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Hair Whip Wednesday

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Celebrate Your Long Hair

If you’re reading this, you already know: it’s Hair Whip Wednesday. Part of The Longhairs core mission is to celebrate long hair on men, and what better way than to dedicate a day to this classic longhair signature move: the hair whip.

Gearing up for Hair Whip Wednesday, the The Longhairs hit the streets of San Diego on a strategically targeted tactical dropzone longhairs recruitment strike operation in the longhair hotbed town of Ocean Beach.

Our mission: identify and approach as many longhairs as possible and convince them to perform “4-6 aggressive hair whips” for Hair Whip Wednesday.

The results were startling.

Our mission: convince longhairs to perform “4-6 aggressive hair whips” for Hair Whip Wednesday.

Hitting the Streets for Hair Whip Wednesday

Our method was identical to our standard operating procedure for distributing referral cards—the appropriate behavior when you see other longhairs: 1) hand him a referral card; 2) wait for his reaction; 3) tell him it’s a community for men with long hair; 4) high five.

But then we dug in a little deeper, explaining Hair Whip Wednesday and that we were actively seeking hair whips for a Hair Whip Wednesday video compilation. Here are the vital mission statistics:

  • We walked in Ocean Beach for about 45 minutes
  • In total we met no fewer than 20 longhairs
  • 19 out of 20 (95%) were stoked, and accepted a referral card
  • 10 gave us their email address on the spot
  • 1 longhair, after inspecting his referral card, let out a resounding “NOW THIS IS WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!”

Due to lighting conditions, only 12 longhairs were asked to perform hair whips. Nonetheless:

  • 7 of 12 performed hair whips
  • 5 of 12 performed aggressive hair whips
  • 1 began removing his hair tie before we could formally request a hair whip
  • 1 had already heard about The Longhairs and asked how he could join

Worth noting: after we were done filming hair whips we stopped into a local tavern to properly consummate our longhair celebration. And what did we find there, but five longhairs—presumably also gearing up for Hair Whip Wednesday. We didn’t ask them to do hair whips, but we sure as hell celebrated our long hair.

What did we learn from our experience?

We went out to meet longhairs, interact, hand out referral cards and have some fun with it. What we didn’t expect was such a resoundingly positive response.

It shouldn’t have been surprising—we’ve been handing out referral cards for months, always with a positive response—but it was nonetheless incredible how strongly the message resonated with a huge majority of longhairs.

What other physically identifiable group of men can be approached at random, asked to perform a conspicuous act in public, by perfect strangers, with a majority happily complying?

Not sure, but here’s what we do know: we are longhairs, and we identify with our long hair. We are a community. And we’re down for the cause.

What we didn’t expect was such a resoundingly positive response.

To Our Hair Whippers:

We met some rad longhairs in Ocean Beach. We hope you’re reading this now, and you’re glad you threw down for Hair Whip Wednesday. Way to go, guys.

However, Chris from west Texas, we have to give it to you for being the most stoked up longhair of the night. This #HairWhipWednesday is for you buddy, and for all the longhairs out there, especially those who don’t know there’s a place just for them. Right here.

Enough talk, let’s get to the action. Here’s how it went down in Ocean Beach.


You should absolutely do this at home. Do not attempt while drinking hot beverages or operating heavy machinery. Be aware of nearby obstructions. Sustained aggressive hair whipping over long periods of time may cause dizziness and extreme neck soreness. Please hair whip responsibly.

Get involved. Celebrate your long hair, as only longhairs can.

Post your hair whips on Instagram with #HairWhipWednesday and @thelonghairs We’ll choose our three favorite Hair Whip Wednesday posts to send a free Longhairs t-shirt and swag pack. (Ladies, don’t be shy, we want to see your hair whips too).

Cover photo cred: Art Ranoa


  1. Yo, El Rubio…..EXCELLENT! Welcome to the 21st Century Dudes…..the “High-Ball”….I’m Rock’in It!

    Started zooming the “international high-sign” too! Looking forward to receiving my Referral Cards to help blow-up the Global Fraternity!

    Short Question: When will your Corporate Guru’s start trimming a few 2XL and 3XL “Spy T-Shirts” and “M-4’s” for us with a BMI Index (Body Mass Index) over the “legal” limit!


    1. Author

      Yo Novara! Thanks for writing in, and glad you’re rockin the high ball!

      We’ll work on the larger sizes amigo, stay tuned!

    1. Author

      Agreed man! We need to step up our metal game. We know it.

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