle(now cured)and going bald from chemo,i have been letting my hair grow since then,for about a year now.its still in the awkward stage,crazy untamable curls,frizziness,etc.but i treat it good,no hairdryers,flatirons,hairspray,gel,just wash every other day,condition,oil the ends and let it air dry.thanks or the acceptance guys,rebel on!!!!

    1. Author

      Great to have you here Kevin and congrats on winning your battle with cancer. Powerful stuff right there. Happy you are lettin it ride. Have you checked out our charity event that we are hosting? I think you will dig it, check it out at https://thegreatcut.us

  44. oh man, I had to stumble (literally) on this website today… of all days. getting outta the tubby with missus T last night night she says to me “Wow look at all that lettuce, getting long!!” yeah I say to her will ya give me a small trim, well she’s afraid to do that 26,27 years now so I say eff it i’ll just get it cut wicked short tomoro. it is an unbelievable curly long ass rats nest, but I luv it just not too happy with the graying temples but whatever. they say old guys with long hair look even older, so lookin online for my new dew, and up comes a youtube vid from the longhairs! Cut my hair today my azz!!! Small trim tonight and letting it ride!!! close call- glad I came to my senses and thanks for the intervention hahaha

    Good to be here. hair is peace. DT

  45. I was and am now a guy with
    Long hair.
    When I was a kid it was always short
    Did not like that at all, it wasn’t me.
    When I got to the age I could make
    My own decisions, one was to be
    And I did just that.
    Long hair and I mean long never mattered at work.
    And some time I cut it a bit if I felt
    It would make things better where
    I worked. But never cut much.
    I don’t know , but I am a long hair
    Always been one. It’s me and
    I like me.
    With short hair their was a part of me missing. I just didn’t feel right.
    Now I own my own Engineering business, what I do not many folks
    Do. So if someone needs my
    Engineering services the get my
    Brain covered with , you got it
    Nice long hair.
    It has not caused a problem.
    I feel good about myself.
    When I look in a mirror I see me
    Not someone the others have made.
    I am a long hair through and through.
    So are a lot of my friends….

  46. Greetings!!

    Been growing mine since the ‘80’s. Had my first longhair in ‘89, I think. I’ve cut and grown it four times since then. The only reason I cut it was for jobs, and the last time was to try and get promoted. Four years later and no promotion. I grew it again and I just don’t care. Longest I’ve had it was 2/3 the way down my back.

    I never really could figure out why I like long hair, until recently when I figured it out. Metal. I’ve been a metal head since the 80s (Iron Maiden was my introduction. I got Opeth on right now as a matter of fact), and for me, metal and hair are synonymous. It’s the cultural identity that I grew up with, and I’m proud to say I’m a metal head. That, and I can still have it at 50. In some ways it’s a final horizon for me. I’m older, can’t headbang like I used to; forget the mosh pit, I’ll be carried out in a body bag. Kids sucking up all my money, mired in middle management. Well, I still got my hair, dammit.

    Honestly, I was a little worried about having long hair at 50 – mostly the cracks about being a hippie and being ‘too old’ – but I just don’t give a shit anymore. I love my hair and that’s that.

    For all you out there suffering through your hair’s teen years, it’ll get better, I promise. The payoff is totally worth it.

    1. Author

      Well said Matt. Thanks for sharing and we are happy to have you here man!

  47. Creo que soy el unico aca que escribo en español. Desde hace mucho tiempo estuve con el pelo largo…por casi 8 años…luego de acostencimiento en mi vida decidi cortarmelo y empezar una nueva vida de esa manera..pero la realidad es que no me acostumbré a eso..desde hace un año y medio volví a dejarlo crecer…y es genial…crece muy rapido y espero tener el largo que antes solia tener…desde hace poco sigo su blog y me parece una idea genial..reunir en un mismo espacio a los que se atreven a usar el pelo largo..

  48. Hey guys love this page! While I’m nowhere near where I want to be the last time I cut my hair was 5 months ago so it’s got a few inches now. Me and my band have all agreed to grow out our hair and I’m stoked to see where we’ll be at in a year or two.
    We’re teenagers in Straya and there’s not many guys who have long hair so this site is sick🤞
    Keep up the awesome content, and KEEP LETTIN IT RIDE!!!

  49. Hey guys I’ve only been growing my hair out since the end of April this year, so it’s nowhere near as long as most of the flow on this website, but I’m loving it. Cheers for the support guys👍

  50. Just want to say guys love this site and the stories, it’s really helpful. I’ve been growing it out for 5 months now and while it’s nowhere near as long as you guys it will get there.
    Thanks for the great content guys!
    Regards, El Curtio

  51. I started to grow my hear when I was a teenager (probably between 13 to 14). At the time, I just wanted to have a different look (as you may imagine, parents always want their kids to have that awkward kindergarden children hair style), I was tired of short hair and the trendy styles that came with it. So I put my foot down and communicated to my parents that I was not going to go to the barber shop any longer (now that I reminisce, it’s quite funny how I sort of rebelled, in a good way though). Also, I was kind of influenced by the type of music I listened to (and still do :D), so that’s how it started.

    As I grew older and became more educated, I found out about some of the meaning of long hairs in antiquity. In some cultures, it meant to be free, in some other, it meant to be a strong warrior and so forth, I loved how unique it made me feel because of all of these reasons (you see, my family is pretty traditional, so being the only 17 year-old kid with long hair was pretty freaking cool). So I decided to have long hair for the rest of my life, now I’m 26, and the length of my hair goes below my elbows and I love it.

    1. Freakin awesome man! Welcome to The Longhairs and thanks for sharing your story. KEEP LETTIN IT RIDE

  52. Just joined the community this is amazing! I’ve wanted to grow my hair out for so long, all my favourite bands and musicians I see that inspired me when I was younger had long hair and it has always translated well to me being a musician. I had my last real haircut in early 2016. Later that year, I was told I’d be having an open heart surgery, and that was kind of justification for me to finally commit. Just over a year ago, I had my surgery. My hair grew a lot in hospital during recovery, and now I’ve got it around middle of my back. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to the clean cut lifestyle again. I’ll be putting an order in soon for some ties and oil. Can’t wait!

    1. Yo Travis! We are glad to have you here man! Glad your surgery went well.

      Keep lettin it ride amigo!

  53. 10 months and counting.. just tired of hearing the killing words, “When will you get a haircut?” I still can’t tie it neatly.. although I can tie it somewhat.. but it doesn’t look neat. If that makes sense heh

    1. It makes sense Stan, all too much. Good news is you’re almost there.

    2. I told a bold headed guy once when he asked, “When are you going to get a haircut?” I said, “When you decide to grow some damn hair!” Stand up for yourself and who you are, ain’t nobody else going to.

  54. I’ve always wanted long hair. I tried a few times but ultimately failed because of the place I was working at or I just gave in the negative comments. But last November was my last hair cut so I’ve been growing it out for almost 10 months. I’m pretty sure I’m in the awkward stage since it seems when I need to pick something up my hair seems to find a way to get in the way. I can “sort of” tie my hair but it’s not a pony tail. More like a rat tail or something.. and even then I only get SOME of the hair so I still look a little funky heh. What’s bothering me right now is I’m getting annoyed at my stepmother (usually it’s just her but sometimes it’s other family) that keeps asking “When are you going to get a haircut?”. It annoys me so much.. and it’s actually fueling my need to keep growing it. I’m just hoping she doesn’t force me / trick me into going to the barbershop. Sadly, my parents live above my apartment so there’s no real ignoring her. Just wish she’d leave me alone. I had short hair when the military and most of my life while working in a hospital. The only thought I have right now is to get hats or something. Sometimes I think it’s because she keeps her hair short and my hair is longer than hers. Who knows? But.. not sure what else I can do other than keep trying to ignore her and others.

    1. If you are over the age of 21, just tell any naysayer, ” I am an adult and over 21 and therefore too damn old for you to tell me what the hell to do!

  55. Hi Everyone,I’m new to the community. I’m marshal and I’m a student. I was on the journey of growing out my hair for the past 2 years. But every time i had my hair past my nose, i was forced by people to cut it off. From my experiences, i realized that people don’t give a shit about our decisions and commitment. All they have is the lousy comments and opposition about my hair. And now i was put up with the people and i grew out and reached the awkward stage, now i need help

  56. I struggled with my long hair too, and I understand, people are always trying to cut it but I always say “no way man! Without my long hair I lose my strength!”, the hair is everything, the hair is a symbol of what I always wanted to be. Of course, I have to brush it, I struggle with keeping it long for way longer than 2 or 3 years (and once succeeded until now and still going strong!). I was even a hippie not too long ago since my teenage years and “broke all the rules” in high school, but I’m no drop out, I got my two certificates in high school and never went back to school until today when I’m doing a philosophy course (and getting up to 4 marks for my marvellous work), so as a long hair I’m quite successful. I’m even studying (bookwise) the book ‘The Science Of Rain’, therefore none of us real long hairs are stupid, we succeed in our learning. Long hair means non-conformity, it means strength, it means knowing what you want. Peace to all the hippies and longhairs who agree!

