El Rubio explains why you should not cut your hair

You Should Cut Your Hair

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It’s Just So Much Better!

I met a fellow from the Czech Republic at a bar in a mountainous town over a few cold ones. As often happens, the topic of long hair came up. After some light hair talk and telling him about The Longhairs, he looked at me directly across the table and flatly said, "you should cut your hair."

Dead serious.

Did you not hear that part about the hair ties, and the whole community for guys growing their hair?

I was a little stunned, like, that’s the most preposterous thing you could possibly say to me. But beyond the shocking absurdity of his recommendation, it wasn’t that he was trying to be a jerk. Rather he was interested in my well-being, and believed life would be better for me with a high & tight haircut.

He kept taking his hat off and showing me his super short hair, rubbing it to apparently demonstrate how nice it felt, how easy to deal with and how great it looked. So great, in fact, that I should cut mine off too.

Perhaps sensing I wasn’t fully on board with his proposal, he asked me, “why have long hair?”

Just as I prepared to launch into a full-blown dissertation, we were interrupted and pulled away. I eventually drifted to the other side of the saloon, we never resumed our little chat, and I never saw him again.

Having missed the opportunity in person, I've taken the liberty of organizing my thoughts on the matter.

So, friend, here is my response...to you and to everyone who says "you should cut your hair."


You Make A Good Point

Maybe I should. There are some compelling arguments for why you should cut your hair.

Long hair is a pain. You do learn to deal with it, after a while you almost forget about it, but there are regular reminders.

Like working out, playing sports, being outdoors, eating, sleeping, dressing for any occasion, riding roller coasters, making out, brushing your teeth and virtually every activity of daily life.

There’s having to shampoo and condition, blowdry, brush it, tie it up, and generally deal with it, rather than simply waking up and walking out the door.

Also it costs some money. Whether it’s shampoo or hair ties, you’re compelled to spend a little money on it which you wouldn’t have to spend otherwise.

Finally there’s all the shit you have to deal with from other people. Which has become meaningless to me, but it wasn't always.

I get it. The idea that you should cut your hair can sound appealing.


All Things Considered

Let’s pretend we weren’t operating a community based on the premise of long hair, and that my livelihood wasn’t literally connected to my long locks. Let’s say I was just a regular guy letting the long hair flag fly, and that I would entertain the notion of cutting my hair off.

Having considered the benefits of short hair, the answer to the question of “why grow it long,” falls into several categories.


Six Reasons You Should NOT Cut Your Hair

The Difference-Maker

Long hair is an instant differentiator. Walk into a room with a hundred guys, five or 10 at most are gonna have flow, depending on where you pull your sample.

Granted, it’s not always good to be different, but I think of it (ironically) like a job application: you immediately want to set yourself apart and be memorable. Like it or don’t like it, long hair does that.

And while there are plenty of other ways to be different, none are quite so obvious or instantaneous as a streaming mane cascading down your shoulders.


A Confident Man

Along with being different comes a certain required self-confidence. It takes a little bit of “I don’t care what other people think.” It’s not easy being different, and as we’ve seen more and more often, that’s especially apparent for little guys with long hair.

With confidence comes self-respect, self-esteem, and belief in your powers and abilities. If you ask me, those things are important. Maybe the most important.

That’s not to be confused with overconfidence or arrogance, because at the end of the day you gotta back it up. But if having long hair can help build and develop those self affirmations, then hell yes let it ride.

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Keep It Independent

For me long hair symbolizes independence. It means I’m not in a position where someone else decides how long my hair should be, and that’s good because I prefer being the person who decides.

This is mostly with regard to employment. There are a lot of excellent and highly respected jobs and careers where you’re compelled to keep it short, and with respect for those positions, they simply aren’t for me.

The idea of someone telling me I have to cut my hair to work for them, choosing between a job or these golden tresses, is ridiculous. And lucky me, not everyone has that luxury, but it basically means I’m the master of my own fate and I hope to keep it that way.


