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Long Hair, Spirituality and Being Hella Weird In a Podcast With JP Sears

You know. The long haired ginger guy who does the videos, often with a flower in his headband, perfectly straight fire-red hair cascading from all sides.

JP has over 100M views on his YouTube channel, with a heavy dose of that coming from his “Ultra Spiritual” series, where he sensationalizes and often exaggerates the pretentiousness of vegans, yogis and minimalists with deadpan seriousness. With titles like, “If Meat Eaters Acted Like Vegans,” and “How to Take Yoga Photos for Instagram,” JP jabs at groups, practices, behaviors and trends the die-hards of the world take super seriously.

His videos are particularly funny because he often makes fun of the environment he lives and works in, from life coaching and spirituality, to yoga, fitness and nutrition. This provides a hint into one of his underlying philosophies on the most important times to use humor; in things you’re very serious about, or things that offend you.

JP Sears Spiritual as hell

While his YouTube channel has megaboosted his success and popularity, he’d already been running a successful business as an emotional healing & life coach for nearly a decade before launching his satire videos. Ironically he feared doing funny videos would hurt his business and credibility, when in fact they’ve launched him so deep into the stratosphere he’s had to put his life coaching business in the back seat for the time being.

JP tells us all about this journey, which has led him to publishing his first book, “How to Be Ultra Spiritual, 12.5 Steps to Spiritual Superiority” earlier this year, which he ripped off in only 2.5 months. We dive into JP’s creative process, where he attributes his success to an “obsessive commitment to consistency at a sustainable rate,” and how “a degree of discipline is paradoxically the key to freedom.”

Just a week after recording this podcast we got to meet JP in person at a book signing appearance in San Diego, where he peppered the audience with borderline offensive humor and painfully long, awkward silences. You could call his show a stand-up comedy, which it could stand on in its own right, but doing so would be passively ignoring the profound messages he delivers from the background of his life coaching experience and training.

Hearing JP speak in person added a new level. His comedy is freakin hilarious, but he’s not joking around when it comes to hurling power messages about living a more meaningful life. The true purpose of his delivery is deep and hard-hitting.

Between researching and preparing for our podcast, to diving into his book and finally hearing JP in person, what we’ve really taken from JP’s message is that it’s ok to be different. “To be yourself, unapologetically, be weird and be ok with it, be true to yourself, be freakin authentic, man.”

Does that sound familiar?

Turns out JP’s message is not unlike our own. You could say they’re pretty damn close.

If you consider for a moment the purpose of this podcast: to illustrate that you can be a successful professional man with long hair, and that it should not be your outward appearance, but your depth of character and your resolution of purpose.

And the purpose of this community: to advocate for long hair, and the men who wear it, and to foster a sense of community among us. To declare our right to choose the length of our own hair, and release ourselves from the oppressive shackles of conventionally shorter haircuts. To be different, and to celebrate it.

Whether he knew it before this podcast or not, JP is a man who demonstrates our purpose, who lives it out in life and business, and shows everyone out there who’s reading and listening that you can be a badass guy with long hair.

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Despite having red hair and a completely fabricated gluten allergy, JP’s approach to creativity, his unrepentant authenticity, and his compelling message to be yourself stand as a shining example of everything we are here to advocate, vital to our community.

So hell yeah! Rebounded pretty hard for a guy who mistakenly threw the first pack of Hair Ties For Guys™ we sent him in the garbage.

He absolutely delivers in our podcast with JP Sears. You should listen to it.

JP’s Book

Get Spiritual AF

If you’re down for JP, pick up a copy of his book at his website.