Knockaround Is Letting It Ride

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This Was Supposed To Be A Ski Video

There’s a little history behind the phrase, let it ride.

It’s a card game. It’s a 1989 action comedy with Richard Dreyfuss winning it big. And it’s commonly held that “to let it ride” is to let the winnings from a previous wager stand as a new wager.

After using the expression for years, The Longhairs defined what it means for us in What Does it Mean to Let It Ride?

In the beginning it just meant letting your hair grow unfettered. It still means that, but has since taken on a broader definition.

Let it how we describe the long hair lifestyle in words.

Advancing this notion further with their sponsorship of The Great Cut, our longtime friends at Knockaround Sunglasses helped us create a physical manifestation of what it means to let it ride in a pair of sunglasses.

The Let It Rides

(Sorry these are all gone)

Something We Can All Agree On

In the next illustration of what it means to let it ride, Knockaround has graciously featured El Rubio and El Moreno in their lifestyle-focused YouTube series. Following the accounts of individuals and ideas that bring us together, each episode offers a slice of common ground, and Something We Can All Agree On.

Originally intended as a winter ski video at Mammoth, with VIP slope access, a snow cat and a series of storms pounding the eastern sierra with loads of cold, fresh powder, we had ideal conditions for a March video shoot.

Then COVID happened, the trip was cancelled, and our lifelong dream of being in a ski video was dashed in an instant.

While you won’t see clips of El Moreno sending a cornice or El Rubio shredding gnarly lines, we think you’ll agree the video hits the mark. From Shark Tank to The Great Cut, it’s a real-life story of letting it ride.

Can We All Agree? Knockaround Is Letting It Ride

We’re proud to be letting it ride with Knockaround and grateful to be part of their series.

Help us return the favor: go to, subscribe to their YouTube channel, and buy a pair or two of Knocks with this neighborly coupon worth 20% off your first purchase.

Coupon Code: KNOCKS-WITH-LOCKS-2020

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