Catching up with Hair Ties For Guys Lead Designer El Gustavo

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It’s been a little while since we’ve seen old Gustavo around these parts. The last time we checked in with the hair ties for guys designer, he shared a few of his awkward stage hair tips with us. Now he’s deep in his long hair journey and we wanted an update.

El Gustavo cruised up to the South Bay Longhairs HQ from Tijuana to sit down with El Moreno over a couple beers and talked shop.



    1. A new baby girl has arrived! And all is well. I’m sure you’ll hear more.

      Thanks for the well wishes EN!

  1. Congrats El Moreno on the approaching delivery! The day my little girl was born ties for the best day of my life with my wedding day. The love you feel for a new born baby girl is something that know one but another father can understand. The love is there and anyone can tell that you’ll be a good father. That’s what it’s all about.

    We are expecting our second daughter in August so I’ll be feeling that newborn rush again too. Good luck to you guys!

    1. El Roberto! Well-written man, El Moreno will appreciate your kind words. He’s taking some time off to spend w/ the new family, but a new baby girl has arrived and all is well!

      Thanks again man!

  2. I like to use Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula conditioner/shampoo it is all natural no sulfates etc…

  3. A good listen boys and good to hear from Gus again 🙂
    Good luck with your new arrival El Moreno, a life changing event for sure! My little girl will be 10 soon and as you touch on time does fly by so it is important to enjoy every day, the positive is that the father/daughter bond does get stronger and stronger. La Morena!
    Baby Tv soon turns into M Tv and right now the latest fashion is the be all and end all. Just back from a holiday in Spain where we enrolled her on a week long tennis course, the money we spent in the shop on a god dam racket, outfit(S) and trainers was about 5 times more than the actual course itself cost. So my advice, work really hard on your products as the revenue streams will at some point become really f***ing important!
    Talking of products, if the soft tops are selling well I wouldn’t change the spec just yet and I would try to replenish stocks quickly, it’s not great to run out of popular lines/colours if the demand is there?
    Keep up the great work.

    1. Author

      Great advice and I hear ya! Saving as much as possible in anticipation of those types of expenses. Spain! That sounds so awesome and what an experience. So excited to create that father daughter bond and to be a dad.

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