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What is Hair Oil? A Guide For Men With Long Hair

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What Is Hair Oil and Why Would I Use It?

As we grew long hair for the first time, we started learning dozens of long hairstyles for men, tips and techniques for twisting and tying your long hair, and all about men’s long hair products and accessories. This educational progression inevitably led us to the question…what is hair oil?

And why would I put oil in my hair?

Master hair technician and Chief Manetenance Officer for The Longhairs takes a deep dive into a proverbial cauldron of hair oil to answer this question in this action-packed educational video.

Not one to offer you a partial understanding, El Rubio starts with the basics of hair structure and chemical behavior, the importance of hair hydration, and the hazards of damage and breakage.

After a thorough breakdown with lots of hand gestures, he answers what is hair oil, explores some different types of hair oil (4:00), reviews their advantages and disadvantages, and demonstrates a step-by-step process on how to use it (7:35).

Be warned: this one gets oily. Get oiled up with El Rubio.


What In The Actual Hair Oil?

If you have frizzy or tangled hair, or you’ve sustained some hair damage, or you’ve just lost that lustrous shine…you’re not alone. Introducing The Longhairs premium argan oil hair serum. It’s like luxury living for your locks.

Looks Great. Feels Great. Smells Great.

Works wonders on straight, wavy and curly hair types.
The Longhairs Hair Serum

Fresh Greens

Fresh Greens has a delightfully piney aroma, like walking through a dense, lush forest after rainfall.
The Longhairs Hair Serum

Sunset Citrus

Sunset Citrus smells of a provocative bergamot orange zest, like drinking a finely crafted old fashioned at sunset.
The Longhairs Hair Serum

Wood Shop

Wood Shop has a decisively rustic, wooden aroma, like felling a tree, constructing a birdhouse, then bathing in sawdust.
The Longhairs Hair Serum

Open Air

Open Air has a notably absent fragrance, like breathing unscented air, the finest aroma you’ve ever not smelled.

Scents are subtle, not overpowering.

Our daily use conditioning and styling formula is made with argan oil and vitamin E to keep your locks frizz-free and looking fantastic, detangling while restoring that lustrous shine.

Try The Longhairs hair serum and you will be a believer.


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