  57. Last year I got a haircut and everyone says I look like movie star. But I really would rather look like a rock star. Inside of me I still want to look live David Lee Roth when he was with Van Halen. Still love those tunes. But anyway today I decided that it is my life. I own my own company and I have several short haired partners if we need a conservative showing. I also have embarked on losing that 40 pounds I gained. SO wish me luck guys. I get it, I get it totally and I always found that the short hair guys would look enviously at my mane. the only question is if to color it ?

    Anyway thats all folks !!

    1. RW! Hell yes man, welcome to the team. Glad to have you here and to hear your story. Keep us updated mate!

  58. Hey, fellow long hairs! I’ve been doing this for a very long time. Initially it was my way of honoring my peers who served when the draft was going strong. Don’t get me wrong, no one is more pro-military or pro-USA than me, so this isn’t a protest of any sort. I enlisted but a lot of guys didn’t have a choice.
    I saved the first tail I cut off and someday I’ll leave it at the Wall in DC, just as a little gesture to those who had to cut their hair and serve their country. My wife is saving the second tail as a memento once I’m gone. All the rest have been donated to various organizations to benefit people battling cancer.

    1. Awesome man. So stoked to have you here. Thank you for your service to our country.

      We hope you will consider joining us for The Great Cut, where we will break the world record for the largest hair donation in history. 3/9/19.

      Please consider it. And keep lettin’ it ride.

  59. Hey guys,
    I decide to stop a barbershop visit since 12 months ago and i have like below shoulder long. What can i say having a long hair isnt just about a style. Its about who you are and to show your personality. Its an emotion statement that you are seeking or stating your freedom. Having a long hair always get a question regarding on hygienic but trust me long hair bros do take care of it more than people who prefer it shorts. Its like a marking for a close wolfpack with a same ideology. Having a long hair is a commitment that is same as having pet. Sorry for my bad english its my 2nd language. Just wanna say cheers to all bro who have a long hair. And yeah im not planning to cut it down for the time being.

  60. We sure needed your advocacy during the 60’s. I first grew my hair long in 1967. In 1968 in Tucson, AZ, I was walking down by the University when I heard insults being hurled at me for my long hair. Before I had time to react, I was jumped by some anti-hippie long hair hating cowboys in a pickup truck and knocked unconscious. I spent 4 days in hospital with a fractured skull. I don’t think most young longhairs realize how dangerous it was to have long hair in the 60’s in certain parts of the country. My hair was buzzed from 1969 until 1972 as I was in the army. After that I have had my hair long ever since.

    It’s so inspiring to see young guys sporting long hair and not those silly salon haircuts. Keep up the good work.

    1. That’s a shameful story Gil, hard to believe you had to experience something like that but glad you shared it here. You’re a long hair OG, we are grateful for you and others for paving the way. Thank you also for your service, especially during that time in our country. We are glad to have you here!

  61. I started growing my hair at that time in my life when I was completely changing. I thought hey i’d just try it out for a while then get rid of it (its just hair after all right?). Almost 4 years later, I just cannot imagine that I would let anything with a sharp edge come near my locks. Its a symbol of who I am, a declaration that I will keep standing no matter what life has to throw at me; a promise I made to myself and the ones I love that I am true to myself and to them. It encouraged me in a way to not be afraid of who I am at all times. I am so grateful for that.

  62. Hey guys,

    So I’m new here too. My longhair journey started when I was a kid (and exposes my natural desire all my life to be a nerd too, but I didn’t know how to own that at the time, oy vey!). My first exposure was via Duncan MacLeod from the TV show “Highlander. I was a young, nerdy, impressionable kid; here was a man who was tough, great with women, fought with swords, etc. And he was a long-haired man.

    That’s where long-haired Brandon began. I never got the chance to run with it, though. I went through school, started working, ya know the drill. In early college, though, I let it grow out some, got into the shaggy stage: over the ears, down the collar, ya know.

    Then at 25 I got fired from my job at a bank. That’s when I decided, “Well, no better time than now to give it a go.” Started around July-ish, I guess, and didn’t get a haircut until September 2 years later. That one was mainly just to shape everything up; and with that, my longhair status was official. That was 4 years ago (’cause that September was my brother’s wedding so I needed to be presentable). I’ve had a few trims since then but the locks have been lengthy the whole time. Right now the ends are just below my chest and the hair’s the longest it’s ever been; you can thank my fiance for that one (and she is nuts for longhairs!).

    Now we just pray to God above that my future employment doesn’t interfere with my locks. I plan on rockin’ ’em as long as I can.

    And it’s great to find a group like this one that unites the longhairs under a banner at long last. Headbangers (and should-be-headbangers) unite!

    1. Hell yes man! Another great longhair journey. Welcome to the team and keep lettin it ride!

  63. The longest my hair has ever been. Wonderful, but I get hate looks for it.
    Mostly old men who are jealous because theirs is gone..?

    Or people who hate my face…

    Long hair covers it up so I don’t have to look at the haters

  64. Kia Ora and Sup! fellow Longhairs!!

    James from New Zealand/ Aotearoa 🇳🇿 here. I originally started to grow my hair out in 2010 because I have always wanted long hair but having curly 3a/3b type hair never knew how to look after it so would give up.

    I used to bleach my hair and apply heat to it so religiously, because having straight hair was easier (or so I thought). So in 2015, I finally decided THAT’S IT BRO!

    Since then I haven’t applied any heat or dyes/bleached of any kind and adopted a better hair care routine. Since then I haven’t but seen my hair look so good it’s now down just passed my shoulders and I’m keeping it going!

    I love the way Mufasa is growing (yes I named my mane). Long hair was always an attraction to me from day one because as a Performing artist I was/am inspired by Michael Jackson, but more so now how it feels and looks it does as your blog states El Rubio, that it does make you feel free and more in control of how you live in and through life. Plus as a man you feel less conformed to society’s norm and be unique!

    One love, God Bless!

    1. Kia Ora James! El Moreno and I have both spent time in NZ, great country man! Thanks for writing in and glad to have you here. Keen as mate!

  65. Hey guys, I’m totally new to the long hair game though I’ve always wanted it. I’ve followed this site for a while now just in case one day I find myself with long hair… well a year ago I had a serious girl friend. I loved her with everything, things went south and I went through the most painful break up I’ve ever experienced. I went through a few months of self pity and feeling sorry for myself. But in February I was asked to travel to Kenya to do some video work for an orphanage over there. 3 months in an orphanage with those who have nobody to call family or home and they had more joy than I’d ever seen. I came home a different person. No longer am I sorry for myself and depressed… I am full of life and joy and I’m growing my hair to symbolize the new me who is free. February was my very last hair cut… here’s to lettin’ it ride

    1. Ethan! Hell yes man! Heartwarming story. We can all be thankful for what we have—including the locks. Keep us posted on your journey, amigo.

  66. When I was younger my father forced me to have haircuts all the time. I kept trying to grow even just a little bit longer, but it would be a quick trip to the kitchen chair and the clippers came out to shear it back to stubble. I was always so angry and upset, but it did not matter. As I got older I rebelled a little more – but every so often he would make sure that the hair that finally was getting over my ears and down my forehead a bit was shorn back again. Any excuse would do for him to cut my hair. My older brother didn’t help – making sure I was kept a shorthair because long hairs were girls. (??) He always seemed to get great joy out of the haircut sessions and rubbing his hand over my stubble – sarcastically telling me how good I looked now that I was a boy again.
    When I finally moved out at 17 (a long time ago) I started to grow my hair for real and have been a long hair most of that time ever since. There is a lot of hatred toward my long hair. Still, I love my long locks – don’t know how long I can keep them as I get older, but I love long hair.

  67. Were im from (Allendale Michigan) it is very very rare to see a guy with hair longer than a few inches! I was a skateboarder all throughout middle school and a year or 2 in high school so I did the sort of Justin Bieber thing back when that was cool but I got bored of that style and decided to brush it back and have been growing it out since. It has been a year and 3 months since my last haircut. I still remember telling my boss yeah I’ll probably get it cut next week or so after he said “Shaun your hair is getting to long you should cut it so you can see the beans better and pick faster.”(I work at a farm) Then I left for the winter and came back with it in the spring and still haven’t cut it and I actually got a few of compliments and my boss thought it looked cool. But at school gym class was so annoying cause you couldent wear hats and I just wasn’t down with the whole man bun thing. The sturuggle is real having long hair and I understand women and there hair problems now. But yeah I’m still not with the hair ties I just wear hats if I don’t want it in my face. But yeah I can’t even count the amount of times someone has told me my hair looks like a girls. Everyone thinks I’m a huge stoner even though I’m not. I’ve wanted to get dreads so I might before I get a real career we’re I have to have it short cause I’m only 17 right now. It will definitely not feel right cutting it off it just feels like part of my personality and my chill laid back but also really fun lifestyle. Well this is getting to be to long sort of like my hair dude ha jk. I also want to apologize for the lack of punctuation and correct grammar in this cause I’m not about to proof read it 😂😂

    1. Repping it from Allendale! Thanks for writing in Shaun, keep us posted on the bean count!

  68. Way back when I was still a little child, I enjoyed the joys of having long hair since my parents let it be. When I started going to school, it was cut because “it’s against school policy”. I saw a picture of me with long hair when I started as a grade-school student. I thought to myself, “did i ever grew my hair like this?”