All Natural

Another reason I choose long hair is it’s all natural. It’s a sign of health, vigor and vitality. It’s a natural biological function, we only get short hair by augmenting that.

Not to say we should all grow out all the hair on our body, ok, but you get the idea. The hair grows for a reason. And there’s a lot of people who can’t grow it out, so why not take advantage of our follicle freedom while we have it?


It’s a Culture

There’s also a cultural aspect. Long hair in Native American culture, for example, is a spiritual artifact and for some tribes represents a connectedness with the earth.

I’m not Native American, but I can respect and appreciate their beliefs, and I do believe long hair creates a certain connectedness to our environment.

Beside the historical cultures of ancient tribes and people, long hair is a culture in itself.

We have a community, and beliefs and customs. We do #HairWhipWednesdays and celebrate our locks. Even guys who have never heard of The Longhairs know when they see other guys with long hair, it’s appropriate to respond with a subtle nod of understanding.


And We All Know

Lastly, it’s just badass. There are limitless long hairstyles to learn and experiment with. I can wear it with a hat or a beanie, tied up, straight or wavy.

Not to mention I can rip off a hailstorm of hair whips at any given moment, twist up a sick braid or choke someone out with it if needed. Hopefully it won’t come to that, but in any case the locks are just sick and I love having them.


With That Being Said

The bottom line is, long hair makes me different. It’s unconventional. It makes people guess, keep ‘em wondering, “is this guy some kind of loose cannon?” or make their own assumptions.

Deep down, it forces people to recognize it’s not a person’s outward appearance, but the quality of their character and depth of their purpose. Which in itself is a greater platform for equality for everyone who’s different.


To the Man Who Says, "You Should Cut Your Hair"

Thanks for the kind suggestion, but I’m going to keep lettin it ride.

I’m not going to insist you should grow your hair long, I think you should wear it however you like. But consider this: I had short hair for 30 years. I’m quite familiar with what it’s like, and so have the good fortune of experiencing both sides.

You didn’t mention if you’ve ever grown it out, but if you haven’t, maybe give it a try? Then you can fairly and objectively decide your preference.

And if that continues to be short, then you should cut your hair! In the meantime I'm going to keep lettin it ride.

Why You Should NOT Cut Your Hair

Did we miss anything? Any other reasons why we should cut it...or why we should keep lettin' it ride? Why not share in the comments?



  1. Background on hair: it’s been 7 months since my last cut and I have curly frizzy hair.

    I Just started a new job where I’m going into the office every day for the first time in a year. The last week has been tough, managing my hair every day and trying to keep it professional is a lot. It’s probably looked different every day I have gone into work.

    Today I started to buckle a bit and thought it was time for a cut but after reading this article I need to push through. I’ve loved the growing process this entire time and just gotta keep it goin. That doesn’t make the day to day easier but I just wanted to vent that out real quick.

    Thanks for everyone that is along for this wild ride.

    1. Author

      Yo Keegan! Thanks for writing in man, feel free to vent here any time! If you have not already, be sure to check out this post: Awkward Stage Hairstyles. Hope this helps amigo, keep letting it ride!

      1. El Rubio, thanks, man!

        I hear there are some Fresno State Bulldogs on your staff, Go Dogs!

        1. Author

          Yo Keegs, you know it’s true! Hope you’re crushing and letting it ride man! GO DOGS!

    2. El Rubio!

      Thanks for enlightening me!

      I’v been in a dilemma about cutting my hair again (I’m currently in the awkward stage, 8 months) and this never hit so real.

      I’ll admit, I still get pissed with people who judge longhairs. I once had a neighbor who called me “jobless” and “uncultured” just because of my hair (by the way, I work a regular 9 to 5 with a lax hair policy and I got a degree in Political Science. hahaha).

      I will totally let my hair flow. This site has been a godsend.


