What’s Our Motivation?

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We got a question from a writer this week:

“I was wondering what your motivation for doing this is. I know you keep sending me to the video, but I’d love to hear it from you. It’s a fun project, but why this one?”

We thought you’d like to read our answer.


When we started The Longhairs, our motivation was simply to start our own thing, make a living, and just to do some funny shit that would make people laugh.

Deep down, we knew we wanted to do something extraordinary. Our entire lives we’ve believed we’re going to “make it big,” like many do. But not by any tried and true, “conventional” path. Our own way.

That’s part of why this project is so unconventional. To take something perceived one way (unprofessional, lazy, hippie, slacker), totally flip it upside down, and blast conventional perceptions into outer space. Even make people a little uncomfortable in the process.

“Flip it upside down and blast conventional perceptions into outer space.”

Once we started building an audience and the guys started writing in, we realized there is a very real community out there, they really need our help, and they really love what we’re doing. Hundreds of guys have written us expressing their thanks and appreciation for The Longhairs. I mean, Sam got a 9″ tattoo of our logo!

On the surface it seems like just something fun and superficial, but it’s not just fun. It goes far, far deeper, to the intrinsic human desire to be accepted, to be cool, to be part of a community; but also to not be “like everyone else.” It may seem trivial to someone on the outside, but it’s quite meaningful to us.

Then you add in the young boys with long hair, dealing with bullying, self-confidence, self-expression, etc. And finally the charity aspect, giving back to children who can’t grow their own hair. Who can argue with that?

“The intrinsic human desire to be accepted.”

So while the initial motivations are still there—we’d sure love to be paying our rent selling hair ties—we have all the motivation in the world to continue. It’s the guys. It’s the community. It’s what it means to be a longhair. And if we ever have any doubts, all we have to do is go back to the comments on the Brand Diego post.

Why The Longhairs? Because this one is ours. It’s all original. There is no one else in the universe who’s done something quite like this, or frankly who is better positioned to carry it out.

That’s why we’re here. What’s your motivation?

Leave a little motivational something in the comments.

“It’s the guys. It’s the community. It’s what it means to be a longhair.”


  1. Yea, I am 72+ and still got it. Its thinning out some but I have had it at least half way down my back for at least 60 of those years. Even had it when I was at Woodstock (was I there ??? I think so but the memory of it is very very clouded). I have worked for people who didnt mind it and people who hated it and I was never employed long for the ones that hated it, probably only one or two in my career. I work in a pretty specialized field so there are a lot more jobs available than people that do what I do so I can walk any time someone says they dont like it. Ill have it until either it falls out or I call it quits in this world in which case Ill still have it ,just wont know. I was once told that the only guys with long hair are rock musicians, bikers, druggies, and criminals. Well, 3 out of 4 ain’t bad.

  2. Young longhair from the Texas Gulf Coast! I started to grow mine at a young age after being introduced to heavy metal 🤘 now I’ve kept it and it’s a part of who I am and my identity. I work as an plant operator in a petrochemical plant. So as you can imagine I’always hear my coworker telling me to cut it off and I’m too old for it. But I’m a longhair for life and dont ever plan on cutting it. Glad to see more of us on here!

    1. Author

      Hell yes Nando! Glad to have you here and to read this! KEEP LETTIN IT RIDE.

  3. Just found your site today. Absolutely fantastic. I’m a lady who loves long hair on men. Sadly, men with long hair are a rarity in a world of ‘thuggish shaved off heads.’ So keep this going and know that there are ladies like me who love long hair on men and find it very attractive and very masculine. All you long haired guys, don’t ever cave in to the pressure to cut off your hair from those who want everyone to look the same. Just look after your hair really well, be 100% proud of it and be a good, kind, loving person!

    And maybe a little suggestion for the site…an area where ladies who love long hair on men can be a part of the site and show their support and appreciation…..?

    🙂 x

    1. Author

      Hi J!

      What a nice message to read! There are a lot of long hair guys out there who would appreciate reading this.

      You make a great point about a section on the website for gals. We’ll see if we can cook something up 🙂

      Thanks again!

  4. Hey fellow longhairs! So cool to read that 50+ year old brothers are growing out the locks! I am a 58 year old nurse and have been growing out the locks for 2 plus years. Talk about ups and downs jeez. It definitely is a struggle at times. Made an appointment with Shayla for some help with the unruly mop. So cool to read that we are not alone. I get a ration of shit from my female coworkers but take it in stride. We have strength in numbers! My teenage kids think I’m “different” for sure and that’s ok. Stand strong brothers, let it ride!