    I forgot the feeling, the joys of having those locks caress your back and as it rides with the wind (especially when the wind is against where you are facing). So I dream of it. It even is reinforced whenever I see people rocking out their long locks of love.

    Then I graduated college. I didn’t immediately grow it out because of job-hunting. My first job didn’t allow it for it was “not good to look at” or “not presentable” or “you look like a rebel” so I obliged. My second job, however, didn’t really call for me to present myself to people. So I decided to grow it out. Now, for almost 2 years, I bear the pains and enjoy the gains of my long hair. Haters gonna hate.

    My only regret is that I have only come to know of this page just recently, I could have taken good care of my hair more.

    1. Author

      Syebil so pumped you found us man. Love what you said there “bear the pains, enjoy the gains” ain’t that the truth!

  69. Sotaroas – My entire life it has been short , or buzzed , was an athlete always working out it was just easier , lost my best friend and loving wife of 32 years , to a short battle with Stage Four Cancer , my entire life changed forever to say the least along with my outlook and perspective of what’s important and who I really am , not many people understand the devastation it has caused myself and my family ,the irony of it all for 32 years she was the only one to cut my hair , it was cut once by a great friend to prepare for the finally goodbyes , the toughest thing I Have ever experienced , then once I buzzed it , been over a year ! Next month will be two years without her , and I continue to grow it , not sure what it all means , but it’s some type fallout from it all !
    I have spent almost 40 years outside meeting the demands of my occupation , soon this year I’ll be moving onto a new life too deal with the whirlwind it’s created , so I will let it grow and see where it all falls , it’s definitely easier too let it grow then to try too maintain it , it’s amazing how many comments and looks you get , stereotyping is prevelent to say the least , goodluck with the growth too all , definitel felt crazy good,too unload that !

    1. Author

      Sotaroas that’s a heart breaking story man and I really feel for ya. So sorry, couldn’t imagine. Thanks for sharing here and hope your new journey is bright. We’re always here to support and allow for the unload. Strength and honor.

  70. I started growing my hair out in 10th grade in highschool because I had a buzzcut up until 8th grade and got made fun of for it. Through 8th and 9th grade my hair was an inch or two long but I was struggling to find a short hairstyle that fit me. Also when I would tell people that I listen to metal, I would always get “you don’t look like you listen to metal” as a response, and I found that annoying. So those are the reasons I grew out my hair and I have been going strong for 3 or 4 years. Just got my first trim a few weeks ago and I am feeling great!

    1. T-DAWG! Great to hear it man. The best news for you is we are sampling a new ‘Metal’ collection of hair ties. I’ll just let that sink in for a minute.

  71. My Son got Married a little over 10 months ago,He decided to let a beard grow for the year,i jumped in with him with letting my hair grow long .The Journey is fantastic ! and i do believe it gives you super powers 🙂

  72. Since I was a Kid I always wanted to grow my hair but in the school I wasn´t allowed, as soon as I entered to high school I let my lettuce alive!!!!

  73. I stated growing my hair long cause my dad had long hair and cause I have really big ears. Short hair made them stick out really well so I decided to grow my hair long. I also decided not to go back to short hair because my dad passed last August and my long hair reminds me of my dad

  74. Hey fellow homies! I’ve had shoulder length hair since I was about 15-16 and have always been in love with it. I started out with wings when I was younger and grew it longer and longer as I got older. When I started university I started rocking the half bun and by the age of 19, I was rocking a full bun. For the last 4 years my hair has been one length and I have been rocking the bun. I’ve had it varying lengths from shoulder to nipple and keep trimming it up every couple months. I’ve been told that I should cut my hair on multiple occasions because I’ll look better or have a better chance at getting a job. However, I believe this sets me apart from the others and creates the individual I am today. Be yourself and nothing different! I’m now 23 rocking a bun and a full beard… I LOVE IT (so do the ladies)!

  75. Hi everyone I have been passed the awkward stage for a couple of weeks and I’m loving it every day and ya its a struggle but everyone is right its worth it. I wont stop because I want to do what some of you do. I want to donate my hair when it gets long enough to the locks of love and help people with cancer. Another reason I grow my hair out is because it defines who I am and I have always had long hair but like some of you I was forced to cut it because of work but I am part of the longhaired men out there.

  76. No brothers, no sisters, a loving mother, and a hardened Marine Corps father; this was the family dynamic I grew up with. Most would say, “Damn, that sounds great! You must be spoiled as an only child! Your parents both were there for you!” Those people would be correct in saying those things. ( maybe not so much spoiled ) With a father that had been in the Marine Corps and was currently a police officer, there were very strict house rules. The one major rule being: A sharp haircut….usually of the high and tight variety. Although my father was and still is my hero to this day, this is the one hurdle I could never jump with him. I grew up watching my favorite skaters, bands, and artists have these awesome long flowing hairstyles. I wanted so badly to have that rebellious rocker look but my father was standing firmly between myself and that long hair glory. This was a recurring theme in my life… Baseball scholarship to college: grooming standards heavily suggesting short hair. United States Coast Guard for 5 years: might as well be 5 years of high and tights. Job Interview after military: Need sharp cut to make a “good” impression. At 25 I could finally put my plan into action. I was so tired of having to make sure I was abiding by the rules of others. So I started growing my hair out… and almost a year later its still going. When asked, “why?” I say, “Because I was never allowed to when I was younger. ” At the end of the day it really is that simple for me. It was a childhood dream to be like those rock stars and at almost 27 I can finally achieve it. Now that I am almost there I absolutely love my hair and wouldn’t go back to short hair for all of king midus’ silver… Hail to The Longhairs!!

    1. Haha, Craig this is great man! Loved reading this, glad your lifelong pursuit of the flow is finally in motion.

  77. When i was working in Royal Mail in1985 in the UK i had short hair a young guy came for a job with long hair, but he wasn’t employed with the excuse that because he’d broken his arm as a child he was a health risk, but i heard it said “we would never employ anyone with long hair”!
    A challenge i thought, so i started growing my hair and didn’t have it cut for 15 years!
    Then in the year 2000 i did have it cut off and hated and regretted it, luckily for me my mother stepped in and told me”Jeff i loved you with long hair grow it again and DON’T have it cut until i tell you”!. Sadly she died 2 years ago without telling me to cut it!!
    Good old mum.
    Now I’m 53, the longest serving postman in my sorting office and yes I’ve still got long hair.

    1. Jeffery! Thanks for sharing mate! Give all those blokes in the mail room a proper hair whip for us.

  78. I started growing my hair because I’m a big fan of the Green Bay Packers and there MLB(middle line backer) Clay Mathews have long hair and I thought that there were looking dope so I started to grow them out!!

  79. I started growing my hair last 2 years ago and it feels great for me not by just on the looks but by trying a different things on yourself . Back in the day when i was still a kid i always have a very short hair like really short (semi bald hair) and it didn’t really matter to me because it’s hustle free. And through the years i tried many different haircut you name it from “mohawk”to “Justin Bieber Hairstyle”. And it’s its always be my thing except i haven’t really tried to growing my hair long. Then something came to my head, i don’t want any popular haircut anymore it feels so boring to me already plus all those hair wax, hair spray, gels you spend every month. So i decided to grow my hair and after a couple of months most of my friends are noticing it and advice me to cut it because it’s started to look awkward including my relatives they hated it! But in my mind i was so determined to do it so i did and it’s been 2 years since i haven’t had a haircut i also saved money buying all those hair doe. It really feels like you make your own rules by not following any trend and just be your self and i’m happy for it.
    Cheers with you guys !!

    Gary PT

    1. Yes Gary PT! Now you’re talkin man!

      Thanks for writing in and sharing amigo. Another brick in the wall.

  80. I found my love for my long locks through a break up of 6 years, I used the “I cease to give a flying F!” attitude, that all young lovers do to get through the really awkward afro poof, and press on.
    Now I love it! I like the fact that I’m not running around with the same hairstyle as everyone else. Although is anyone tierd of hearing who’s the new girl from the guys at work?

    1. Glad you love your long locks. Yeah, getting called a girl from behind is a frequent occurrence.

  81. My very good friend and me decided to let our hair grow because, well, most other guys in our age group 55 plus don’t have hair at all or very little hair. It was our way of saying, We Got It, so we are growing it. For me, my last haircut was in Sept 2015. My wife only likes it when it is in a ponytail, so that is usually how it’s styled. I even have a lady here at work that loves to pull my hair back in a ponytail every single day. She does an excellent job; much better than I can. I get mam’ed often or when me and wifey are out we sometimes are greeted this way; ‘good evening ladies’. Keep up the great work guys.

