Curly Hair War On Frizz

Long Curly Hair and the War on Frizz

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The Rules of Engagement w/ JP

Having long, curly hair can be a blessing and a curse for guys. It’s wild, burly and all natural, but curly hair and frizz can be fiercely unpredictable and a pain to deal with. Frizz is the enemy, and the war on frizz is real.

For most curly hairs this constitutes a daily battle, and the day you let your guard down is the day frizz wins, shutting down your operation in a Texas tornado of tendrils.

To avoid that unpleasant scenario, there are a few simple rules for men with long curly hair. Follow these to keep that bounce in your curl, feeling fresh and frizz-free.

A fine example of long curly hair on a man.

Rule #1: Wash Less

One of the biggest early mistakes I made with my long curly hair was shampooing my hair every day, often multiple times, because I thought it was healthy for my hair. WRONG! If you have curly hair you should NOT be washing every day.

Shampooing strips your hair and scalp of natural oils which help to strengthen and moisturize your curls. These essential oils are your front line defense against frizz. Every time you wash your hair you strip these oils away, drying out your hair and leaving your flank exposed to the enemy.

Aim to wash your hair 2-3 times per week at most, preserving the oils your hair needs to stay strong, hydrated, shiny and frizz-free.

Curly Hair While Playing Lacross


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Rule #2: Wrap It Up!

One of the biggest mistakes you can make with curly hair is rubbing it dry with a towel. This leads to split ends, knots and tons of frizz. Instead of rubbing your hair, wrap it up in a towel or better yet a soft t-shirt.

Personally I just use a regular towel. I simply bend over, drape my hair down towards the floor, place a towel on the back of my skull and drape it over my head towards the ground. Then I twist the towel around my hanging hair and tuck the “wrapped” locks behind my head.

Using this drying method helps you in a couple ways. First, you want to avoid the friction and static buildup caused by rubbing it dry, that’s a virtual curly hair frizz machine.

Also, when you leave it to air dry, the moisture evaporates leaving your hair dried out. Using a towel or t-shirt wicks the excess moisture from your hair without exposing it to air.

Rule #3: Use a Leave-in Cream or Pomade

After 5-10 minutes with your hair wrapped up, gently unfold your towel and let your hair down. With your hair still slightly damp, apply your leave-in cream, starting with the tips of your locks (which are most prone to dryness and messy frizz) and then throughout the full lengths, including your scalp. Let the cream dry in your hair.

Life rule: never put product on your hair when it is completely dry. Trust me on this if you hope to overcome curly hair and frizz.

Don’t have leave-in cream? Styling pomades, water-based gels or creams can also work, but try to stay away from gelly-based gels. Hard gelly gels can tear your hair when you try to comb it and make your locks too stiff. Make sure your gels are WATER based. I recommend using products with argan and/or macadamia oil in particular.

All of these products tend to be a little pricey at the register, but they go a long way. You only need a couple drops of your product when you apply it to your hair, so you won't go through a whole bottle in two weeks (most of these last me 2-3 months).

These products should offer good results for curly hair and frizz, when I used them they did not act up on me, cause knots, or frizzing, so in the long run you will save money from not having to buy multiple different products that don’t work.

Here are some products I’ve had success with:

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Biolage Matrix Gelee (all purpose) Styling Gel

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Rule #4: Let Your Hair Down

This is super important. After you apply your leave-in cream, let your hair down for a bit and let your locks hang loose. Putting your hair in a knot or tail immediately after putting the cream in will cause frizz and make your hair look like Bob Ross after a steam bath. Make sure you let your hair down and let it dry before tying it up.

Long Curly Hair - War On Frizz

Win The War on Curly Hair and Frizz

Those are the rules for long curly hair, men.

It’s true, long curly hair takes far more maintenance than straight hair. But we should embrace it and be proud of the little genetic variation that gifted each of us with a luscious waterfall of ringlets.

Stay vigilant, and never let your guard down. Follow the rules and you’ll dominate in the war on curly hair and frizz.

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