Longhairs Professional Series with The Best Dressed Man on Reddit

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Joe Knowles Style

Joe Knowles is a burly Canadian outdoorsman with the right mix of long hair, beard and style. He also happens to be the 2-time best dressed man on reddit and let me tell you, this guy has swag!

Professionally Joe is freelance content creator and photographer. He has built a solid client base for himself and is currently working on a couple top secret Longhairs projects that will be getting released over the next few weeks. More on that later.

Most interestingly he is a expert thrifter, meaning he does all his clothes shopping at thrift stores and puts together super clean outfits for right around $40 a week. If you want to step-up your wardrobe this is the episode for you.

What you’ll hear:

  • About Joe & his hair
  • Thrifting, what it is and how to do it
  • Making your own beard oil and sea salt spray
  • It’s true, girls do dig long hair

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