    1. Yo Larry! “We Got It, We’re Growin’ It!”

      Love it man. Thanks for writing in!

  82. For the past ten years I have been a train conductor in Switzerland, and have had most of those years long hair except when I was virtually threatened with job loss that I cut it ( you know the undertones `your appearance seems untidy like`). It has been one of those points by the yearly assessments that has always been mentioned. My hair however was never quite over shoulder length and yet it still took the overhand when it came to my performance at work ( of course only seen by my superiors ). The hair overshadowed everything, put it all in the shade. I have my hair long still and I always keep it clean and tidy as I have pretty much thin hair, so when I wash and blow dry them, they sort of fluff up and have extreme energy. I have never received any negative remarks from customers, but collegues at work have been been anal sometimes about it. I just cant believe what having long hair as a man releases in some people. To put everything in context though, I will never cut it short, because I love it, my son loves it and my awesome wife says she loves it so much and it was one of the reasons that she went out with me for the first time 12 years ago! Yup thats right, longhair steered me into a life of love. I just think that is wonderful, over the top!!! It is just plain wicked to have a mane!! Thanks guys!!
    If your ever in the alps, give us a ring ciao!

    1. Yes man! Thanks for sharing, I see foresee a ski trip to the alps in our future!

  83. For the longest time I had noticed that seeing an older fellow with long hair was a dead give away he was a Vietnam vet, full of piss and vinegar… defiance was his name. This of course was something I struggled with; on the one hand this was their decision, on the other…you’re not conforming to societal rule. Hooray for those who stood up and said “Don’t like it? Don’t look”!

    I have found renewed hope in my decision to grow my hair out, like the stories I have read, the decision to do what I want is paramount. I’m 62, and have had long hair in the past (by that I mean the funky Mullet). Don’t get me wrong, I loved the look, it was in style, and the length was pretty frickin cool. However my daughter was not happy with Dad’s decision, but being a teen she was learning her way in life, and asserting it quite often; but to no avail, she lost that battle.

    Many years have past since that time, and now it’s my turn once again to have my desires expressed, in other words…no more flat top hair cuts, and once again little girls response is “Dad, no”.

    Well my response is, “This is what I want. It does not define me to a category, or separate me from society, but rather allows me to exercise my right to freedom of choice. Yes it’s more difficult to take care of than say, the (Flat top), but it’s worth it, I feel empowered by making this conscious decision, I am me!

    Thank you all for sharing your experiences, and although my body is older now, my mind is still young at heart, and the only surfing I do now is quite accidental, so “Thanks guys for being you”!

  84. Short version: grew the mane to the ‘Peter Frampton’ requisite drop until I was 17 (1979). Joined the USAF and donated the strawberry to LOLove when the grunts wrecked it. Kept it high and tight for 20+.

    Now at the sweet age of 54, I have been growing it out since my lady gave me the green light in 2013. It’s half way down my back now and I am owning it and my own self about it big time. Good news! I am an artist and doing very well. Easy on the employment front, which is very real for longhairs otherwise. Respect.

    I am unusual in that I come from royalty. The reason that is unusual is that I am not really royalty ( like 300 people would have to die in a freaky plane crash before I was King of England). Yet, my grandfathers of 13 and 15 generations ago were King James IV of Scotland and Christian Von Oldenburg I of Denmark and THEY had hair that still flows in THIS guy. I have seen paintings of them in the family homes and they sported some epic ropes of hair.

    YOU dear longhairs are a whelp of a group… but I have never met a man that rocks a mane that I did not like. So… let’s have a glass of wine. (?) I live in Sonoma CA and there are grapevines as far as the eye can see. So, El Rubio and El Moreno, if you are in wine country, you are home and for the BOTLH (Brothers of the LongHair) ping me and let’s tilt a stem.

  85. It’s inspiring to read all these stories! So cool you guys made this a part of the site.

    I had short/buzzed hair most of my life. Got divorced at 47, looked in the mirror one day and saw a full head of hair and decided I needed a change to go along with my new phase of life.

    I’ve got curly hair so anti-frizz cream is my best hair friend!

    I’m through the awkward phase and can now where a pony tail. My job won’t permit me to let it ride, but I’m quite happy with shoulder length hair. Hair spray makes a difference in the work environment. I’ve added a neatly trimmed beard and I have to say I love the look and others do too. I admit I used to be “invisible.” Short bad hair, pudgy, out of shape. And now at 50 I no longer am any of those. I’ve done this for myself, and feel more comfortable in my skin than I ever have, but appreciate the attention after so many years of being invisible.

    Your site is fantastic! So cool to have this source of knowledge. I got really tired of reading long hair advice on women-oriented sites.

    Stoked to rock the hair ties I ordered from you guys! And looking forward to the next phase of your product line (an anti-frizz cream that doesn’t smell girly would be awesome!).

    1. James you’re an animal! Another great story. Congratulations on the new direction in life and we’re glad to have ya here!

      Send us a picture of your flow on Instagram for #maneupdatemonday. Also, send a link for the anti-frizz cream you use.

      Thanks for writing in man, keep lettin it ride!

  86. I worked in a career that required short hair, I had long hair as a teen. I retired 2 years ago and haven’t cut it since I retired. I love the journey, yes…there was the awkward stage, but I’m past it. People are always saying I should cut it but I’ll not consider it.

  87. I’ve just jumped on the boat I’m not quite out of the awkward stage yet but I’ll be there soon can’t wait

  88. hi guys, i’ve been a longtime lurker but never said anything. i’ve secretly always wanted to grow my hair long, but something always gets in the way. first it was my parents in grade school/high school/college (they paid my tuition as long as i kept studying engineering), then it was securing an internship, then it was finding a job, then it was dating and marriage. i’ve secretly always dreamed about having long hair past my chin, but it just seems impossible. so i keep it about 2″ on top and a 6 clipper on the sides, and honestly, i hate it. i just feel like it isn’t me.

    i hate the weather around here (illinois), so twice a year i slip off to costa rica or mexico for the beaches and the surfing. i’ve become a pretty good surfer in secret, since my wife hates the sun and the sea and is way too self-conscious of her plus-size body to ever wear a swimsuit. but what’s a guy to do when he needs to prioritize taking care of his family and keeping his job? my wife loves long hair on guys–just not on me, because i’m the sole breadwinner and definitely can’t jeopardize my job and income. i feel like a man should put his job and family first; worrying about “looking cool” should be way down the list of priorities. but i still fantasize about having that long, flowing hair…especially during the warm months, when i daydream about feeling the warm summer breezes blowing through my hair.

    i’ve (semi) jokingly mentioned this to my wife, and it freaks her out imagining i could fall out of good graces with the bosses, maybe miss a promotion or even get fired, then have trouble finding another decent job because i look like a hippie.

    both my parents are gone now. i don’t have any brothers. working 50+ hours a week (sometimes more) makes it hard to develop a social circle…not that i know anyone who’d dream of having long hair or being friends with anyone who did. so i need your wisdom and advice about all this. what’s a guy like me to do? is it worth it? is there really freedom and something spiritual about having long hair, or is it mostly just romantic fantasy?

    in exchange, i’ll give anyone reading this my own bit of advice. you can take it from someone who knows, because i’ve lived it:

    1) money isn’t everything. in fact, it seems to create far more problems than it solves.
    2) always…ALWAYS marry for love, and no other reason.
    3) always following the rules virtually guarantees your life will eventually revolve around you becoming yet another rulemaker.


    1. Yo Josh!

      Heavy stuff man, and deep. One thing you were wrong about in your message though: you do have friends with long hair. Right here.

      You’ve asked a few questions, we’ll try to answer them for you.

      Is it worth it? Is there really freedom and something spiritual about having long hair, or is it mostly just romantic fantasy? It’s worth it for me, although we’re certainly in different walks of life. Having long hair is part of daily life, part of who I am, part of me. After five years since I started growing it, I love it. Even though it’s a pain in the ass (even as I write). I absolutely love it. That might sound silly to some, but it’s true.

      What’s a guy like you to do? You have different circumstance than I. I’ve never had a wife and family to support or have to consider when making a decision that could affect them. So it’d be easy for me to say, “yeah, go for it!” I realize there are more factors in play.

      One thing you did say is you hate your current hair. Generally speaking, I lean toward getting rid of anything you hate in life.

      So I’d put the question back to you: what’s the worst thing that could happen? How likely is that worst-case scenario? Would everyone die? Would you lose your house and be destitute? How likely is that? Can you live with the possible consequences, and face the fear of what could happen?

