How to Wear a Headband With Long Hair

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It’s A Wrap

Dating back to 7 Ways to Wear Long Hair with a Headband, we’ve wanted to design our own line of headbands and make a video for how to wear a headband with long hair.

Well guess what, it’s about damn time because the new headwraps from The Longhairs are here, and of course we wouldn’t launch a new product without making a video on how to use it and why they’re sick AF.

One great part about the new headbands is, you don’t have to have long hair. They are great for guys who are growing their hair out and dealing with awkward stage hair, so finally we have something to offer our brethren on the outside looking in (stick with it boys, we’re here for ya).

In this original video from The Longhairs, we show you five ways to wear a headband with long hair, walk you through the design features of the new headwraps, and demonstrate use-case scenarios for when these babies will come in handy.

You might even witness an immaculate diving touchdown reception into the vast Pacific Ocean, among other common activities for men with long hair.

Head bands for menHead bands for men

There are plenty of other ways to wear a headband with long hair, but these will get ya started. It’s a pretty thorough headwrap rundown, and we know you’re gonna love the new product line.

Watch the video. Then peep these new headwraps from The Longhairs.


  1. Thanks for the awesome products and videos you guys put out. I have a husband and two sons with long hair as well as having waist length hair myself. It’s so great to have role models for my boys. 🙂

    1. Author

      So happy to read this Tiffany! Thanks for the nice comment and send some hair whips to your husband and boys from The Longhairs!

  2. I would like to buy a couple of new headbands. Will there be some back in stock soon?

  3. These are “supersweet”. You guys are coming out with some great products. Where have you guys been all my life? Great vids.

  4. I just received my “prairie” headwrap and hair ties today, and the quality of the items is top notch. I am only a month into my hair journey (about an 1/8th inch of hair), but I am excited to begin this adventure and to use my new products when possible. Thank you for not only making a product the customer can be proud of, but for promoting an environment where participants can feel positive about making the choice to grow their hair.

  5. don’t forget, as you put in store a cosmetic purpose, to put on the site the ingredients list ( inci norm)
    that add much confidence from the readers and help putting it in cart…

  6. Great too see a steady stream of new products coming down the pipe! You guys have a winner on your hands that’s for sure. Can’t wait for the secret serums

  7. Just watched the video, good stuff as usual. Turned my daughter onto The Longhairs about a month ago. And I get this e-mail, OMG!! THEY’VE GOT HEADBANDS!!! And hell yeah I gotta get me some! Keep up the good work 🤠 y’all!

    1. Author

      DMB we see ya!! Always good to hear from you man, thanks for writing in and glad you like the headwraps!

  8. Great! Keep them coming! I’ve just ordered 3 of them, can’t wait to try them out! \m/

  9. These videos are always amazing; you guys make me smile every week! Love everything about The Longhairs.

    1. Thanks a ton Hayden, so awesome the hear. A week at a time 🙂

  10. Super sweet sickness. Nice work boys. Keep those products coming!

    1. Thanks brotha! Good to hear from ya! Hope all is well in the word of Genetic Sequencing and West Side Wieners.

  11. Great to see another product in the shop boys, keep ’em coming!
    Looking forward to seeing the Longhairs range of hair gel products and conditioners etc, having a tricky time at present trying to nail down the right type of gel for my stage (17 months) of hair growth, there’s so much stuff out there it’s almost impossible to know where to start. Have quite thick hair so have to continually have it tied up in a knot otherwise I look like the original prehistoric man come back to life, love the look of a high knot but not sure it’s doing my hair a lot of good being pulled back tight every day (hence my purchase of one of your new headwraps)!

    1. Yo El Nico! Great to hear man and yea the headwrap is going to be perfect for your stage.

  12. These are great, I bought the Balboa but the black one is out of stock, do you know when they will be back in?

    1. Vid was excellent, just like I expect the product to be… Thanks guys for making long hair the rad look forever…

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