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VOTE FOR THE LONGHAIRS – San Diego’s Emerging Brand of the Year

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We Need Your Help

Yo Longhairs!

This month, SDX is accepting applications for the SDX Brand Diego Awards, honoring San Diego companies who have made a notable or lasting impact by building strong brands, as well as their contributions to the San Diego community at large.

Among 16 award categories, we felt this one was a lock:

Emerging Brand of the Year
Emerging Brand of the Year describes a San Diego based company that is no more than 5 years old. This company has made great strides in consumer, customer, or public awareness through advertising, marketing, and public relations efforts during the past year. The winning company is quickly shifting perceptions, garnering market share and/or making a name for themselves in the region.

“SDX is San Diego’s premier media, marketing and technology organization for brands, agencies, publishers and startups.”

The Longhairs’ Application
The application process was a great opportunity to look back at what’s transpired over the past year. It’s been pretty incredible, and we thought you’d appreciate reading.

There were some notable highlights, but the true strength of our application came down to one thing: our community. Which is you.

With that in mind, we’ve actually included this exact blog post as part of our application. Literally. The post you’re reading right now. And we’re asking for your help, because we can talk about the brand all day, but it all comes down to what you have to say about it.

So help us out! Read through our application below, then leave a comment. Let the decision makers know what you think about The Longhairs, and help us take it home.

Q & A

Demonstrate that this company gained significant market share or brand/perception awareness during the past year:

This is a particularly relevant question, as prior to The Longhairs, there was virtually no market share, perception or awareness of men with long hair. They were out there, you’ve seen them on the streets, but there was no community or a place to go.

Until now. The Longhairs have created a global community for men with long hair, whose mission is to advocate, educate and celebrate. Through hard work, patience and consistency, we have built this community—and our audience has responded.

Some quick facts to demonstrate these gains:

  • Grown our email list to 4,000 subscribers
  • Grown YouTube audience to 9,000 subscribers
  • 32 videos published on YouTube with over 600K total views, 15 videos with over 10K views, and the most watched video with over 140K views
  • Averaging over 22K unique website visitors per month
  • Shipped Hair Ties For Guys to 48 states in the US and 36 countries on 6 continents around the world
  • Consistently grown sales since launching, making at least one sale almost every day
  • Sam—who we did not know previously—got a 9” tattoo of The Longhairs logo on his shoulder

Hair Whip with Lindsay Barto

List up to 3 strategies and tactics employed in the last year to achieve these results:

Strategy #1: Content
Content is the cornerstone of our community. At the time of this application, we have published content—videos, articles, tutorials and how-to, photography and podcasts—once a week for 98 consecutive weeks. We never miss.

More importantly, we offer a sense of belonging, of not being alone any more. We offer the confidence of, “I know what I’m doing,” in place of, “I don’t know what I’m doing.” We offer understanding, when no one else understands. And we offer you a hair tie, when you’re eating spaghetti and you don’t have one.

Strategy #2: Longhairs Referral Cards
While it’s proven challenging to proactively target men with long hair online, we can spot our guys in real life from 100 feet away. Not only that, but there is a certain recognition and camaraderie that occurs in these face-to-face interactions. Recognizing this, we felt a strong need for a way to engage.

We created a simple referral card that we could hand out, along with instructions on what you should do when you see other longhairs:

We started handing them out ourselves, but family, friends and followers said they wanted to hand them out as well. We did a few blog posts about the experience of handing them out, and created a program where you can order a free pack of 10 cards from our website:

So far we’ve gotten nearly 1,000 orders from all over the world, meaning there are 10,000 Longhairs cards out there, in addition to the thousands we’ve handed out ourselves. The cards create an organic, hand-to-hand introduction while garnering a positive reaction over 95% of the time, from guys of all different age, race, occupation and appearance.

Strategy #3: Quick Tips
Quick Tips is a collection of basic hair knowledge every man with long hair needs, from brushing, washing, growing, caring and more. It’s free, all you have to do is sign up:

Since launching Quick Tips we’ve captured roughly 2,400 email addresses and our audience has responded with comments, follow-up questions and appreciation for finally knowing what the hell to do with their long hair.

Long hair styles for men Chris Healy

Describe how the nominee consistently delivers on its brand promise:

The Longhairs’ brand promise is to advocate, educate and celebrate, while publishing original, quality content for men with long hair once a week. And we deliver, every single week, without fail.

We advocate for men with long hair. We publish hair knowledge, advice, and tips for guys with locks. And we celebrate mens’ long manes with membership referral cards, high fives and Hair Whip Wednesdays.

Here’s a little more about what that means.

We Advocate for Men With Long Hair
Countless influencers of the world have been men with long hair, yet today they’re called “slacker” and “hippie,” told to get a job and they look like a girl. Long hair is widely considered unprofessional, and there are HR policies and grooming codes prohibiting men from wearing it.

We’ve tackled this issue from several angles.