      To use a surfing analogy, you can’t get good, or advance in the sport, or get the real heavy doses of adrenaline and endorphins until you’re willing to overcome a certain fear. Fear of bigger waves, fear of getting pounded, fear of what could happen out there. It’s not until you overcome that fear you can really live life. Or the surf life at least.

      As a younger person with a lot to experience yet, and having had a lot of good fortune in life, I think this analogy applies to many if not most areas of life. You can overcome the fear…or you can be a rule follower.

      So if you’re asking me? Fucking grow it out man. I have a feeling your hair style won’t be the only thing that changes.

      And thanks for your advice. We’ll take it to heart—although we’re going to need at least enough money to keep the business running and survive, so when you’re ready for your fist pack of hair ties don’t forget about us! Haha.

      Thanks man. Good exchange here. Keep it alive, let us know what happens.

    2. One more thing. You could decide that you’re going to cut it for charity when it gets to a certain length. That gives you a pretty damn good response to people who don’t like that idea while you’re growing it out. Then, like your friends here at The Longhairs, you can wait until it’s long enough where you can cut enough to donate it and still be long.

      Just an idea that could help in your situation.

  89. Such great stories it makes the journey almost a relief to read’em all.
    I’m brazilian and from a young age my hair would have that ‘surfer’ cut to it until I decided to go further and at about the age of 16 I grew it for 2 years. Exactly like Rubio said I had to cut it for a job, to fit within a box or face society’s expectations of me.
    Throught my life, I’m 27, I figured out the hair is a great part of my personality, like the leaves of a tree they come off easy if you cut them but they also hurt as hell when such thing is done. I’ve used my hair style for expresing myself, I’ve cut it myself almost to the point of shaving once in the middle of a hard depression just because I wanted to feel something, to be remembered of sacrifice.
    Nowadays my hair is just as flowy as it was in my teenage years and everyday I wake up to tame it or tie it is a reminder that I’m still doing it, I’m still in control, I’m alive.
    It’s a great work you do bringing us together guys,


  90. Its these stories that r so f in cool. Love reading them… u guys rock….. hair ties rock. Shirts fu rock….. i have a shea butter and oil thats kick ass for hair… i only wash hair once a week… then put this stuff on for most the day shampoo and damn its beautiful…..

  91. Honestly, this is pretty motivating. Every little bit of content you release is amazing. Your articles and youtube videos stopped me from making mistakes (like using a blow-dryer to dry your hair too often, brushing when wet etc…) and helped me take better care of my hair. I love trying out new ways to tie my hair, and I always get excited when I see a new hairstyle from you guys. I would love a series in which you review different products (shampoos, conditioners etc…) from you!

    Stay awesome, bros!

  92. Sooo, when I was in middle school, my headteacher (is that what you call it???) was always against my long hair. I can’t say I was stuck in the awkward phase because of her, but neither did I have some badass locks. Now, not having to listen to her OPPRESSION, my flow is longer than some of the girls’ in my high school.

    Anyways, your site has helped me more than you can imagine. “How should I dry my hair?”, “How should I tie it?”, “What should I do?”, “What shouldn’t I do?”. I have done so many mistakes, but The Longhairs arrived as my Holy Grail.

    Love the content. Love the merchandise.
    Keep it up, bros!

    1. On a side note, the profile pic is from back when I couldn’t properly grow my hair :^)

    2. Super stoked man! Glad you found us and the content has been so good for you. That’s all we can hope for!

  93. For me, exhibiting a head of long locks represents a reconnection with my self, transformative to all that is innate. Long hair embodies empowerment and authenticity, in both the spiritual, and physical realm of existence.

  94. Hey guys, Seth here. I had long hair my entire childhool. As I got older, into high school then college, then the workforce, I had no choice but to cut it. Many work coaches said “your personality is not outlined by your hair but by who you are”………BOY were they wrong!!! My hair had been part of my personality and part of who I am my whole life……..F*** YOU was my attitude, however, necessity prevailed and I had to cut it. I had VERY short buzzed and even a shaved head well up to around 2012, then I started working for a very progressive and diverse company, and have succeeded there since. I started to grow my hair out and went through that awkward stage (that in my childhood I don’t remember going through since my parents never really cut my hair only the ends), and MAN it was annoying!! I didn’t know what the hell to do with it. Couldn’t tie it, couldn’t comb it, couldn’t gel it without it looking like an oilfield etc. etc. Never-the-less I toughed it out! Now I have hair longer than ever and in 5 years my hair has grown down to my waist with NO intention of cutting it EVER again other than to maintain it healthy. Gents, it IS a pain, it IS a committment, it IS a struggle, but when people stop you and say “I LOVE YOUR HAIR”……both men and women, young and old……..its like a pat on the back that says “yep, thanks…….I committed and did it”.
    Keep growing it and sport it however you like….and don’t let the world “dominate” who you are!! Best gents.

    1. Yo Seth! Freakin great words man, you said it all. Glad you’ve made it to a company where you can let it ride without recrimination.

  95. “… and strangest of all places wrapped around your ballsack.” when i read that i was like omg im not the only one xD.

  96. Can someone again define what is the awkward stage? I don’t know if I’m still in it or not. It’s starting to look better so maybe I’m almost out. It seems like it takes forever to grow. My hair is somewhat layered and wavy And curls towards the bottom. It’s at the bottom of my neck right me. The hair can be tucked behind my ears or falls right past them. Am I out of the awkward phase? Anyway I can speed it up? Lol. I’m definitely committed.

    1. Dude glad to hear you’re committed!

      Here’s the universally accepted definition of ASH:

      The awkward stage can take many shapes and forms, but the generally accepted definition for awkward length hair is from the point when it starts to look like you need a haircut until the the time you can tie it up.

      It starts when you start to look shaggy, not so neat and tidy, a little unkempt. When the first person politely asks when you’re getting a haircut.

      It’s over when you can tie up all your hair—front, back and sides—into a high ball or other sick mens long hairstyles.

      Sounds like you’re approaching the end of the awkward stage man!

  97. I’m new to the site too. Read through and found a lot of comments that I can relate to.
    My bro and I hated haircuts in the early 60’s. We’d lock the Ford Station Wagon doors and mom and the barber (with barber strap) would run around trying to unlock a door. We finally lost. But eventually, we won……for a while. My younger bro looked like Greg Allman when I got home from the Army. I started growing mine a few months earlier. Got busted for not getting a haircut twice. Lost rank too. Couldn’t ship my GTO home from Hawaii for free. Sold it there. I was just a PFC (permanent f-ing civilian!)
    Played “the game” most of my life. Had to in order to support wife and 6 kids. Now they are grown and I have my life back.
    Started making changes when they found the first Cancer (Lymphoma) at the age of 50. Living
    Had another cancer (Thyroid). Lived. As Andy said in Shaw Shank, get busy living or…… Finally got that motorcycle. (Victory Hammer)
    Got a new Knee. Much Better.
    Another Cancer (melanoma x 2) and now I’m turning 61 on Dec. 6th. No time like the present. I have a couple of friends who are younger than me, one looked like Sam Elliot. 6’4″ and Hair down the middle of his back. Went down hard with a brain bleed. Not much left.
    Another guy (a bit shorter) had it long too, until his stroke. Now, he can’t ride no more. Both guys lost their long locks. I decided to grow it in their honor. I decided to grow it to tell the people I work for F-off! I decided that I’d better do it before I can’t! So here I am with a big 10″ (last hair cut was October 2, 2015)and trying to figure out what to do with it and to find out if everybody puts up with the ignorant comments? (yes!)
    Thanks for being here!
    Yahowah Bless

    1. I have to say I liked Andy Dufrane.

      Great story, Mark. You’re the man, thanks for sharing. And glad you’ve found us here.

  98. I’m a Cherokee citizen and adopted Lakota and Scottish, the struggle to re-grow my hair out is real. To be honest I”m Two-Spirit, A two-spirit person is someone who is Native and happens to be LGBTQ* so for me I’m trans. Meaning I was born female. In order to transition I had to cut my hair to be viewed as “masculine.” I am growing my hair back out. I am appalled by how many companies require men to have short hair. If you think a company can’t ask me to cut my hair because it’s religious and cultural…… You might be shocked at how many companies don’t recognize it… Even when you’re enrolled!!! The struggle that men face on a daily basis as to what is and what is not masculine is absolute insanity.
    Looking back into history some of the most masculine, brilliant and wonderful leaders wore long hair. So July 2016 I made a commitment to grow out my hair and make it though this time.

    It is quite sad to me how much of the world’s time is spent on gender…. When at the end of the day long hair looks great on ALL people. I will not let society tell me it’s standards. I will not be trapped in Colonial America’s standards.
    My Goals:
    To be able to wear my hair in braids when I dance.
    To wear my hear long and loose when I wear my clan kilt.

