Teddy Benson in 'Black Men's Perspectives'

Black Men’s Perspectives

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Black Men’s Perspectives on Hair, Race and Black History Month

We set out to gain a better understanding of Black History Month. In doing so we reconnected with California Jones, who invited some of his boys who might be willing to offer black men’s perspectives, direct and unadulterated.

In candid interviews with San Diego rapper Teddy Benson, and actor/model/producer California Jones, we heard it straight and raw. There’s not much more to say except we were pumped to be hangin with the boys.

We’re grateful to have had this opportunity and share it with you. We have always said long hair transcends; this experience has solidified that belief.
Teddy Benson shares in black men's perspectives

Teddy Benson

Teddy is a San Diego-born artist and rapper. His vision is to give people the energy, through music, that they need at that very moment to live their best life…to spark the fire inside of those waiting to be great. He pours his soul and his life experiences into his music.


California Jones shares in black men's perspectives

California Jones

California is an actor, model, stunt man, action director and self-defense practitioner. When he’s not shooting fight scenes he’s operating Cine Bulevar Media, which creates, markets, and distributes urban micro-budget films for mass market and internet tv audiences.


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