How to Wear a Hat With Long Hair

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If you’ve been following for a while, you may remember the mega blockbuster post from last August: 10 Ways to Wear Your Hair With a Hat. Today we’re going to take the most requested styles from that post and show you exactly how to wear a hat with long hair, giving you some options when rocking the lid.

For one thing, it’s easy to get into a routine of wearing your hair under a hat the same way. You just throw on the ‘ol lid and you’re on your way. Let’s break that routine. You got the hair so why not try some different styles. Styles that will make you stand out from the rest.

Wearing a hat with long hair is sick, you know what’s even better though? Rocking that mane under an official Longhairs Lid. Rep it loud and proud, and because you’re reading this we’ll hook you up with 10% off your lid purchase.

These are 100% premium snapback ball caps, designed with a high crown to accommodate your flow, however you wear it with a hat. Not only that, but when everyone sees those classic bound shears, they’re gonna know you’re a down-ass longhair.

Get your authentic Longhairs Lid for your Locks, and use coupon code LIDS at checkout for 10% off your purchase.

Until next time boys, hats off to ya!



  1. Can you make a video about other hat styles besides baseball caps?

  2. The cheap plastic rear snap band is a game changer for me.
    The best way to put on a cap w your hair in a ponytail is to unsnap the rear band. Put the cap on from the front while smoothing your hair back. Then snap the strap under the ponytail.
    These cheap plastic snap bands are the worst. Your hair will snag in the snaps.
    Best are the cloth bands that have a belt buckle-like length adjustment and snaps to the side of the rear hole.
    2nd best are the bands that Velcro together.
    The back bands w elastic on the inside aren’t bad.

  3. I know old post but do they sell any bent brim hats I hate the flat brim hats they look goofy on me.

  4. Cool video and usefull.It would be great a video for a newsboy cap also and how to wear it!!!

  5. Better late than never. I’m loving the black hawk! Will be ordering soon! Love you guys!

  6. The problem I have with wearing hats is that they just tend to come off my head at the back where all of the hair is. Even a light tap on the hat from any direction will easily knock it off my head. Do the Longhairs hats have a “deeper” construction to keep the hat more snugly on your head?

    1. They are pretty deep man. Our Longhairs lids have a high crown with rigid construction, meaning there is a lot of space underneath. I’ve never personally had these ones “pop off” like you’ve described, while some hats with a lower profile tend to do that. What do you expect, they’re made for longhairs man!

  7. Lol “I don’t exactly know what this one is good for”. That killed me, dude.

  8. VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION: how long does an order take to be received in the us? I need to know

  9. I call this one the drunken unicorn aka the drunken unicorn. Bring all your hair to the front. Turn cap around so the back is the front. Pony your hair forward and tie it; pull it through the hole in the back of the cap that is now facing forward. Your pony will fall in your face between your eyes. No you are not an ass but a drunken unicorn.

    1. drunken unicorn aka the flacid unicorn — yes, I have been celebrating the weekend

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