The Road to V2.1

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If you’ve been following along, you’ve seen the last two months have involved a pitch for a certain TV show, ongoing developments on Hair Ties For Guys™, sneak previews of headbands and hair serums, little guys with long hair, shipping crises, website updates and more.

In this video we take you behind the scenes from the past seven days, from classified product development meetings and rendezvous with vendors to the secret HTFG pickup, and show you what the journey has been like on the road V2.1.

Hair Ties For Guys™ V2.1 Are Here

As we’ve been juggling these projects we’ve been working to get your favorite hair ties back on the shelves. After a time consuming yet important round of product enhancements, we are proud to announce the new and improved Hair Ties For Guys™ V2.1s are here, and they are available now.

What’s New?

The 2.1s are stronger, beefier and more durable, with the collections you love freshened up and looking crispy. Product improvements include:

  • Reinforced seam that won’t come apart
  • Stitched sleeve with improved adhesive
  • Vibrant full color prints
  • Everything you loved about V1 and V2 combined into one superior hair tie

Watch the video for the full breakdown on the evolution of Hair Ties For Guys™.

Back In Stock




The Kokomos

Re-designed Kokomos like you’ve never seen before

The Outdoorsmans

Refreshed and brought up to V2.1 specifications

The Old Glorys

Refreshed and brought up to V2.1 specifications

Go Get ‘Em

The road to V2.1 has been a long one, taking time and energy. But to us it’s worth every ounce of effort so we can bring you not just a top quality product, but truly the finest men’s hair ties in the world.

We’re proud to stand behind V2.1 and we know you’re going to love them.

Upgrade To V2.1


  1. You should sell single Hair Ties For Guys as well. I am having a tough time choosing a collection because I want one or two ties from a couple different collections but I don’t want the whole collection.

  2. Some feedback after using 1 v2.1 hair tie about 3 weeks: the adhesive on the sleeve has completely given out and the sleeve is gone. The tie shows no signs of coming apart but the sleeve has fallen off. Other than that these really do look and feel like the luxury hair ties men have needed! This was a v2.1 Old Glory tie.

    1. Author

      Roger that Joe. Thanks for the feedback man! Have you only used 1 ties from the collection or do you jump around between all four?

  3. I hope at some point in the near future, there will be the option to make your own set of four color/designs from all the existing sets available. I like at least one or two from most sets and wouldn’t buy any others except ‘The Black Ties’ (which I have purchased and love) because I wouldn’t wear the other ones in the set, I just wouldn’t wear those colors or designs. If I could make my own set of four, for example I would put the red checkered plaid, the solid blue, the gun target, and the lines of color hair tie from the adios banditos together! That would be really awesome.

    1. We’ll do it for you Henry. Hit us on the direct email line amigo.

    1. Good question Ron, that’s a negative. Only those shown on this post have been upgraded to 2.1 (as of today, May 25). Remaining collections will be updated as we restock the rest of our inventory and release new collections.

      In the meantime, like we said there have been a minority of V2’s that had problems. I know personally b/c I’ve used 7-8 packs of them myself in the past six months and I only had a problem with a few individual hair ties. The rest have been solid.

      So, if you order a pack of Las Flamas, and if you have problems with them just let us know and we’ll replace them with another pack of your choice (we just ask that you send us a photo).

      Let us know if we can answer any more questions Mr. Mexico!

  4. So stoked for the V 2.1’s and that hair serum! So any hair-tie purchases are now going to be the 2.1’s?

  5. Hey guys- love your site and I did order some of your hair ties but found my hair is too thin for them. I’m an older guy who grew my hair and the kind that work for me are the small ties made by Scunci. Any plans to make smaller ones for us older hipsters? I’d buy them if you made them.

    1. Author

      Not a bad idea. We’ll throw that one up on the ideas list.

  6. V2.1 hair ties email received – haven’t watched the video yet, immediately went to your website and ordered Old Glories and Adios Banditos 😂👍🏼 – ¡Muchos gracias!

  7. Please make an unscented version of your hair products. Some of us have allergies and sensitivities to certain fragrances.
    Also why not stitch the sleeves over the ties instead of using an adhesive? I found that the sleeves came off easily if they had been wet, maybe the water had something to do with breaking the adhesive substance down?

    1. Author

      Excellent point on the sensitivity to the fragrance. El Rubio can tell you all about that it got totally inflamed after the smell test. We will for sure have a unscented option.

    2. as i make home made cosmetics, i never put in any fragance, and want have the shortest ingredients list for each ingredient can give allergies one some customers
      for the fragances, even essential oils have allergic customers …
      for a serum, you need only water, emulsifier (a quaternary for detangling and even an amphoteric), oil, and a preservative ( geogard 221 is the most common inci : benzyl alcohol and deshydroxyacetic acid ; accepted in organics cosmetics)

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