  2. Sitting here at 45 years old listening to my favorite 80s music videos online. Been thinking about it for a few weeks now. I’ve had a “high & tight” since 1995. The hell with it, I’m gonna give it a shot! If it feels too awkward, I can always go back in 5 minutes. Let’s see what happens…….

  3. Sixty four and still letting it flow. People tell me I wouldn’t be me without my hair being almost to my belt. Beard too! Just seems natural to me, always has…my native grandmother gave me my red heart.

    1. Author

      Thanks for the comment Birdsong, dang 64 and letting it flow that’s awesome! We’re especially glad to have you here.

  4. My dude, mine has been growing for years. But so true one must trim it from time to time. Mine is breast length. Long beautiful and gorgeous, even my wife is jealous of it. Shower at night wash, condition followed up with a hair product. Go to bed wake and not touch because it’s good. Or put it up in bun go to bed. Wake the next morning take out bun and do absolutely nothing. Because of natural loose curls and wave. Wife says no man should have hair like that. Yes it does make women jealous. Oh and the way I might add, I’m 47 and still got it. I don’t have the case of the uglies where the hair line running from your face. Or the balding gene to the ones who might be offended by that comment. You’re correct we can walk into a place and might be a hand full of guys with long hair. Or you might be the only one. If you’re the only one you can bet all eyes are on you. Condemning eyes from men, and chances of lusty eyes from women either way it’s win, win. Some men hate us because of it. Sometimes we get aggravated by our long locks. But at the end of the day it’s ours to tend too. I for one am keeping mine. So yeah to rocking locks at 47 is awesome. My looks still hanging in there and not looking long in the tooth, if ya know what I mean. However as I start looking like an old man a high chance I’ll cut it then.

    1. Author

      It’s ours to tend to indeed, Seph! Thanks for the comment amigo, hope my flow is still as magical at 47.

  5. El Rubio, did you go to ULL?

    I’m a Louisiana Longhair and I’ve made the journey from short to long twice with you guys.

    1. Author

      DUDE! So pumped someone finally saw this and asked about it! I didn’t go to ULL but have visited many times working on the recolonization of the Sigma Nu Chapter. I have dear friends there to this day. Stoked to have you with us man, keep lettin it ride!

    2. Coronavirus has kept me from the stylist – never had family support for long hair before until now. Its not very long yet; not sure yet if I will cut it on the other side of the virus. So far I find it cheaper, not more expensive, than cutting. I’ve bought a number of hair bands and bandanas to manage it for now- a lot less expensive than regular haircuts. My wife can just put her hair in a ponytail and go – if I ever really get it long I think it will be easier to keep neat. Seriously thinking about keeping it growing!

  6. For me, the choice was easy some 32 years ago now: there was one guy at school who had long hair and I suddenly realized: “THAT’s my hairstyle!” And I started to grow my hair out. That was when I was just 18 or so. Now I’m nearly 50 and I still have long hair, happy to have a job where that’s no problem at all. I wear it in a pony tail for 99% of the time, and sometimes when I’m in a funny mood, I tie it up into a full man bun. I’ve noticed, this is not to everyone’s taste… it provokes more reactions from others than my pony tail (but the cause could also be, most people don’t know me in any other way than with that pony tail…) Customers also have all kinds of long hair, recently one came in having a nice top knot right on top of his head, it looked like a little palm tree! VERY nice… others just have long hair down, or up in some kind of… uhhh… high ball 😉 Working in the audio industry makes you meet all kinds of artists, sound recordists etc etc. These guys are all “a bit different” from the average guys, which is one of the reasons I instantly like the majority of them 🙂

    1. Author

      Audio. Big time hair guys.

      Hail to the longtime longhairs! Glad to have you here Timmo.