Longhairs Professional Series
It’s no secret long hair on men is considered “unprofessional.” There’re a lot of jobs out there—most jobs—where you can’t have long hair. Why?

Leaders, politicians, professionals, royalty, even warriors have had long hair for millennia. Only in the past century has long hair on men become “unprofessional.” In today’s day and age, you can’t expect to apply for most professional-type jobs with long hair and be taken seriously.

That’s why we created the Longhairs professional series. The purpose is to show successful men with long hair in their professional fields. Talking long hair and business. We aim to reinforce the belief for every longhair:

“Yes, I can be a longhair and be a professional, be taken seriously, make a good living. I don’t have to fall in line. I don’t have to be “conventional.”

Another unexpected topic that has surfaced has been little guys with long hair. We’ve had at least a dozen mothers of boys with long hair write in, telling us how their sons are teased, bullied, told they look like a girl and that they should cut their hair, so they will look like “a real boy.”

This post perfectly demonstrates this subcommunity:

Lastly, The Longhairs have demonstrated that long hair transcends age, race, color, religion, socioeconomic background and nationality. Men with long hair form a global community, that until now have never had a place to go.

Advocate posts:

We Educate Men With Long Hair
Women tend to learn about their long hair, as knowledge is passed between mothers, aunties, sisters and friends. Men rarely have that luxury, finding themselves with a head full of locks and unanswered questions, left to figure it out alone.

We’re here to bridge the gap, publishing tips, advice and tutorials on how to tie it, brush it, braid it, care for it and more.

Educate posts:

We Celebrate Men With Long Hair
Every man with long hair has a story. His hair is part of his identity, and he’s proud of it. Instead of celebrating that fact he tends to stay quiet, having friends and family who are tolerable at best. He certainly isn’t high-fiving and chest-bumping to his long hair goals, relegated to celebrating in silence.

Not anymore. Here’s a collection of our celebration of follicle freedom.

Celebrate posts:

The Men’s Aisle
Finally, if you’re a guy with long hair and you decide to upgrade from the $1 shampoo, where do you go? If you want to keep your hair out of your face? If you want a nice brush, or a comb, or something to help with those awful tangles and frizzy hair days?

You go to the women’s hair care aisle. And stand there, awkwardly, reading product descriptions on pastel-colored packaging about volume and shine that just aren’t speaking your language. There is no aisle for men with long hair, or the unique, but very real problems they face every single day.

So The Longhairs was conceived, which goes far beyond a piece of elastic. We are here to solve these problems, and fill an empty space.

And the longhairs of the world have responded. Here’s just a slice of the feedback and engagement we’ve seen over the past year. See it here.

Has the nominee launched any game-changing programs? Has it garnered any ground-breaking press? Has it won any awards? Please state your case for why else you believe your brand deserves to be Emerging Brand of the Year (1000 words or less).

This award was made for The Longhairs. Founded and headquartered in Little Italy, we are a grassroots San Diego brand, born from an idea and an uncompromising vision to make that idea real.

Perhaps most impressively, to this point The Longhairs has been a side-business. Our full-time business is a two-man web shop and marketing agency founded in 2012. Starting with making $300 websites, we’ve built a respectable agency, figured it out and survived in a competitive environment for four years.

Putting only 10%-20% of our time into The Longhairs, we’ve built a global brand with zero funding, investment or outside resources. Just grit, perseverance and determination. And we intend to take this to the ends of the earth.

Game-Changing Programs
Established our charitable outreach, “Longhairs Do Care,” donating $1 for every sale to Locks of Love. To-date The Longhairs have donated $962 to Locks of Love, in less than one year of earning revenue.

Hosted “Long Manes & Candy Canes,” bringing together nearly 20 San Diego brands and businesses to celebrate the launch of our flagship product, Hair Ties For Guys:

Past Press

Upcoming Press

Not only is The Longhairs quickly shifting perceptions, garnering market share and/or making a name for ourselves in the region, but truly around the world. Through all, we hope to continue building this brand into a business, and a community, that will make San Diego proud.

But don’t take our word for it. Let our community speak for themselves. See what they have to say about this application in the comments below.


Leave a comment below, and let SDX know what you think about The Longhairs. It can be short and sweet or a full dissertation, it’s up to you. Just show us some love. We only ask you include:

  • Where you’re from
  • Why you think The Longhairs deserve to win the Brand Diego Emerging Brand of the Year

We’ll let you know how it all pans out. Thanks, and keep lettin’ it ride.


  1. Daniel Harris aka El Picador, Living at the center of the continent (Arkansas) leaves us somewhere near 10-15 yrs behind many other places. The Longhairs has helped educate some of us in the middle to catch up. As a boy, we southerners have not been taught the many things we have learned at The Longhairs site. Along with the encouragement one receives from the energy level, and the ease with which these guys inhabit their skin.
    And to those choosing the recipient of the award mentioned above… Please take note of something that I found very compelling. In the comment section of one of the recent blogs about long hair in the American Indian culture, a non-native English speaker valued the blog so much that they took the time and effort to translate the entire blog into French, and offer it as a link.
    How awesome is that???