    1. So cool Danno! Reppin hard for the boys. Yes it is surprising how many older guys are lettin it ride post 50 for the first time in their live. The fire burns in all of us.

  5. Well dudes, let me tell you why I’m so motivated to grow my hair. Im a college student and I’m Native American. Its in my culture to grow my hair. As a child i had long hair but people didn’t like it so my mom cut it off. When we cut it off i started to forget my roots! As i grow out my hair i start to feel connected closer to my roots and its just like a sixth sense to me. Everyone wants me to cut it but i put the middle finger to society. Dudes don’t let anyone put you down because you have long hair. Do you. Thanks Guys.

  6. Hey guys, got my hair ties today. WOW!!! The’re awesome. As soon as I could pull them out of the envelope I pulled the Goody out and put in a las flames hair tie. What a difference. The referral cards are great also and I assure you I will be handing them out to help promote The Longhairs. Thanks agin guys for all you do for us and will order more soon. JR

    1. Author

      Hell yes man! Thanks a million for being a customer, and more importantly an advocate. Glad you love the hair ties! More SICK products are in the works…

  7. Hey guys, first and foremost thanks for all you do for we the longhairs. I found this site on you tube and signed up immediately and have been enjoying it since. I have had a flowing mane since I was a young kid. I’m now 58 and still have it and it will die with me. I was a Paramedic for 30 years and aside from a little vomit and blood in my hair it was never an issue. I was asked to cut it once and I told them I would as soon as all the women did the same and the issue was dropped. I would just pull it back into a pony tail and my wife bless her heart was never very good at braiding it. Then I saw your” How to braid your own hair” on youtube and i’m still working on it but it’s getting better. I play Bass in a classic rock band, but i’m the only one with a mane and try as I may I can’t convince my band mates to let it flow. Oh well their loss. I’ll get a picture of it here soon. Just ordered some hair ties and referral cards and can’t wait to get them. Again thanks guys for all your hard working I will be passing out your cards as soon as they arrive. Take care. JR

    1. JR great to hear from you man and thanks for sharing! Stoked you found us. Yea the braiding takes a little bit of practice and reps, got to get those muscles tuned just right to tie it up. Pumped that you got some ties, those will be heading your way this morning. Send us a update once you have tried them out.

  8. I’m 62, and 3 years into re-joining the free and the brave. It doesn’t grow as fast as it did when I was 22, and the awkward stage lasted a long time…but I’m there now, I’m with you, and I dig what you guys are doing.
    A gentleman came up to me in Mariposa, Ca (up near Yosemite)and handed me one of your cards, said I need to check out what you guys were doing.
    I think he might have been one of your Dads?
    Anyhow I ran across that card recently and decided to check it out.
    Glad I did.
    Keep up the good work.
    Dave E

    1. Author

      Dave E! No doubt that man was Lowell J. Young, and thrilled the two of you connected.

      We’re glad to have ya here! Thanks for the kind words and you can count on us to keep lettin’ it ride.

  9. Yeah guys!!! I recently made it through the awkward stage and I’m proud to say I’m officially a longhair!!! Thank you guys for making the last couple months for me so much easier!!! I hit 11 months the 21st. I know it’s not that long, and I acually started pretty short. It feels good to know that this year I will be able to do a lot of your styles!!! Please make another blog post or video about new sick ways to wear your long hair!!!

  10. Hello fella’s. You are doing something that’s unique and something that there is a definite demand for.
    As with Todd, I can’t properly remember when or how I came across you but I am really glad that I did.
    There are so many products that you can launch, I am sure that you can go from strength to strength if you get the business side of things running well.
    Have loved the vibes from day one of contact! Good luck to all involved.

  11. My motivation to have and keep long hair is the continuation of being and expressing myself unapologetically on a daily basis, while trying to convince other men that it is awesome to have long hair! Longhair is the roots of one’s being, the protective armer from unnecessary negative things from the outside world, and the ever changing movement with each gust of wind; it’s ART. Having long hair as a man breaks stereotypes, tests boundaries/ limits, and displays true courage while building confidence when he overcomes the uncomfortable stages, the doubts, and the fears. Life is about discovering new things, questioning everything, and to create along with finding and being you. Being and becoming a Long hair guy does all these things!