  7. I had long hair from the time I was about 14 (high school was hell from the relentless harassment of my classmates, would have loved to have had something like the “Longhairs”m back then!) till I joined the Air Force when I was 20. It was the 80’s and I was the lead guitarist in an 80’s Hair Metal band. My hair was kick ass! I literally cried when I got the locks cut before I left for basic training. Fast forward to 30 yrs later and having at least shorter hair for all of those 30 years. Feeling blessed at age 51 to have a full head of hair and a job where I was working from home before COVID hit, I decided to give it one last shot and grow it out! After about 10 months of growth hitting hard core in the awkward stage, COVID hit, and then I haven’t had any choice in the matter. I was letting it flow! Now a good 14 months into it I have committed to the Great Cut 2024 and my job hasn’t said a word, and I don’t believe they will as long as I pull it back in the office. Fortunately I work for a pretty progressive company that promotes diversity and I am not the only one in the office letting it flow. We have over 1500 employees so odds are in my favor to not be alone, lol! So thanks to the Longhairs I am growing my hair more intelligently, armed with some knowledge to peacefully disarm any anti-hair types, and have some cool ass hair ties and hair wraps to boot!

    PS: I also may have my hair stylist on board with the Great Cut 2024 since she already does hair cuts for Children With Hair Loss!

    1. Author

      Yo Michael, awesome to read your comment man! It’s always good to have the experience from both sides, imo. Glad to hear you’re working for a progressive company, even more pumped to know you are down for The Great Cut 2024! Will be looking forward to seeing you there. Until then, keep lettin it ride! Oh and we would totally love to have your hair stylist join as well!

  8. I cut my hair a year or so ago after a bad jiu jitsu practice where I kept getting it stepped on and clumps of it pulled out. I didn’t have it tied back well enough. I immediately regretted it and it’s almost back to its pre-cut length. I won’t cut it again for a long time.

    Also really looking forward to my new hair ties arriving this week!

  9. I used to cut mine, but it kept growing back. Every time I cut it, it always grew back! So I figured my ‘creator’ was trying to tell me something? I hit the three year mark in October this year and love long hair for all the reasons mentioned.
    The choice is yours guys – do ya wanna be a fully resplendent hairy ram, all majestic and independent, or one of those thousands of newly sheared sheep, all botched and scrawny, following each other everywhere?

    1. This is beautiful. I never knew why I stopped cutting my hair, but THIS, this is why.

    2. Of course I would rather be a majestically resplendent ram who is not concerned with the opinions of sheep.

  10. There is so much here in the article and comment board that I am taking notes.

    1. This was one evening for me:
      Guard: “It looks ugly, get rid of it.”
      Later some random dude: “Dude you look like Adam Driver, famous guy from Star Wars. Looks great man!”

      Your own opinion is the best, keep it that way. I got long hair my whole life and got so many negative and positive reactions. So if 100 people got an opinion and it’s a 50/50, you’re the only opinion left to make it 50/51.

  11. You left out a drawback to long hair:


    I have an 8 month old and he endlessly grabs at EVERYTHING! My long hair, his mom’s Afro, her glasses, my beard, clothes, earbuds–nothing is sacred.

    But I’m hoping he wants to be like his daddy later on and rock the flow too🤞🏻🤘🏻

    1. Author

      Haha! Thanks for sharing Brandon, likewise hoping Junior wants to LET IT RIDE!

      1. Agree with Everything except if there’s a balding issue. Long hair& balding doesn’t look Good (no!) unless you’re looking for the Riff-raff look, although at least you can shave it all off to get the Tough Convict Look.
        Also, there are trendy barbers that dont Clean their equipment properly,and guys end up with foul nasty skin issues like Folliculitis,so this is another good reason to shun the salon/ barber.
        There was a time Long hair was everywhere. It was less of a RebEllioUs statement than a F*ashion statement but now that it is less common, I notice it more as being Diff3rent & W i l d.

        1. Author

          Different & wild indeed, K. Turi. Thanks for the comment amigo.

