How to Determine Your Hair Type

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Do You Know Your Hair Type?

Put down that 2-in-1, buddy, because we have news for you. You can’t just use any old hair product, and the same hair routine isn’t right for everyone. That’s why now is the time to determine your hair type, the single-most important step you can take to achieve your goals in hair length, look, style, and health.

There is a science behind every type of hair, so we decided to pull in our favorite follicle fact-checker, the founder of Mannered Manes, Trav White.

Why Does Hair Type Matter?

Let’s say you’ve decided to grow long hair. Things are different now from when you were making bi-monthly visits to the barber. You never realized you have a wave to your hair, or it’s thinner than you thought, or maybe the same short hair routine just isn’t working for your long hair.

Perhaps you aren’t getting the performance out of your hair products, or you want to try a new hair regimen. Knowing your type will allow you to adjust your hair routine and choose the products that are most likely to work for you.

How Many Hair Types Are There?

There are five essential parts to each person’s hair type: curl pattern, scalp moisture levels, hair density, hair texture, and hair porosity. With three or more possibilities for each variable, there are literally hundreds of unique combinations.

How Do You Know Your Hair Type?

You’ll recognize him from busting hair growth myths and alleviating your concerns about that receding hairline, or from his groundbreaking collaboration fostering community among guys with long hair, How To Handle Long Hair Haters.

In his first exclusive video with The Longhairs, Trav White explains the variables that make up your hair and introduces his hair type quiz in the Mannered Manes app.

Once you know, you’ll be able to make more informed decisions on hair products, styling, and the best care for your mane.


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in the Mannered Manes app.
Trav White, founder of mannered manes, talking about hair type


Travis is a men’s style & grooming expert with a passion for helping guys look & feel their best. The founder of Mannered Manes, he believes that, like hair growth, life is a journey, and you’re most fulfilled when you’re always growing.

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  1. Hey Trav,
    Love your videos man, really inspiring, keep it up!
    I wanted to download your app to my phone but it doesn’t support my android version.
    Can I download the app on my pc?

  2. Author

    My hair type is short, thin, balding, and blonde-ish, actually, I think it’s time to download the app and find out for real.

  3. An app that helps you connect with other longhairs, and some epic shampoo and conditioner dropping??

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