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It’s Been a “Whirlwind”

Quick timeout before we go any further.

Just to say thank you. Seriously.


This Whole TV Business

As we recapped in last week’s blog post, the experience of the last two weeks has been front and center. The lead-up to the post was furious as we not only worked to deliver on the story but also prepare for the #softlid launch, which of course was all coming off a max shredability session in Mammoth.

For those who went through the soft lid experience, it was the first time we offered a “kit” style product, where you could choose one product from multiple categories to make up a customized package.

To pull this off we had to build new technologies on our website and make sure they linked up with the tools we use for shipping, inventory and accounting—more on that shortly.

Chris Healy Copy Writing Department

The Copywriting Department

The Soft Lid Drop

The soft lid drop was a smash hit. We moved over 80% of our inventory, the Grey Fox leading the pack with a sellout, and only a few of his compatriots remaining.

We are especially pumped on this because, if you remember several months ago, we asked you to vote on a selection of beanie styles. Well, we got exactly what y’all voted for, and once the Technology Department got the damn kits figured out, sure enough look what happened.

It was a good lesson in listening.

Immediately following the weekend sale we had to turn our attention back to the preparation and submission of materials, where “considerable energy” has been devoted since. All while dealing with…well, I’ll let the tech guy tell ya.

Chris Healy The Longhairs Strategy Department

The Strategy Department

From the Technology Corner

There’s a lot to consider when doing something like these kits. The damn Strategy Department thinks we can just whip things together, but they aren’t considering the user experience, the mobile experience, the performance considerations, how it’s going to sync with our shipping tools, accounting software and inventory management.

Not to mention the new email notifications, order statuses, weights, packaging, state and county taxes, processing fees and foreign government import duties.

All this must be considered and tested before launch, and of course we work on it up until the last second of the big release. And I’ll tell you what, the Shipping Department is not gonna be happy about this.

In any case, the #softlids launch experience has prompted us to look carefully at our technology and processes, with a focus on streamlining integrations across every aspect of our digital platform.

The Technology Department

And What Did the Shipping Department Think?

I told that son of a bitch in technology we were gonna have problems. Prior to the launch we updated our ecommerce platform to version 3.0, which broke the API integration with our shipping management module. It took hours of troubleshooting to patch the bug while 70 orders where on hold for several days, this while the damn Copywriting Department is telling me I gotta write out a 30-page application by hand??

And now they’re doing FREE SHIPPING on orders over $30!? Like, what the hell am I workin’ for down here, eh?? But no one cares, Strategy just says they want the damn kits and combo packages out the door, and they think that shit just magically happens. They don’t know what it TAKES! (and between you and me friend, that’s why I keep an iron fist on the hair ties inventory)

But ya know what? It’s fine. Cause in a weird kind of way it does magically happen. You get exactly what you ordered, like nothin ever happened, and we all come out heros.

Lindsay Barto

The Shipping Department

It’s a Team Effort

And that’s how shit gets done around here boys. The whole team working together as one seamless unit, like a perfectly tuned, precision-calibrated machine (except…we haven’t actually told Accounting about the kits yet, and Management is completely in the dark re: conflict resolution with Shipping)

Assuming we can hash things out around the water cooler, you can expect to see some exciting new upgrades to The Longhairs website. Not only will we be dialing in our internal systems, we’ll be making upgrades to the design and user experience, making things easier and more fun for you to enjoy our content and the shopping experience.

With all this activity we haven’t even checked in with the Product Development Department! And wouldn’t you know it? They’re sitting on a power-stacked lineup ready to jack one outta the yard.

So without further analysis from corporate…here’s what happens next.


Up to Bat:


Not to be overshadowed, we couldn’t’ launch this beauty right next to the soft lids. This bird of prey deserved a perch all by herself, now she’s comin in for a landing.

The Red Tail

She’s flyin high with a keen eye for a kill. Same classic wool blend snapback you’ve seen in our complete hard lid series, heather grey with burgundy bill & bound shears.


If you thought that was exciting. You were not expecting this.

You asked for it, you got it: The Headbands Are Dropping.

In secret we’ve been working on the new headbands, going through samples, materials, patterns, prints and labels, testing, comparing & repeating. And we got ‘em DIALED.

Guys, these are gonna be sick AF, and they are close. We’re talking available by the end of May, dropping like a mighty fleet of superfortress bombers. So, that’s coming.

In The Hole:

As if we could contain the excitement. Following the bombardment of headbands, we have a brand new shipment of Hair Ties For Guys™ coming in HOT!



  • A Secret New Collection
  • Restocking Our Best Sellers
  • Refreshed Designs on Old Fan Favorites

The 2.1s are also coming with product enhancements. With the V2s we had an occasional pack where the sleeve was coming off and in some cases the seam coming apart. Although it cost extra time and money, we went back to sampling to beef up the stitching and reinforce the sleeve adhesive.

Trust us guys, it pains us to not have your favorite collections in stock for you at the moment. But to us it’s worth the extra time so we can bring you not just a top quality product, but the sickest damn hair ties on planet. And we will stand behind them.

The 2.1s are gonna be stronger, beefier and more durable, with the collections you love freshened up and looking crispy. Expect to see these in May.


Weekly content. This is week #123. Come technology meltdown, corporate grievance or shipping crisis, we are going to publish on this website every single damn week until the end of time. And we’ll continue putting hair ties and other fine products on your position as long as you keep ordering them, if we have to lash 1,000 packs to our bodies and carry them over mountains. Hoping the whole shipping module works out though.

‘Cause we’re comin in hot and the shit don’t stop!

Thanks for tuning in.

Keep lettin’ it ride.

Leave a comment man! Or gal! What are you liking most? What do you want to see more of? Who should be pissed off at who at corporate??