      2. Reading about the baby, I am reminded of a three year old Facebook photo that all longhairs and longhair aficionados should check out, of Hairfreaky’s daughter, eight months old at the time, grabbing hold of her Dad’s extremely long hair.

      3. I love it man! I am native American and it is part of our culture. Some people just don’t understand or have the knowledge of other cultures. Anyway I’m close to 4 years in and plan to keep lettin’ it ride! Love the products you guys offer by the way .

  12. Hey guys found this site just recently and am fully impressed. Like Stephen said in his Sept 19 post I too have had the good fortune of looking young for my age at 51 and have decided to let my hair grow. Doing well so far with a slight trim about a month ago. I guess it’s been 3 or 4 months now but haven’t gotten any “you need a hair cut” comments, not that I care. I know I’m in for a climb but one step and one day at a time hopefully I’ll be a fixture in this group. Seems like there is a lot of good encouragement here and I like that.

    1. Welcome Don! Great to see you here and yes this community is amazing. Make sure to get on our email list to get all the latest from the blog.

  13. After 4.5 years of growing my hair I am cutting it, i am unsure but I have got bored of it and want new short hairstyles and I’m in my college fire academy so I will have to eventually. I’m sad about the though

    1. Only you can make the call Will. Nothing wrong with a reset. Would recommend that you donate it to Children With Hair Loss if you do end up cutting it off. Remember, once a longhair, always a longhair. We’ll be here for ya man.

    2. Thank you man….I was this close to buzzcut my hair . But reading your article. Now I’m gonna keep it.

  14. I have had short hair, no hair and for the last six years long hair. Yes, it can be a pain and it can be a turn off for some people, but I’m not growing it out to impress them. I’m doing it for myself. I’m disabled so employment isn’t a concern, and even if it were, who needs that type of hassle anyway. Before becoming disabled I had THAT type of employer. I had to keep my hair above my collar, no beard, and my moist ache trimmed. Let me tell you, it was a drag, no individuality whatsoever. Let it ride brother, let it ride!

      1. I have had the good fortune of looking young for my age AND having lived and worked in the conforming world long enough to no longer care what anyone thinks of me and my long hair. I worked in a number of companies in which men were expected to have short hair, so I have “been there done that” and now revel in my very masculine choice to sport a long mane.

  15. Thanks guys, this is my second time that I am attempting to grow my hair out, the first time was when I was 19 and frankly it was a terrible experience for me because I didn’t have helpful advice like the kind you guys put out, so I chopped it off. Now 10 years later I’m 29 and I have now been growing my hair officially for 5 months. Hair is progressing fantastically, and this time i am not backing down! even though my wife wasn’t too overjoyed when I told her my plans.

    It’s great to be a part of the longhairs community!

    1. Author

      Carlos, great to have you here man! You’re entering right into the heart of the awkward stage. Difficult times lay ahead, but you can make it! We’re here for you, keep us posted on your hair updates. C’YA!

  16. I have been doubting my long hair, at least in current situations, being 18 years old with dreams to go to a private 4 year college, and to graduate with a bachelors degree to pursue a career in the path I am stepping towards. The reason for my doubt, relies on the fact that private colleges care about well kept students and while I am well kept and shave nearly every day, long hair seems to have a negative affect on a mans presence in today’s world, which is of course why you guys have created this fraternity. The problem is this may help to keep a mans confidence from going down the drain, but it hasn’t fully had an affect on changing the social structure of the present times. The career I plan on pursuing also has a very professional setting and like to pick and choose based on a persons appearance, as sad as it may be it may never change, and if ever not anytime soon. My question is, should I cut my hair while trying to get into the private college and keeping the hairstyle until after the pursuit of my career, and eventually grow it out. If you recommend I do cut it, when, so I am able to let my locks float along with the wind for as long as possible as they give me confidence and courage. If you’re thinking, if they give someone courage and confidence, then why cut, but sometimes you have to follow the strict guidelines of others in order to accomplish an important goal. I love my long hair, but in the long term a career is what really matters, especially one that I find enjoyable, that in itself will give me the passion for life I’ve always needed and wanted. Any thoughts, is appreciated.

