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How To Use Hair Serum

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What’s All This Luxury Talk?

You’ve heard all this talk about luxury living, and you might even use our hair serum, but it’s time we broke it all down. What is hair serum? What does it do, and why would I use it? Here we provide the answers, capping it off with El Garvinski’s breakthrough tutorial on how to use hair serum.

If you’re a guy with long hair, you’re in the right place.

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What Is Hair Serum?

Hair serum is typically a silicone-based hair care product designed to coat the surface of your hair, often blended with active ingredients like carrier oils, essential oils and vitamins. While it’s considered a styling product, we think of it more as a maintenance product, and you’ll see why.

Sometimes called hair oil, its primary function is to smooth down the hair cuticles, the outermost layer of your hair. This smooths the hair shaft, reducing frizz while adding noticeable shine. It also provides that ‘slip’ that allows your comb to glide through knots and tangles.

As a leave-in product, hair serum also creates a layer of protection, keeping those cuticles down and making your hair less susceptible to split ends, damage and breakage.

Meanwhile, active ingredients like argan oil penetrate deeper into the hair shaft, offering moisture, hydration and conditioning. Often rounded out with a pleasant fragrance, considerate brands may offer an unscented version as well.

By all accounts it’s a fantastic hair care product, or as we like to say at The Longhairs, it looks great, feels great, smells great.

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Why Use Hair Serum?

Generally speaking, hair serum offers a broad range of benefits for all hair types and textures.

It’s especially useful on dry and damaged hair. Argan oil and moisturizers rehydrate frazzled ends, while that lasting protective layer helps protect a weathered mane from further damage.

It’s great for curly hair types, which tend to be dry, moisturizing while enhancing the natural curl.

The ‘slip’ or glide helps prevent tangling in straight and wavy hair types, making it perfect right out of the shower and before combing or brushing.

Oily hair types will appreciate the detangling and protective properties, but might use this product sparingly without the need for that extra moisture.

Close up of hair strands. They look fantastic.

Are Silicones Bad For Your Hair?

Silicone-based ingredients have gotten a bad rap in the hair care industry, said to be harmful because they can build up in your hair, weigh it down, make it look flat or lock out moisture.

While some of these can be true, a blanket statement that silicones in hair care products are “bad for your hair” simply isn’t accurate. Guest contributor Trav White broke it down in great depth for us in Silicones in Hair Care: Why The Bad Rap?

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How Often Should I Use Hair Serum?

Like any hair care product, how often you should use hair serum depends on many factors including your hair texture, scalp type, daily activities, environmental exposure and the level of damage inflicted on your mane.

That said, daily hair serum is part of a quality moisturizing, detangling and protective hair care routine. Outside of extenuating hair types or circumstances, it’s an excellent maintenance product for everyday use.

A close up of the bottle from the Wood Shop fragrance product from The Longhairs

What’s The Best Hair Serum?

Conceding our deep-rooted favoritism, it’s got to be our high-performance argan oil hair serum from The Longhairs. Rich in Vitamin E and Omega-9, it’s formulated with pure, cold-pressed argan oil and a blend of conditioning agents that hydrate, smooth and detangle your locks for a stunningly healthy mane.

Developed, tested and used in-house, our hair serum is trusted by longhairs of all different hair types from around the world.

Delivered in a provocative aluminum bottle that can be recycled forever, it all adds up to the conclusive hair serum for guys with long hair—while preferred by women over the leading brand.

How To Use Hair Serum

We’re finally down to the brass tacks with El Garvinski on how to use hair serum.
Any tips, tactics or thoughtful questions? Let us know in the comments!

Argan Oil Hair Serum from The Longhairs

Looks great. Feels great. Smells great.
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