    So let’s quit being and doing the same old same old, grow out that hair and be amazing, be you!

  12. The axiom “Better late than never” most certainly applies to me. At the advanced age of 57, I decided to let it grow, purposely going against the flow. Even back in my high school days (circa the early 70s) I never let my locks go beyond just below the earlobes. My hair is now long enough to use your hair ties, which I got from you several months ago. (Hooray! Past the awkward stage!)

    My motivation? No monumental moment of enlightenment, more like a subtle shift which included embracing veganism, becoming more attuned to the minimalism movement and, in general, just examining my life and how I fit into the grand scheme.

    I don’t even recall how I stumbled upon The Longhairs, but I’m glad I did. Kudos to your philosophical position and how it transcends the length of one’s hair.

  13. Keep up the good work. Really like the hair ties I got from you guys. Will be ordering more really soon.

  14. Great response ?
    Part of my motivation for growing my hair is because, as a 61yo guy, I CAN! Also it irritates my rather overbearing older bro ? Perhaps I’m lucky tho that I live in a very rural area with lots of artistic types up in the hills. I tried a ponytail 30 years ago, but clients tended to frown…
    There’s also something very therapeutic about brushing long hair… why should the girls have all the fun??!! And of course long-haired guys are dead sexy… ha ha

  15. Dudes, I’m a 76 year old man, vietnam veteran helicopter pilot, father, retired and enjoing hair down to my ass! I always loved long hair and didn’t cut my hair for 10 fucking years after I mustered out of the army in 1971 after serving two tours in ‘nam…….. I finally cut it off, settled down a little, got married and held down a straight job until I finally retired for good, but I always loved my hair long and vowed I would grow it back some day. Well, I finally started growing it back about 4 years ago and once again enjoy my long ( grayer and whiter ) and wear it pulled back in a long tail.

    I live in south Texas in the heart of red meat country, so needless to say I’m not always the most popular guy in the crowd, but I love my hair, and I also love your site. I wear your ties too and I think they are great…………Keep going, there are long haired men everywhere who still need to hear from you.

  16. translation of my testimony i’ve published in french language 3 years ago
    Course of an old hairy insurgent

    I speak to you of a time that very few of you did know

    The time of a society prisonner of its conveniences coming from the fund of times, this society that our singer Brel began to dynamite in a gigantic burst of laughter

    A society of principles in which everything was governed; We did not contest then the word of the boss, that of the kings (it was still the diarchy), we respected the priest and we protestants were just a little tolerated in Belgium…

    And the king’s teacher insisted on good manners and established rules; an half alcoholic prohibition, we had to dress properly, to be clean and the hair short and clean; As woman displayed her hair on her shoulders, she was labeled “bitch”

    We did not dispute anything until then …

     Until four hairy musicians (hardly on the ears) shake the established dogma, that some do not imitate them timidly … and nothing happens except the indignation of private parents ( pic of the Beatles)

    And it was there that your servant had the revelation that dogmas were established to be contested, and the irrepressible sense of social oppression of the hairdresser

    But this was impossible alone and as a child, until the end of the small classes of the college (at the Jesuits high school, see …)


    Then, at the beginning of the seventies, it was the outbreak of capillary shoots in young people, and at last, the ears were covered, at least during his studies, because then-

    Then it was going to serve the king, the country and the breweries (especially them) for a year of military service … and to go to the buzzcut

    And to feel bad in my image of me, not to recognize myself, and to becom a drunkard to efface this suffering to the identity, this mutilation that I would have consented only for a woman, the one that her anorexy Had taken


    And at the end of this experience, it was time to enter the adult world


    And it was the difficulties of image demanded in the business world, with always this feeling of mutilation of the deep self

    To constantly censure my hairstyle … and to x size my conscience

    And then, by one of his turns, fashion began to value the hair, no longer half long, but totally and in hair tail with this time a public tolerance asserted


    And, finally, I was able to jump on this trend and assert myself as a man and a scalp, what you know of me and that I have been for a quarter of a century
    original text available at that adress: http://chamanedaniel.canalblog.com/archives/2014/03/11/29415019.html

    that’s why we need a community when was arrested a longhair as he played the national anthem and you’ve gotten Trump and his bigot’s gang as your government ( how much say on reddit/r/fierceflow they must cut their hair for job, fiance, or authorities in the “free america” !!!)

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