El Moreno at 4 Months of Hair Growth

August 9, 2019
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It’s Getting….Large...er

Wrapping up four months of hair growth on the journey back to long hair, and things are on the up & up. Literally!

El Moreno 4 Month Hair Update

This anti-gravity performance is reaching comical heights as it grows into the atmosphere.

Even more unexpected than the bamboo shoots of hair growth is the fact my six-month old daughter has inherited my follicle makeup. Now we are in a head-to-head battle for hair growth dominance, with every member of the family asking: who will grow it faster?

El Moreno 4 Month Hair Update

Cleary she wins in the cuteness department but you can bet your ass I’m going for the win. There is no way I can let this little child beat me—though having some of my wife’s superior genetics may give her an advantage.

Who will come out on top? Only time will tell.

4 Tactics at 4 Months

Hair battle notwithstanding, at four months of hair growth I’m squarely within what Andy would call early phase awkward stage hair.

I’ve been learning how to wrangle day-to-day issues, the poof being primary among those. Trying some new things and sticking with proven tactics, your boy is creeping deeper into the dark jungles of awkward stage hair.

It’s clear the awkward stage is going to be VERY awkward, so here in my third installment of Grow With Moreno you’ll see how I’ve been surviving with four tactics at four months of hair growth.

“Let it ride”


El Moreno With Long Hair
El Moreno With Short Hair

Grow It Out With El Moreno

Co-Founder and Chief Follicle Office (CFO) at The Longhairs, El Moreno first grew his hair long in 2012, letting it ride for seven years before shaving his head at The Great Cut and donating 24 inches of hair. He’s growing it back out and he wants you to grow it out with him.

Whether you’re growing it out to donate or just to let it ride, join El Moreno’s hair update list for videos, progress checks and real-time tips and tactics through the awkward stage and beyond.


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