The Truth Behind Leave-In Conditioner

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Rinse It Out Or Leave It In?

If you’re new to apex-level hair care, the term “leave-in conditioner” might stir up some uncertainty. Is it the same thing as regular conditioner? Why leave it in? What is leave-in conditioner, and why would I use it?

Here we reveal the truth about this product, clear up some questions and demonstrate how to use this top-shelf hair care product, so brace yourself for max hydration.

El Rubio from The Longhairs applying leave-in conditioner

What IS Leave-In Conditioner?

Much like your standard hair conditioner, this product is designed to hydrate, moisturize and condition your hair, smoothing and decreasing friction. In turn this reduces frizz, aids with detangling and improves “slip” or glide.

The difference with leave-in conditioner is you don’t rinse it out—you leave it in. The longer the conditioner is in contact with your hair, the more hydrating and moisturizing agents can bind to the hair shafts and penetrate deep into the hair cortex.

Because standard conditioners are rinsed out, their ingredients are only in contact with the hair for a few minutes, and thus work mainly on the hair cuticle. In effect, the product (sometimes called “deep conditioner”) offers deeper, longer-lasting hydration.

Leave-in conditioner for dried out locks, like if you've been standing in front of a meat smoker all day.

Why Use a Leave-In Conditioner?

Think of this product as a tool for maintaining optimum hydration levels, delivering extra moisture when you need it. “When you need it” depends on your hair type, where you live, what you do, and how you take care of your hair.

Anyone’s hair can benefit from added hydration, but it’s essential if you spend a lot of time outdoors, if you live in a dry climate, or if your hair gets dried out often. Daily swimmers, for example, will find the product perfect after a freshwater rinse. Same thing if you spend all day on a mountain.

Leave-in conditioner is excellent for curly hair, which tends to be dry, acting to enhance your natural curl pattern while adding some bounce to that coil.

If your hair is damaged from rough treatment, excessive heat or general neglect, or if it’s colored or chemical-treated, that extra moisture will help protect and prevent further damage to those weathered locks.

Applying the longhairs leave-in conditioner to wavy hair

How Often Should I Use Leave-In Conditioner?

If you fall into a category or lifestyle described above, leave-in conditioner could be a daily-use product, because your hair needs that extra moisture on a regular basis.

For most users, this product is best for occasional use. That could mean once a week, once a month, or just when your hair needs hydration.

Other great use-cases for this product include:

  • When your hair is a tangled mess.
  • After long periods in direct sunlight.
  • Any time your hair is dried out.
  • After a keratin treatment or coloring.

You don’t want to overuse leave-in conditioner. If you have oily hair, if you condition daily, or use a ton of hair serum, take a measured approach with leave-in conditioner.

The beast leave-in conditioner is from The longhairs

What’s The Best Leave-In Conditioner?

We’re clearly biased, but the answer is HYDRO FLOW Leave-In Conditioner from The Longhairs. A tactful mingling of argan oil and moisturizers delivers a lasting burst of hydration to dry and weathered locks, strengthening, renewing shine, and obliterating frizz for all-day manageability.

Developed with internal hair-strengthening ingredients, tested and used by our staff, and presented in a sleek, recyclable aluminum bottle, our leave-in conditioner is the real deal hydro feel.

How To Use Leave-In Conditioner

Now you know what it’s all about; here’s how to use this product with El Rubio.
Any leave-in conditioner tips or questions? Fire away in the comments.

HYDRO FLOW Leave-In Conditioner

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Hydro Flow Leave-In Conditioner From The Longhairs


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