    1. Author

      Dear Average Longhair,

      Appreciate you sharing your thoughtful comments, and your dilemma is common. We can’t advise you one way or another, as The Longhairs or myself personally. It would be easy for me to say, “DON’T CUT IT, TO HELL WITH THEM!” On the other hand it would be prudent to suggest you cut it.

      It would be hard for me to believe you would get accepted or denied to college based on your hair length. Of course I don’t know what college(s) you’re talking about, but as long as it’s neat and well-kept I’d be surprised.

      As for the career path, maybe you don’t have to decide on all that right this moment? You’ll have at least a few years in college right? Why not let it ride for a few years, who knows maybe you’ll lean another career direction, or the professional will loosen up. If anything, trim it during your entrance exams and grow it out when you get to campus?

      One more thing: personally, I have never really “played it safe.” And I’ve never regretted it.

      You’ll make the right decision, amigo. And you’ve got our support either way.

      On second thought KEEP LETTING IT RIDE MAN!!! lol C’YA!

  17. Let me pick up that mic you dropped. Great post.
    I grew up in a religious fundamentalist house where I’d get a lecture if my hair went a couple weeks and started to touch my ears or collar. The part on independence hit home beautifully. I grow my hair because I can and nobody can tell me to do otherwise. You want me to conform? Nah, I’ll let it ride. Because I like it.

    1. Same here, Case! I thought getting haircuts was something guys were supposed to do, and like it. Indoctrination. I know better now. Finally decided to let it ride, and I LOVE it!

  18. I started growing my hair out bout year and a half ago. My hair is now shoulder length. My beautiful fiancé loves it, my best friends think it’s awesome and I get complements almost everyday bout my Luscious goldilocks.
    But of course with lovers come haters.
    Several co-workers constantly bash me for my long hair. Telling me that I should cut my hair, I got into a bar fight with a guy, because he was betting his buddies that he couldn’t cut my man tail off.
    It’s tough being your own man. But it’s a honor to have such an awesome community to share with.
    Silver lining, I headwhip to Iron Maiden while I air guitar and it’s freakin sick!!!
    Keep on keeping on long hairs

    1. Author

      Well that escalated quickly. If someone tried to cut my hair there would be problems. Glad you made it out of there ok and KEEP LETTIN IT RIDE!

  19. I have been letting it ride for 1yr and 10 months. I have been thinking about cutting the last couple weeks. This is what I needed to hear! Thanks

  20. As a cyclist it throws my competition off their game, as a casual rider I can cruise around on my fixed gear with my locks blowing in the wind

  21. AWESOME thanks for this. I really need to read this so I know how to tell them to people that tell me to cut it off to F**** off! In a nice way lol

  22. Hello! Very happy to see a courageous man in this crazy world.
    I had grown my hair for 3 years with care and love. That’s the longest I could tolerate the pressure from people to cut it short. Still feel the trauma.
    Keep going!👍🏻

  23. Great article mate! I used to have long hair some years ago but I decided to cut it because it started to fall out. I panicked since I was only 21 (now I’m 28), my family convinced me to cut it. My baldness, which is incipient but progressive, still manageable though, began at the sides of the head and has been spreading from there, slowly, gradually. I still have hair in that area but it’s thinner and there is less density. Should I give it a try? Cheers!

  24. Post Script. I do like Metal as well as all types of music composed by people w actual talent. I am a nazarite. A choice based on cultural and natural w a religious twist. I also like the contrarian aspect of non-conforming simply because others are bothered by it. To me its not natural to have short hair. Only Roman and Greek societies had short hair. Which indicates how much roman catholisism influence has in western society today and for the last few hundred years. Reformed Jews are very Romanized and are a sect of ultimate confusion while Orthodox is straight up upfront about their appearance and their ways.

