How To Shampoo Your Long Hair Properly

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Keepin It Clean With Proper Technique

Are you using the right technique when you shampoo your hair? I know when I first had my long hair I was doing it all wrong and had no idea. It wasn’t until repeated call outs from my wife that I realized I needed to take a hard look at what I was doing.

My biggest problem was I still shampooed my hair as if it was short. There are things you can get away with when your hair is short but carrying the wrong shampooing technique into your long hair journey will have negative side effects.

With this video you’ll learn proper technique and recommended frequency to do the poo. So kick those old habits and keep your mane looking strong and long throughout your long hair journey.

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  1. I never brush it comb my hair. I use a leave in conditioner after the shower then just let it air dry. My hair is thick, very wavy and curls a bit and I like the look. Brushing it would change it up too much for me. My question is am I doing a disservice to my hair? Should I comb it in the shower to remove the dead hair? My hair his gotten long after two years, going halfway down my back, and now I’m questioning my routine. I do lose a bit of hair during the shower, but only a small hairball’s worth.
    So glad I found this sight. No more flying blind!!

  2. Yo El Moreno,

    This was a great tutorial 👌 Quick question… Should you still use a generous plop of poo if your hair is still medium, or should I keep conservative so not to damage my new glory locks?

  3. Reply to The Uno

    Scripture says: “Mat 10:30  But the very hairs of your head are all numbered.”

    What means… if you enter heaven, you’ll get them all back! 😛

    1. Author

      I’ve been trying all kinds of things lately, can’t say exactly what I love but I’m digging Hair Story and Dr. Squash.

  4. Thanks for the tips El Moreno.
    These videos are a big help so thanks man.

  5. How much hair should I expect to see in the drain after a shower? Coming from a man who had short hair for a long time, It can be kinda scary too see hair clogging my drain after I shower, but everything I read says it’s normal.

    1. Author

      Yea man it’s normal to lose hair in the shower. It is a little shocking at first but one thing I have noticed is if you don’t brush all the time you will really notice your hair coming out in the shower cause that’s when the dead stuff comes out. As long as you’re not losing large clumps you’re good.

  6. I wash my hair ounce in two weeks or longer, put conditioner in it and leave it there till the next shower, something wrong with it. If conditioner is good for your hair, why should I wash it out after a half hour so the packaging say. But I stop working and have all days free

  7. i use a home made shampoo bar ( sodium cocoyl isethionate and sodium lauroyl sarcosinate); i rub it on the scalp, then i let it through the hair with the fingers; after 1 minute of pause, i rinse it putting the finger in the hair as you indicate; i let the most of the water go down, and i use two others rinses
    for a detangler, i use a home made stearamidopropyl dimethylamine and vinegar leave in in a spray bottle ; i spray it only on the “wet brush” ( one plastic brush without balls on the picots)
    with your brown hair, you can make your natural detangler: grate one avocado seed ( it’s white, but turns orange); put it in one pint ( 50 cl) of cold water; put on the stove and let it boil 10 minutes; let become cold, filter and use as a rinse out detangler; don’t use it on blond or white hair
    you can also use a oat milk as a leave in conditioner
    thanks for the video; only a few have been published from natural haircare female blogers ( and very few longhair men follow their

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