    I wish all people here the best of luck to growing your hair out because it DOES make a difference, the energy around you changes. I wore long hair till I was 19 I cut it, regrew it out and then when i was 23 cut it again… and when I cut it… There was an energy shift. I started growing it out in Feb 2016, then I met someone and wanted to “look cleaner” so I made the mistake of cutting it in May (and oh i wish i had not done so) So this is the 3nd time I’m growing it out, and you know what they say: “Third time is the charm.” I think the time of year helps, starting in the summer so that you have a hat by winter to get you through.
    Hair is spiritual to my people, to us we cut our hair in times of sorrow, need, and sometimes as offerings because it is truly the only thing that is yours… That is of you. So for me it’s more cultural but I hope everyone here finds that connection they seek and that strength to get them through.

    1. Author

      Aiden thanks for sharing your story. You make some great points here, the energy factor is something that I feel very close with in my journey with long hair. I’m stoked you found us and wish you well on your third go with the grow!

    2. I’m also trans! I cut off almost 20 inches of hair when I came out and started transitioning, and the decision to grow it out again was a really hard one to make because I haven’t been able to get top surgery or start T. It says a lot about my level of comfort in myself that I’m willing to grow my hair out again. My hair was once something that really strongly identified me as female, and now its something that empowers me as male. Cheers man, and good luck

  99. Hey dudes , Steve aka Powerballad from the UK here. As the nickname suggests, i used to have long locks when i was 16-20, then cut it off , worst thing i ever did.
    Im back on the journey at 26 and 6 months in , awkward phase initiated , so what , im growing love and fun from my follicles.
    Great to see so many guys encouraging from the ‘other side’ and others where i am now.
    Peace and tranquility to you all.

  100. New to the site but not to the hair. Like Sean and others I’ve been into long hair and rock/metal music since an early age. To me, playing guitar in bands and long hair are synonymous. It’s my lifestyle choices to be different, with a certain “attitude” which I easily identify with. Had years of short, tight haircuts, but always felt like a conformist and not true to myself. At 58 years young, I feel fortunate that I can still grow a full head of hair! Been growing it out for around 20 months now, and have suffered through several “bad/good” looks along the way. Now long enough to tie back, I searched for hair ties and found Longhairs site. Just ordered some really cool ones that will look great while keeping it out of my face. Goal is to grow mid-back in length and give Zakk Wylde (guitar great) a run for the money. By the way, “meet & greet” concert passes are awesome places to meet and hang with fellow Longhairs. Being a musician AND a longhaired music fan is most excellent. Live long and prosper my brothers!

    1. Yo D-Money,

      Thanks for the comment and best of luck in your goal to reach mid-back. From my experience, I’m now at mid-back length and it’s taken about five years since starting from a “0.”

      All about that longhaired music. Keep rockin/bangin and lettin’ it ride!

  101. Hey guys! I hope this won’t get me attacked from others on this blog but I am not trying to grow hair to my belly button, I am just going for the typical hockey player flowwwwww. Your tips and stories are all great! Bare with me as I go through the awkward stage.

    1. Author

      Yea man that is solid. You don’t have to go for terminal length. Honestly I typically keep it just past my shoulders.

  102. Hi Fella’s, came across the site yesterday, really great, informative & well put together.
    I’m from the UK and have had short hair for 50 years & then had this ‘light bulb’ moment and decided that it was time for a change, am currently 9 months in and it’s going pretty well. Not sure I would have managed to get to this stage if gels or ‘man bands’ had not been invented! The plan is to get it to one length & to date have had the curls right at the back trimmed twice. Think it’s going to take 18 months to two years to get to where I want to be.
    Glad to be part of the community & thanks again for putting together such a great site!

  103. A year ago I managed shoulder length hair. The awkward stage was luckily not so bad for me, I left it messy, and learned to live with it. Then one day, I stupidly cut if off after being confused with a girl, now I have a mustache, ano now that I’ve found this site, I’m going to grow it out again! My hair isn’t as short as most, I’d say about 2-3 inches currently,, and this time I plan to power through to the end!

  104. Hey y’all. Just starting to grow my hair out, I’ve done it before but not from an undercut. My hair is about an inch on the sides now. Can I grow it out from undercut and it look good? Also, how do I prevent my hair from looking dry, and make it look silky and smooth. Thanks men.

    1. Yo Bertuzzi! The short answer is, yes you can do it. It might start to look a little funky when the sides grow and the top is much longer, but it will all even out eventually. See how it goes after a few months and maybe you get a little trim off the top if you need it.

      As for moisture, check out this post. Also conditioner, coconut oil, and spray-in moisturizers can be effective. Hope this helps man!

  105. Hi Guys,
    I joined this Community today. You’re great!
    I write from Rome (Italy) and this is the first time I try to grow my hairs really long. I just entered the awkward stage and I need your support.

  106. I have been trying to grow my hair for most of my life simply because I like it. When I was a toddler my dad had long hair and I saw pictures from when I was around 1-3 year old age range and I had long hair as well. Growing up, music was probably an influence as well. I’ve been big into heavy metal since I was a kid in the 80s and I always thought the old hippie look (and music) from the 60s was cool. I am also an amateur musician (primarily guitar) and a visual artist in both traditional and digital mediums. I’ve never been a very social person and kind of shy and not much sense when it comes to fashion so as my hair grew out it would eventually start looking….not good. I’d eventually get frustrated and whack it off and then let it go again. My last haircut, I think, was in 2013 probably around May I’m guessing because, I live in Alabama right on the Florida border with a lot of humidity and hot temperatures; I remember the lady commenting on how I’ll probably want it short for the hot weather that was really starting show its ass. I said no – I want my hair to grow out but I’m not sure how to do it…maybe one length? But I did not want her to cut it too short in the one-length attempt. She apparently knew exactly what I was going for because I have not had a hair cut since and my hair is growing pretty much how I have always been wanting, and I love it! I think it is a part of my personality and who I am. Every now and then someone will gibe (mostly my dad) but most old friends from high school who did not immediately recognize me in chance encounters while with short hair say I look more like myself now with the longer hair and other people who I haven’t seen in like 20 years or more recognize me immediately…they comment on the hair.

    I wish I had access to something like this back in the late 80s/early 90s! I just happened to stumble upon the Fishtail Braid for Men video on Youtube this morning and I am glad I stopped in, I’ve enjoyed my visit and decided to add this site to my browser’s Favorites list.

    1. Great comment man, thanks for sharing. The best part?

      “[They] say I look more like myself now.”

      Thanks for sharing man. Hope you’ve made it back to our site since your comment.

  107. Nice website, managed to find it today, when I was looking for some easy howto on ponytails. Decided to let my hair grow in December of 2015. And I had few close calls with cutting it because, it gets to my eyes and such. But it will take only few months more and I will finally be able to at least manage a short ponytail. Really like how you say that it takes commitment to let your hair grow. I always thought it was easy, and you don’t need to do anything. But sometimes it’s really a fight not to go and cut it. So it doesn’t look weird. But the time when I will finally belong to long hair club is coming slowly but surely.

    1. stay with it if you can, you’ll learn a lot with the “let it ride” attitude.
      You will only see your hair growing. but there is more growth than you think.

  108. Last hair cut was in April 2016. Decided to quit smoking June 1st and came to the conclusion the non smoking Eric has long hair!

    1. Dude this is awesome. Quitting smoking is one of the hardest things you can do in life. It requires a great deal of personal discipline—much like growing your hair out. It would be easy to just pull out a cigarette and fire one up, just like it would be easy to run to the barber shop and get a high & tight. Discipline, commitment, perseverance…sounds like a blog post! Thanks for sharing man, just say no to cigs and scissors.

  109. Suuuupppp
    Just found this site yesterday via YouTube and it’s awesome. I left the British military two years ago and had my last haircut 6 weeks before I left the service been going strong for 24 months now and it’s looking better than ever. That awkward stage is bitch though, fortunately I was travelling most of the first 18 months so I got away with wearing sunglasses on my head a lot. The tips on the site are great and love the videos, like 2 days ago I asked my girlfriend 20 questions about how the f**k she keeps it out of her face especially when asleep and she was like ‘I dunno it just does!’ As helpful as that was I eventually found the longhairs! Keep up the good work much appreciated

  110. Hello my fellow long hair bro’s,

    Before I say anything, I just wanted to comment on how amazing it was to stumble upon this website and your guys’ glorious YouTube videos.. It’s amazing to find this haven of long haired wonder where everyone understands one another. Thank you for creating such a rad community!!
    I decided to grow my hair in high school after looking at old pictures from my childhood when I had long locks and now my hair is just past my shoulders and I couldn’t be happier. The curls are crazy but it gives me personality and a chance to stand out.
    Glad I now have a great place to learn more about my hair and maintaining its awesomeness in a total chill environment.

    Thanks guys.

    1. Author

      Hell yea Max! Love to hear that man and thanks for sharing your story!

  111. Im 60 and want to keep this hair going.full head of hair at 60…. i take a lot of shit from the guys at work. Sometimes that makes me think about a cut. But found u guys

    1. Author

      We’re here for ya Karl, we got your back. Just ignore those guys.

