Behind the Scenes: Hair Ties For Guys V2.2

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Go behind the scenes with El Moreno, El Rubio and the new Hair Ties For Guys V2.2, with an exclusive first look at the new collections and product enhancements, PLUS the new headwraps all dropping hard this holiday season.

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  1. Hey guys, what happened to the hair serums? I was just about to buy a few bottles today.

    1. Author

      Yo dude! They’ll be back in stock in the next 7-10 days. Thanks for asking mate!

  2. These look awesome! Quick question, I got mad thick curly hair and the V1’s were dope but were too small and tight to comfortably tie up my hair. Just wondering how you guys feel these V2.2 will hold up for the curly headed dudes like me? Loving the designs though, you guys rock

    1. Author

      Yo Max! We’ve intentionally added a bit of length in the circumference of the V2.2s to accommodate for thicker hair. With my straight hair I can easily get three twists with the V2.2s, so chances are you should be able to get two twists no problem. Glad you like the designs man, hope you give em a shot! And thanks for the kind words, amigo.

  3. Can’t wait for these boys…AND your UK distribution being up and running 👍🏼


    El Disco

  4. That’s so AWESOME!!! I’ll be upgrading to some 2.2’s. Hell I’m still working on some old packs of V1’s, packs of 2.1’s I haven’t opened yet. Use a pack of 4 on the ponytail, single on the braid. Honestly say I wear them out to the point they get a little stretched but still work no problem, and I usually loose them before wearing them out completely, and a few that have been given away to some lucky individuals. Cool to see you guys are still finding ways to improve. Love the new wraps too!! Looks like I’ll be upgrading and over stocking, but can you really have too many??

    1. Author

      Alright DMB! And do answer your question, we have about 5,000 packs and no you really cannot have too many! Thanks for being such a loyal customer man, we appreciate it.

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