How to Blow Dry Your Hair For Men

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The blow dryer is something that is hard to pick up at first. Ok, not literally. But it feels uncomfortable, it’s loud and you’re not sure how to use it. Fear no more my brothers, we can use this tool with precision, and its a valuable asset when the situation calls for it. So grab that hot-breathing pistol, plug it into the wall and blow your head off, it’s going to feel great.

Watch and learn how to blow dry your hair for men.


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      The classic twist wrap is always a solid move, it really works well. Just twist it up and let it sit for about 5 minutes. Takes a ton of the wetness out. You can use a regular towel or if you have a soft t-shirt to spare that is even better.

    2. The tip I’ve gotten, and used, is to never rub you head/hair with the towel. Wrap your hair, then squeeze. Either wrap the entire head, or smaller hand-held sections at time. The reason is that rubbing can cause the fibers in the towel to knot up with your hair a snag it. Squeezing will not do this. So squeeze away, but don’t rub. I’ve also heard that the way the fabric is woven to make the towel can impact this snagging phenomenon. I have no further knowledge of this, but perhaps something to look into next time you’re in the market for towels.

  1. Been there, done that, baby. The blow dryer allows you to sleep, too. 😀

  2. Lindsay love the video great job on the demonstration. Hair looks great good job.

  3. For curly and thick hair, I would like to suggest using a hairdryer diffuser. Other Longhairs with flat hair might want to also consider using a diffuser if they want to add volume to their luscious locks. (There are videos on Youtube to help you out.) It is also important to note that blow drying your hair too much and/or too often can make your hair brittle which can cause breakage and split ends. This time around, less is always more when it comes to giving good head.

    Always givin’ good head,


  4. Lookin’ good. Did you know that in Canada it can get so cold that if you go outside with wet hair it can freeze…and break off? Blow-drying is a good skill to learn!

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