  25. God bless you! Well written article. I was trying to gather my thoughts on the contrasts/comparisons for this issue and how to present it to my employer if needed but also to myself. This article reassured me what i think and feel in association with like minded people.

  26. Nice article El Rubio. Going on my 3rd year without a haircut and was starting to think about cutting it…but not after reading this.

    1. Baljit Saini You can just trim any split ends if it’s been that long, but not cutting significantly unless you canged your mind based on your own hair preferences (not others) for some reason

  27. I agree with the feeling of connectedness. Ears and nose have hairs that receive respective signals for sensing the world around us. Doesn’t seem too far out that the hair on our heads has a similar function.

    Another plus, I now understand those silly looking “cowlicks” I grew up with actually serve the purpose of keeping hair out of my face

  28. Am 42 years old 43 in 2 months, I’ve only ever had 1 haircut in my entire life, at 12 years old locked up in youth corrections…. for some it’s just a necessity… it took 6 guards to shave my head at 12, 3 of them still wear scars of that interaction to this day…..

  29. So stupid. You saying it ‘means the length of your hair isn’t dictated by other people’ which is an oxymoron of sorts because all of your reasons are about other people. I shaved my head a few months ago because it was easier FOR ME. And that made me feel confident. And life is easier, and I prefer it. If you prefer your hair long do that. Just shut up and do it. Don’t try and pretend it makes you more connected to your environment than me.

  30. I’m in my 20s and this is my first time growing it out. Everybody I know would be against it but it feels so powerful and free. I’m not going to give up. And it feels like only now I’m taking care of my hair and my whole body better.

    I will remind myself to read this wonderful post whenever I feel bogged down by the boring world.

    Cheers brother.

    1. Raja! Great to hear man. Just keep growing in all aspects of your life. We’ll be here for support.

  31. Well, I have always known I was a long hair. It is only modern society that has done away with men having long hair to be the norm. I wasn’t allowed to grow it out as a kid or even as a teen. My adventure began very shortly at that magical age where nobody could tell me anymore what hair length was required. I confess, I did cut my hair off once. I will also point out it was done in honor and compassion. A cancer patient had identical hair and color as mine. All the more rare as how thick my mane is and the multi colors that it holds. From afar it looks an almost dirty blonde or a swede. Get close and there is black, brown, platinum blonde, blonde, and plenty of red. I cut it off and gave that little girl her hair back. I also confess in being so proud and fullfilled in my deepest emotions to see her in sheer bliss at having her same hair again. It was in the newspaper, all of us, her mother, her, and myself eyes filled with tears of joy. To make it better, her spirits raised, she had the strength to survive chemo, and to my knowledge remains cancer free. In any other circumstance, I would never cut my hair for another. It is simply a part of who I am. In my mind an extension, no less valuable than my arm or leg or other appendage.

    1. Author

      Hell. Yeah. Man.

      Glad to have you here Andrew, and thanks for sharing.

  32. I refuse to cut my hair because, personally, I feel short hair is a haircut for tools. I, also, want to put my foot down. Society hasn’t really done shit for me nor has it kept a good track record of keeping itself professional and civil therefore I will not indulge in hypocrisy. Every little thing requires someone to get a haircut and it gets annoying. It takes hair forever to grow and stuffy types need to realize people have a life outside of their institutions that could strongly reflect their spiritual beliefs such as Sikhs. Honestly, discriminating against long hair should be considered prejudice just as much as declining someone due to skin color or culture. Some people have side-careers or hobbies that involve their style. I do some modeling and acting on the side and it helps me a lot. I don’t feel like my hair is a lot of maintenance at all either. It’s rather quick for me to prep mine and short hair always carried that bad hair day chance or just looks awkward. Basically, society can shove it and needs to adapt already. The ways of old are practically on life-support and it’s time to pull the plug.

