Should You Cut In The Awkward Stage?

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The most common question we’ve gotten in the history of time has been, “should I cut in the awkward stage?”

In our definitive post on The Uncomfortable Truth About Awkward Stage Hair, there are dozens of variations to this question, from should I cut in the awkward stage, should I trim the sides, should I use product...WHAT SHOULD I DO?

Jason helps us determine whether you should cut in the awkward stage.

It’s a fair question. Most guys going through the awkward stage are stumbling through for the first time. Many have been there before but never made it. Still others are back in it after donating their hair to charity and hitting reset.

Whatever the case, it’s unstable ground. As you can read in the comments on that post, our answers to “should I cut in the awkward stage” have mostly focused on trimming around the ears and the back of the neck, but generally to let the rest keep growing.

Sound advice that has served us and others well. Still, we wanted to dive deeper, so we set out to find more concrete answers to whether or not you should cut in the awkward stage. And this time we called on our favorite hair pro and paid a visit to House of Imago Salon in San Diego.

To help us get to the bottom of things, we were lucky enough to enlist the services of three courageous young men in different phases of the awkward stage: the early going, the mid thick of it, and tail-end awkward stage.

Not only did we get real-life awkward stage guys, but each being in different phases gave us a great mix of lengths and hair situations to address. Because we quickly learned there may be different approaches to different phases of awkward—and certainly to different types of hair.

Should you cut in the awkward stage? Shayna is explaining with Billy's hair.

With Jason, Skyler and Billy, we sought the wisdom of Shayna at House of Imago. We started off by asking each guy to tell us what was going on with his hair, how he got there, and what he was trying to accomplish. Once in the chair, Shayna provided in-depth analysis of what she was seeing with each man’s mane and her strategy for approaching.

The main goal: help these guys’ hair look good (or at least ok) while they are growing it out. And you can be the judge, but the guys agree: the results speak for themselves.

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So, should you cut in the awkward stage?

The short answer is yes. It will be a different type of cut depending on your hair type, where you’re at and where you’re trying to be, but generally there is a good trimming strategy for most guys suffering with awkward stage hair.

Skyler putting his locks on the line to answer whether you should cut in the awkward stage.

Now it’s your turn.

After watching you should have a good sense of where you stand, and how you might wish to proceed as you navigate through your own awkward stage journey.

Armed with real-life examples and seeing how it’s played out with our fearless volunteers, you can prepare for your own visit to a hair professional, including what you should actually say when you walk in there, detailed further in our post, Confidently Navigate Your Visit to the Salon.

After the big day, one of our spirited volunteer brethren wrote us a follow-up note he wanted to share with all the awkward stage hair guys out there:

So here's the thing, guys:

Whether you have short hair, long hair, or awkward hair, it really comes down to confidence. Not over-confidence. Just confidence.

Maybe your hair is on point, or maybe it's a glorious mess. Either way, your hair is an expression of you, it isn't you.

So just be who you are. If you feel uncomfortable in your own skin, then that's how others will perceive you.

If you have confidence, then people will feel that and follow it.

I guess what I'm saying is this:

The best way to get through the awkward phase it to just own it. Mold, leave it, laugh at it. In any case, your hair may be awkward, but you are still awesome.


Big thanks to Jason, Skyler and Billy for volunteering, showing up and putting their locks on the line for the greater good of humanity. We hope their bravery helps you power through the awkward stage with courage and commitment.

There's an enormous volume of additional awkward stage hair content right over here.

Last but not least, special thanks to Shayna, if you’re looking for a hair pro in San Diego, give her a ring at House of Imago.

Keep lettin’ it ride man. We’ll see ya on the other side.

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