  112. Hola!! I decide to grow my hair because why not? hahahaha I have like 8 months without cutting my hair just little trim and others stuffs.
    I always want to have my hair long and I hate to cut my hair when I was in the school was a requeriment and now nobody asks me to do it… only some jealous and meddlesome people… now I’m in the college and nobody ask me for haircut not going to follow rules from other about my hair now I have free and wild hair lol
    So I will not cut it off except if it a request for job and I that case I would love to have support because I don’t think a guy need short hair for be a professional and I feel so glad to find a web page like this because I used to feel a little alone I don’t have longhaired male friends for share tips and stuff like that.

    Chao and take care long hairs mates!

    (by the way sorry about my orthography and spelling english is not my first language)

  113. i love long hair, i am in my 4th month of hair growth. When times come when they become real pain in the ass, when i want to chop them off….. Its my friends that give me the power to live my dreams.. 🙂

  114. Hey guys! Just found your site and can’t tell you how awesome it is. I’ve had shoulder-length hair for the past few years now, but really want to grow it out more as I approach 30. I’m a musician, though classical so long hair is not quite as common in my genre, and honestly having the length just makes me feel more like who I’m meant to be. And it’s true that a lot of those Renaissance / Classical guys really did rock the shit out of long hair a couple hundred years ago! Anyway, thank you for putting this community together. It may seem trivial to some, but having a place for dudes to openly talk about the challenges and joys of long hair and learn how to keep it in better health and looking stylish is so needed. Can’t wait to learn more and and try out your Hair Ties For Guys … Peace, brothers!


  115. ‘Hair whips while surfing’ … right on … extended style and an improvised tempo maneuver for sure ….

  116. Yello all!
    I had my last hair cut….. I think last spring (?) I’m at that awkward middle stage right now and the struggle is REAL! To the point where I almost gave in this month to getting a hair cut! But last night I stumbled onto this page, and man I am inspired to let it grow!!!
    I no longer feel alone, and as corny as this sounds I’m glad there’s support out there!
    Thanks very much for this site!!


  117. Just came across your YouTube videos today while looking for fun, manly things to do with my mane now that I’m finally a longhair.
    Growing up, I typically had “The Standard Male” haircut. Short on the sides, slightly longer on top parted and combed neatly to the side. There were some periods of really questionable hairstyles: the pageboy, the bowl, the rat tail (a.k.a. the mullet starter kit), etc. By the time I hit HS, I had settled mainly on the short sides with spiky top (typical 90’s hair minus the frosted tips lol). Mom always said she liked me with longer hair and would often make the off-hand comment, “You should try growing your hair out.” Several years in the Navy’s submarine service saw me with the typical military high & tight, which at the time didn’t bother me, but when I got out, I wanted something different. I tried growing it out, but couldn’t seem to get past the part where it just started to touch my ears and look relatively shaggy, so off to the barber shop I went. I made one or two more attempts with the same result, but in September of ’14, I got my last major haircut the day before getting LASIK eye surgery. Since then, there’s been no looking back (so to speak). I’ve been growing my hair out and have successfully made it past the awkward phase and it’s currently just past my shoulders (if I don’t count the natural flip that it has). I plan to let it keep on keepin’ on as I think it looks good on me, it’s different from most of the men in the area, and it goes well with my biker lifestyle.

    Looking forward to future tips, and definitely keep those “How To” videos coming!

    1. YOOO MONTY! Man great story, thanks for sharing. We’ve met a lot of former military men gone longhair lifer.

      When you say, “biker…” you mean like Bianchi, Lance Armstrong and Tour de France??

      Welcome to the team hombre, we’re glad to have you here.

      1. Yeah man, complete with “sperm helmet” and spandex onesie. NOT!
        Been riding motorcycles for a little over 10 years now after picking it up while I was in the Navy out in Hawaii. Just picked up a new Harley at the end of last year’s riding season here in Michigan (unfortunately we don’t get to ride year ’round like they do out in Hawaii, Cali, Texas, Florida, etc.), and am impatiently waiting for it to get warm enough to get back out on the road and feel the wind in my hair again.

  118. Hi there, I’m a fellow (soon-to-be) longhair from Norway, and I have been reading up on everything on your site recently. Really good stuff! Have been wanting to grow my hair for years, but puffy awkward hair and unsupportive friends/family have stood in my way; but no more! Currently 8-9 inches, and hoping it will hit my shoulders by the summer so I can join the club for real. Also trying to lose a bit of weight, ’bout 10-15 pounds, and have challenged myself to reach that goal before my hairy goal, which keeps me motivated for both.

    PS: Chose my sometimes-nickname/gamertag Breeze since noone outside Scandinavia can properly pronounce my name. Believe me, I’ve been to London, Barcelona and New York, and their attempts where laughable!
    PSS:Vidar or Viðarr is from norse mythology, the name of Thor’s (aka The God of Thunder/Faboulus Hair) younger brother, so there’s that!

    1. Yo yo Breeze! Glad to hear about your journey man! Thanks for sharing your story, and pumped up you found us. If you’re already 8-9 inches, you’re well on your way and this summer sounds like a realistic goal. Keep us updated and good luck shedding a few pounds also.

      If you talk to Thor at supper tonight tell him to send in a video for #HairWhipWednesday. With lightning bolts and shit.

  119. I’ve been growing my hair since late 2012, I’m 22 now and my hair is down a lil past my nipples. I’ve got really full hair so the flow is ???? I mean, its my fuggin’ flag of freedom man! feels good to be young and healthy with healthy hair too that chicks totally dig

  120. I started growing out my hair for a few reasons. 1-i needed a change. Short hair is boring and u cant do much with it. 2 it looks metal af.

    1. MEEEEETAL! I guess you can headbang without long hair…but it’s just not nearly as cool.

    2. Thats why bald ass dudes in metal hard rock bands just look dumb to me, no offense. Really? You need the hair to headbang to. Disturbed looks dumb af with their bald ass heads. My only regret is having cut it short in my mid to late 20´s when I was a sex symbol. Now Im 29/30 with long hair but I was prematurely greying… So I look like nicolas cage in con air except with much longer hair.

  121. I have been reading blogs and forums on growing hair out for a few days now, but I stumbled on this page today and it really caught my eye. I’m 20 years old and I have tried to grow my hair out multiple times but I can never get past the awkward stage. I have been telling myself everyday that I’m going to do this. I just never realized that everyone goes through the same steps (meaning the awkward/shaggy stage) so it makes me feel more confident in this choice. I know I am now ready to be a Longhair.

    1. No way around it man. You are going to look like trash for a longggg time. Anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is lieing to you.

      Think of it as ´birth control hair´, a lot of prior service people here, a la , birth control glasses they give you in the military.

      I had long hair in my late teens early 20´s , cut it short, never felt right mate, I felt like I was a drone. Thought it would help with my career…It didn´t, so at 28 I said fuck it, I am growing it long again. I wasnt made for short hair.

  122. i have wavy hair and it creates these giant unmanageable curls. ive been told to embrace it but i can’t stand curly hair on me. with prior service im used to short and precise hair so this trip has been a rough one and im just entering my awkward stange.

    1. Author

      As you’re approaching the awkward stage the major battle awaits, but you can make it through! Once you do that wave is going to be dope!

  123. I found your website today. As a kid growing up I wasn’t aloud long hair. When it touched my ears, I was told to get it cut. Then I joined the military. I enjoyed the buzz cut, flat top, high n tight. Then 12 yrs later I shaved my head cue ball smooth every day for about five yrs. Some people never new I could grow hair. Then 21 months ago I retired from the air force. I served 14 yrs in the Navy Seabees and 13 yrs in the Air Force Red Horse. 27 yrs of a regulation haircut or shorter. March 2, 2014 was the last day I shaved my goatee so I have a 21 month goatee and a 16 month head of hair. I decided I wanted to have a pony tail. I’ve had two trims at the beauty salon to clip the dead ends but that’s it. I am a Wildland Firefighter with the Florida Forest Service now. I have caught my goatee on fire once, so I’m careful around fire with my hair now. I take hair vitamins trying to get the length going a bit quicker. I look forward to seeing tips on how to get my Moses looking hair longer. Yep its mostly white.

    1. Yo Mark! Glad you found the site, and welcome. First off thanks for your service to our country, and it’s great to hear your story. You are not alone, we’ve heard from a ton of guys with similar experiences, having been in the service for years and only later having a chance to grow their hair out. It’s a new journey and we’re glad to be a part of yours.

      Feel free to explore through the site, there is a lot to learn about long hair. If you ever have specific questions don’t hesitate to ask. Also we need to see that white hair some time! Keep an eye out we’ll do a post for guys to send their updates. In the meantime keep lettin that white mane ride!