  33. Hey, really glad I came accross this site. I’m in the process of growing out my hair for the first time ever. I’ll be 37 in a couple of weeks and have been growing out my hair since January.

    The way I look at it is; It’s my decision and I don’t need anybody’s permission or approval to do anything relating to my appearance. I’ve also grown a big beard for the first time ever and got a nose piercing.

    Some people have asked if I’m going through a mid-life crisis! No, I’m fed up of trying to please other people, I’m now going to do something that I’ve always wanted to do.

    Looking forward to looking like a bigger bad ass!

    1. Author

      Yo Welsh Viking! Hell yes man, we’re the same age and on the same page. Keep lettin it ride mate. Also, send your hair updates on our social media for #maneupdatemonday


  34. That’s a really good point. Growing your hair is something that everybody should be allowed to do, regardless of your gender.
    I’ve been letting my hair grow for the last four years, even though I was forced to buzz it off beceause I had an extreme hair cut (if that is a thing lmao); I had a very thick long ridge of hair that fell to my hips, but my sides were very short, like 1 cm. I basically had a very long mohawk.
    I was enjoying it a lot, I felt like I was living the best moments of my existence. Really lol.

    Infortunatly, I was forced to cut it beceause my school didn’t like it. So I cut it all off. As a person who worn long hair the majority of it life, It was a very new feeling, I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t like it either. it wasn’t me.

    Now, my hair is reaching the middle of my back.
    If someone tells you to cut your hair, just yeah, chop it off and bake them a cake with your hair inside.

  35. Hey I know I’m late but I’m at 1 year with my hair nd it’s considerably long but I’ve only let hair grow from the top and not the sides . Should I begin to let my hair grow from the sides or is it fine as is ? Does it add more depht ? I would love to see what you would have to say , thank you !

  36. The same can be said about buzz cuts. Being different/standing out is why I decided to buzz off my hair really close. Almost every room I walk into the guys either have some generic short hair style, a beautiful mane, or balding by the force of nature. I am a guy capable of growing out a mane, but who buzzed off all my hair and I stand out EVERY where I go. I stand out from the guy with the beautiful mane of hair, and the generic guys who have the play-it-safe regular hair cut.

    1. Author

      You make a great point Buzz Cut Tony. Here’s to being different, amigo.

    2. Cool. My hair is ALSO different because it’s in between the generic and the long flowing mane as it is about 5.5 inches on the top, tapered from around 4 down to 2.5 around the sides and back, and I comb it downwards so that the front is in bangs covering part of my face, or also to the side and not really covering my face, along with if I sweep it to the side or back.

  37. I’d like to point out that although the concept of having long hair is great- not everyone can or should try to pull it off. I’m a prime example of this- I’ve always wanted to have long hair, and though I have plenty of it- it flat looks like crap when I grow it out! Its too thick- with random waves, curls, cowlicks, feathers, it ends up looking too feminine for me- and just like a big uncontrollable mop. I’ve tried Asian straightening creams, I’ve had it permed before- nothing controls this crap hair of mine! My morning bedhead also redefines the laws of physics- just incredible stuff. Its so frustrating and causes lifelong disappointment. How could the hair genes have screwed up so bad when mine was created?? So, long hair is cool and all- but not if it doesn’t make you look cool- if you’ve got the wrong hair type, like me- unfortunately its better to stay on the shorter end of the spectrum, if you want to keep your visual integrity as a man. My hair even struggles to look good when short, it will drive me insane to the grave 🙁

    1. Author

      Welcome, Brad! What’s the longest you ever got it? Are you sure you just never made it past the awkward stage? I would bet a lot of those excellent descriptive features would mellow out once it got long enough.

      If it’s that bad you can always shave it all off!

      Thanks for writing in hombre…hope you’re having a great hair day.

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