Children With Hair Loss Charity Ball 2020

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20 Years of Healing Young Hearts

Since 2000, Children With Hair Loss has provided hair replacements to children and young adults who cannot grow hair, in pursuit of their mission:

Covering young heads to heal young hearts

To this day they’ve provided thousands of hair replacements, without ever charging a family or turning a child away.
Children With Hair Loss Charity Ball

This year Children With Hair Loss was scheduled to celebrate their 20-year anniversary at their annual Charity Ball. Like a lot of our plans in 2020, this year’s Charity Ball had to be canceled due to COVID.

The Longhairs were lucky enough to attend the Charity Ball in 2018, and again in 2019. A highlight each year, the Charity Ball has given us a chance to meet current and past hair replacement recipients, their parents and families, the Children With Hair Loss staff, volunteers, donors and other business supporters.

We were sad to miss it this year.

In lieu of gathering in person, Children With Hair Loss coordinated a “virtual Charity Ball,” including an online presentation and a special video message from The Longhairs. You can watch our clip below, which links to the full presentation on YouTube:

Be sure to watch the complete presentation, and we hope you will consider supporting Children With Hair Loss. As their biggest annual fundraiser, skipping the Charity Ball this year poses a significant financial and operational challenge. Here’s how you can help:

Speaking of growing your hair, we can’t forget to mention The Great Cut 2024, where along with Children With Hair Loss, family and friends, we will attempt to break the Guinness World Records title for the largest hair donation in history—again.

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In the meantime we’ll be looking forward to the next Charity Ball on Saturday, November 6, 2021 in Livonia, MI, when (hopefully) COVID and 2020 will be a distant memory.

Until then, here’s to our friends at Children With Hair Loss and to healing young hearts!

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