What Does it Mean to Let It Ride?

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Are You Letting It Ride?

What does that mean anyway?

In the beginning it just meant letting your hair grow unfettered. It still means that, but has since taken on a broader definition.

Let It Ride...is how we put words to the lifestyle.

Can You Give Me an Example?

Sure. Examples of letting it ride:
  • Letting your hair grow.
  • Going out, instead of staying in.
  • Doing something that scares you.
  • Taking a trip around the world.
  • Talking to the girl across the bar.
  • Going up on stage at open mic.
  • Drinking beers on the beach with the boys.
  • Giving a little longhair a huge high five.
  • Handing out a referral card.
  • Tying up your mane during a board meeting.
  • Doing something you’ve always wanted to do.
  • Taking a chance to chase your dream.
  • Throwing down a massive set of hair whips.
  • Sharing a joint with a stranger.
  • Hooking up a bro with a hair tie.
  • Doing the secret handshake.
  • Appearing on the jumbotron.
  • Slamming a beer before jumping into your Uber.
  • Driving with the windows down.
  • Getting stopped by federal agents who raid your car looking for the weed with dogs and you had it in your pocket the whole time.
  • Buying and secretly passing a beer to a father of four, because he deserves it.
  • Saying C’YA on 100% of your exits from any situation.
  • Eating the whole special brownie even though you know it’s WAY too much.
  • Anytime your wear a Longhairs hard lid.
  • Being jacked.
  • Saying what you mean, and meaning what you say.
It’s not to say every longhair subscribes to every aspect, but we all share this one galvanizing lifestyle trait of growing long hair; and by that virtue alone...surely we have others in common.

Ok So What is “Not Letting it Ride?”

What if I think I’m letting it ride but I’m not really?

Examples of definitely NOT letting it ride:

  • Cutting your hair against your better judgement, or for any reason other than because you wanted to.
  • Being uptight.
  • Hiding your true personality.
  • Occupying two parking spots at once.
  • Being crude, or uncouth, or having poor manners.
  • Doing the dishes poorly.
  • Disrespecting others.
  • Arrogance.
  • Laziness.
  • Being physically feeble.
  • Not being down.
  • Being a timid mouse.
  • Never taking chances.
  • Taking things offensively.
  • Caring overly of what other people think.
  • Playing it safe.
  • If Let It Ride is how we describe the long hair lifestyle with words, then this is how we describe it with video.

    The Official “Let It Rides”

    And this is how we describe Let It Ride in a pair of sunglasses.
    The Longhairs Let It Ride Sunglasses
    The Longhairs Let It Ride Sunglasses
    The Longhairs Let It Ride Sunglasses
    The Longhairs Let It Ride Sunglasses

    (sorry, these shades are all gone)

    The story of these shades has followed a similar path to the evolution of Let It Ride. Initially designed with the intent to celebrate and commemorate The Great Cut—and certainly we achieved that—they’ve come to represent something more.

    From the subtle wave pattern, to the reflective gold polarized lenses emblazoned with the bound shears, to LET IT RIDE boldly etched into the inner arm...these sunglasses are the physical manifestation of what it means to Let It Ride.

    From our achievements at The Great Cut, to our wealth of relationships and enormous gratitude, wearing these shades each day we’re filled with pride, satisfaction and the endless desire to live the lifestyle we choose for ourselves and our families.

    Are We Living the Lifestyle We Want?

    As the leaves begin to turn and we approach the fourth quarter of this year of our Lord 2019, the window of opportunity to Let It Ride is closing.

    Let’s make it worth it.


    What does it mean to Let It Ride for you?