Gustavo Luna | Customer Service Manager For The Longhairs

A Day With El Gustavo

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The Legend of El Gustavo

Have you ever purchased anything from The Longhairs? Have you ever sent an email to The Longhairs’ customer support?

If so, you’ve probably had an interaction with The Longhairs Shipping Department and Customer Service Manager, El Gustavo. And if that’s the case, the data suggests it is highly likely you’ve had an excellent run-in.

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You see, El Gustavo is the man behind all the customer service emails and packages that get shipped. He is the one who personally makes sure you are having a great experience from the time you order, to any questions you may have, to the speed of your package being shipped.

He’s got you covered, and he does it with pride and care.

Whether or not you’ve had the pleasure, we wanted to give everyone a chance to get to know Gus a little better, with a behind-the-scenes look at his day-to-day operations.

So here is a day in the life of El Gustavo. We’ll see what he does for customer service, what it looks like running the shipping department, learn some of his processes and why he cares so much about each and every one of The Longhairs’ customers.

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Connect With El Gustavo

A designer by trade, Gus has been working with The Longhairs since the beginning, and even before that. He had short hair and grew it out, so we gave him a full time job. In addition to customer service and fulfillment, he designs the patterns you see on every pack of Hair Ties For Guys, and many other aspects of the brand.

Connect with him by email at [email protected], or follow him on Instagram if you’re feeling especially chummy.

Gustavo Kuna | Customer Service Manager