  124. I love this place. It’s cool to see others with different lives and reasons for doing so, come together behind one common interest. I’ve been wanting to grow my hair out ever since my high school years, but never had the commitment at the time. Then school was done and I began to work, and like most work environments, it was frowned upon to have long hair and be a guy. So I never did it. But about 5 years ago, my life got turned upside down and I was left with a chance to refocus my path in life. I moved to a different state, changed my career, and started doing “me” for the first time in a while. 2 years into this new path was when I started growing out my hair…right after I shaved my head for the last time. I’ve since moved back home, but to a much better life. 3 years later and I got the long locks that symbolize my new commitment to life. Long hair = Life. It can be really good at times, or it can be full of tangles and it gives you a headache as a result. But the commitment to work through it leaves you with a result that shows that you’ve put in the hard work and dedication. To some it’s just hair, but to me it symbolizes much more.

    1. Drew, freakin awesome story man! Love hearing this, thanks for sharing and we’re glad to have you here. If you ever want to write out a complete version of your story, there is a place for it on The Longhairs.

  125. Hey dudes, im gonna be honest I’m new the long hair thing as I started my journey 8 months ago and I’ve got many questions like for one thing I’ve got curly/wavy hair it’s messy but looks good when brushed only problem is that the top is longer due to my last haircut in (February/ april) but my main question is will the length influence it at all the right was uneven so evened it out yet it still bothers me to this day do I cut it even or deal with also I can tie it all back except for some small hairs in front of my ears and a small strand in the back, I still my hair the awkward stage because well it looks awkward and sorta frizzy any advice guys!

    1. Yo Darius thanks for writing in, don’t be afraid to throw a period in there occasionally!

      Will the length influence it? Not sure exactly what you mean by that, but I would let it go for now unless it’s super uneven and you just need to maybe trim back a small section. But really when you grow it out it’s going to even up over time, and you don’t want to risk trimming it, then going so short you need to trim the rest and end up with short hair again!

      Hope this helps, thanks again.

      1. The comment from El Rubio about Darius chucking in a period here and there was awesome!!! Perhaps stream-of-consciousness is making a comeback! Talk about letting it ride…
        Great site. Great Spirit. Great education. Great encouragement. And some pretty wiley Johnny Appleseed myth making in the works!
        El Picador

        1. So glad someone caught that. “Talk about letting it ride……..” HA!

          El Picador, this site’s for you.

  126. Hey, guys. I’m brand new here. I’ve always wanted to be a longhair ever since I was a kid learning to play the guitar in the mid ’80s. I wanted to be a rock star. Back then, all rock stars had long hair, so that’s what I needed. My parents were not cool with it, though. I grew it out to about my chin in high school, but cut it when my friends said I looked homeless. I gave up. Anyway, now I’m in my mid 30s and I’m doing it again. For real this time. Glad to see there’s a site dedicated to this. I’ll be getting into my awkward stage probably in a few months. Looking forward to it!! By the way, I need a cool nickname like El Rubio or El Chino. Haha!! Rock n roll, guys!!

    1. Author

      Joey stoked to have you here! Thanks for sharing your story with us, love it. You got it this time man and we’re here for you.

  127. After having short hair for most of my life, i decided my final haircut would be December 2014. And so it was. I quit my job as well and decided i was going to live on my terms and follow my dreams.
    Nearing my first year, my mane is growing thick and strong. I have curly ass hair that makes some women jealous and it’s been a struggle, i won’t lie. Awkward stages, beanies, ballcaps: they’re all part of the journey.
    I’m looking forward to your man ties. It’s about time we have some targeted marketing. Heres a thought. Call them Mane Ties. Thanks for this site and support to a fellow longhair. I’ll keep in touch with my progress. By the way, “chino” means curly in Spanish in case anyone was wondering. Lol.

    1. Author

      El Chino! Great to hear from you man and congratulations on your journey, that’s badass! With that curly hair you may consider dreads down the road (if that’s your thing) because most curly hairs can rock the shit out of it. Pumped your stoked on the hairties. Stay tuned for those. Looking forward to your progress. See ya on the field!

  128. I was not allowed longhair as a child, I entered theUSAF 2weeks after HS graduation, 8 years of active duty & I started my career in federal service. Retired 11-1-2011 after 38 years. That is when I started growing my hair which is now shoulder length since my wife trimmed it twice for me. My whole life up to retirement I yearned for longhair. Now I have it & love it.

    1. Gary that’s awesome man! Glad to have you in the longhair ranks, and your service is appreciated.

      Thanks for subscribing and sharing.

    2. Yo Gary! Haha, glad to hear it man! You and I started growing our hair about the same time, I actually started January 2012. It’s great to hear about guys who were shorthair lifers until retirement, like yourself. Appreciate your service, keep lettin it ride.

  129. Hey guys, great site,

    Glad to see there is a bond between men with long hair. I have had long hair since high school, about 33 years, I’ve cut it as short as about 3 inches past my shoulders about 3 years ago, but since has been letting it ride. I’m gonna grow it down to my belly button again, if it grows that much again at my age, going good so far. Everything you have mentioned on your site I have seen or heard and more. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve been called mam, and then turn around and people are like, oh sorry.

    But yes, I have been judged, ridiculed, told point blank cut your hair or your fired, so much for those jobs. But my hair is who I am, without it I would feel and be different. Its an extension of me, my personality and helps define who I am. People without long hair just have no clue what it means, they don’t get it and never will. Keep up the good work, hope the site grows in popularity.

    One thing I’d like to see are more instructional videos on hair styles, the Japanese have some ways they wear their hair, part up, part down, etc.


    1. Chris, awesome comment man. It’s really great to hear that all this resonates with you, especially from a 33-year longhair veteran like yourself. It has certainly come from experience and observation, so it’s not surprising you’ve seen much of the same.

      Double-noted on the instructional videos. This helps us decide what to do every week.

      Thanks again truly for the thoughtful comment and we’re pumped up to know you appreciate what we have going. Cheers mate keep lettin it ride.

  130. I got my last hair cut while wearing a Marine camouflage uniform and that was almost 15 months ago. I let it grow because it was my way of telling the military, “Fuck you, you can’t have me back.” I started getting a lot of compliments on it, girls always asking what products I used. I’m at about shoulder length now and I don’t plan on stopping for a long time. I ordered a pack of your guys’ business cards and I have a few people I see on campus every day that I think would like this site. Thanks guys,

    1. Author

      You bet Zack and thanks for your service! It’s important we have guys who have weaved the blanket of freedom that keeps us warm at night. We love this country. Keep it growin’.

    2. Zack,
      I agree 100%. After leaving the Army after 15 years due to a back injury I started and stopped the hair growth thing for about 7 years, and finally, about a year ago just let it grow. To heck with everyone (family and friends) who wanted to naysay. Do what you want and grow it out. I ended up getting into IT because I wanted a job I could keep my long hair.

  131. Fellow longhairs,

    It has been an honor joining the team of ‘long hair don’t care’ individuals. I was surfing earlier today and talked to someone who mentioned this fraternity of brothers who all share a common goal: to grow locks of love. As you all would agree, I am sick to my stomach with all the prejudice thoughts and stereotypes that have been linked to just a little flow on a mans head. Whats wrong with a little lettuce?!? To say the least, I am proud to have a head of thick, curly-Arby fries laying upon my shoulders.

    Until next time,


    1. Author


      We hear ya man. Happy you’re here. HAHA “A little lettuce” that is great!

  132. I started to grow my hair to help women and children living with cancer two years ago. I had lost several dear friends, family, and colleagues to the disease. I thought to myself, “What could I do to make a difference”? I decided to grow my hair so that I could give it away to make wigs so that others could enjoy my locks. I first thought that two years would be it, and I would go under the chopping block. Then this year (2014) when I was in South America completing global service, I noticed many men who are Longhairs–gorgeous and over flowing with luscious follicles. I thought back to the awkward tweener-phase days, and I made another conscious decision to keep my manly mane. If I could help folks with 8+ inches of love (hair that is) why not give the gift that would keep on giving. And so, here I am and looking forward to seeing how I can make a difference.

    Longhairs unite!

    1. Author

      Equus, you had me laughing with that “8+ inches of love”. It’s great to hear from a veteran longhair and your cause is inspiring. Do you donate to a specific charity?

    2. I’ve always had long hair as an adult. Had crew cuts as a kid.

      My hair grows stupid fast. So, I figured what the hell and let it flow.

      I get compliments all the time, heh.

      Now it’s turning white and I’m beginning to look like Father Time. It ain’t bad!

      p.s. – I also donate to Locks of Love. They kick ass.

    3. I had long hair all through the 80’s…who didn’t:-) But after that i always had fades & real short hair. But i always wanted or felt like i should grow it out? So 4 yrs ago i did. I grew it to my shoulders & it was going good. Then i cut it because summer came & i just did it…? I don’t know if it’s the 25% Black Foot indian(Native American) in my blood or what? But i just decided a few days ago I’m gonna grow it back, I’m not cutting it this time! As soon as it’s long enough, best believe I’m buying some products! Hair bands, hats & maybe those glasses. Awesome site & look foeward to purchasing some goods from you👍☝🇺🇸

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