El Rubio’s Morning Mane Routine

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With all it’s excellence, long hair requires a little more effort and maintenance.

Here we’ve taught long hairstyles for men, how to brush, shampoo, condition and more, but what is the ideal long hair morning routine for men?

Glad you asked.

Your boy El Rubio is here to break down his morning hair routine, and he’s not pulling any punches. So get after it.

What’s your #morningmane routine? Tell us about it.



  1. I was wondering how well your hair serum works for beards. Thanks for the work you guys do in putting out informative videos!

    1. Author

      It’s nice man! Will soften and condition your beard. Looks great, feels great, smells great.


  2. My hair is usually kind of straight but at the ends it has little curls. When my hair falls it has a really awkward m shape and it stands up really tall. How can I get my hair to be like yours and fall straight down the side of my head

  3. I don’t suppose you have the link for that oil serum l must have missed that in your previous posts Btw El Rubio’s hair looks wicked peace x

  4. for the night, i let my hair free ( 4.45 AM is the hour i usually go to bed for i’m an insomniac)
    as i wake up, i take first the breakfast, then i brush wit a hard brush to detangle, then i do a bun with a hairstick instructable available at that adress: https://youtu.be/3Hz7HvxF_Rs
    it is all for the morning routine ( at the shower, i do a bun, then wear a shower cap)
    for the wash, i use a sodium cocoyl isethionate based shampoo bar, then a home made vegetable detangler
    and, for sealing moisture, i put in the wet palms a few drops of vegetable oil an then i rub the palms on the lenghts
    it is all, and my hair is longer than your, senor El Rubio, as i’ m 63 years old….lol

    1. Author

      Nice routine Chamane! Haha you’ve had more years to grow it out of course. Thanks for tuning in as always.

  5. Thanks El Rubio, you make it look so easy man!
    I ‘almost’ got it all cut off last week, actually got into the hair salon with the intention of getting a short cut but when it came to the crunch I just couldn’t go through with it! In the end I only let him take about half an inch off the ends, which it needed anyway. Two years of growing is just too long to throw it all away! The maintenance was starting to take it toll, how do you manage to get away with just one wash a week? After 3 or 4 days my scalp really starts to itch! Just one shampoo a week would make things a lot easier for me or perhaps I’m just being a lazy ass! That was (or could have been literally) a pretty close shave for me last week..

    1. Author

      Dude way to hang in there! Nothing wrong with getting a half-inch cleanup every six months or so. On the shampooing, I would probably be fine with twice a week, part of it is just the time it takes, but it’s also the damage to my hair. Every time I shampoo I lose more hair than when I don’t shampoo, so I partially credit the light frequency to being able to reach this length. In any case, even if you don’t shampoo, you can still condition the ends or even just rinse your whole head with just water, while still massaging/invigorating your scalp. STAY THE PATH EL NICO!

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