  2. The Longhairs is a company co-owned my brother Christopher Healy (El Rubio). Chris and Lindsay (El Rubio) pour their heart and soul into this company and everything they do, and are very passionate about what they do. Keep it rolling.

  3. The Longhairs approach live with an energy and enthusiasm that is truly unique. Building a truly inspirational and unique community around their brand. Good work guys !

  4. Aspiring longhair from the east coast (Baaaaahstan). My whole life I have always had a real tight haircut due to my Pops always telling me I had to be clean cut (even though he had a great set of lettuce growing up). I found the longhairs over the summer (end of July) and I am proud to say I haven’t cut my hair since. Everyone is already impressed with how thick my mop is, I cannot wait to buy my first hair ties for guys.. in 8 more months by my estimation.
    The Longhairs rock.

  5. Hi! I’m from New Delhi, India. The Longhairs must win the Emerging Brand Of The year award. It is super unconventional and a breakthrough in its field. Undoubtedly, the one and only, the best site for men long-haired community. Long-haired or not, every man associated with this site is bound to feel “with a family”. We are a family that advocates, educates and celebrates “being different”, being unique. I love TheLonghairs for its amazing videos, tips and its overall aura. Best of Luck Guys! Cheers!

  6. Just love what the Longhairs are doing! So many brands and companies start with a product and try to shoehorn it into the market by creating a false narrative for consumer appeal. The Longhairs, from the beginning, started with their community and listened – really listened – adapted, created, evolved, efficiently maneuvered and never lost track of what they were and what they wanted to be. It’s a testament to their grit, resolve,and tenacity. Do they create a product that has a market? Absolutely. But The Longhairs are more than a product: they are a lifestyle, a support group, an advocacy center for men who have never had one before.

    Growing your hair long isn’t something you do overnight. There are more tough moments than pleasant ones during the entire experience. The Longhairs have built a brand that allows people to share, celebrate and believe that the juice is worth the squeeze.

  7. Love the Longhairs! They should be the Emerging Brand of the Year nationwide but San Diego is a good start. 🙂 I spread the word daily…

  8. I’ve been a friend of The Longhairs for some time now and can honestly say that I’ve never known another brand to start out as grassroots and bootstrapped as these fellas AND galvanize such a hearty following. Not only is everything they put out on point, everyone they reach can’t get enough.

    And I didn’t even know the statistics on their growth until I read this blog post. Guys are killing it and I don’t know of another brand in SD making strides like they have. I may be a short hair, but I fully support The Longhairs.

  9. Hi, my name is David and I’m from Toronto, ON, Canada. The longhairs brand is amazing! They provide so much tips and advise that you simply cannot get anywhere else!

  10. Where else can guys turn to get products, learn how to use the products and meet Longhairs like themselves? These guys are innovative and saw not only an opportunity to succeed in their business, but a chance to help others just like them. I live in L.A. and Arizona. I refer guys to them and have now referred my son, who is growing his mane! They most definitely deserve this award and many others! Keep up the great work and ideas, Longhairs!

  11. Yo Longhairs,
    I support you completely and I am forever grateful for your videos and articles. Keep on rocking and don’t even think about cutting that hair.

  12. This is Nick from Eureka, CA. The Longhairs are providing a service that has for too long been an obscurity. I have learned more about my hair over the past few months of reading their articles and watching their tutorials than I have been taught in my 31 years of existence. While I’ve done a lot of damage to my hair through my ignorance, I’m now on track to reduce further damage and hopefully repair some of the existing damage. I absolutely love what these guys have done to help educate their fellow Longhairs and think they are a prime candidate for the Emerging Brand of the Year award at SDX. Thanks for showing the world that long hair on men is just as classy as a traditional short cut when the men are properly educated on care and style.

  13. After paying for cheap $10 haircuts with a number 5 all over to keep it simple and having different barbers screwing that up, I said screw it and decided I’m not getting another haircut. In June I started letting my hair grow and a few months later came across The Longhairs and being a San Diegan they have inspired me to keep letting it grow and ignore my mom’s constant comments that She’d give me each time I tried to let it grow. So yeah, these guys deserve to be San Diego’s top emerging brand of the year. I also gave a speech in class about traveling because of El Rubio’s inspiring adventure around the world. Thanks guys.

  14. I live in Mammoth Lakes and love The Longhairs for how it’s a brand built on and for a passionate community. Truly bold and innovative.

  15. These guys are great! They created a great community and they donate to charity with every online sale. I always look forward to new videos and updates from them. Love this site, and they deserve this award. Fasho.

  16. The Longhairs is easily the only place I can call home as a longhair. No one else except The Longhairs has expressed how fun being a part of this unique community actually is. I accidentally stumbled upon them and can’t imagine how another stray longhair can find this glorious mane of a website without some help. They deserve to be Brand Diego Emerging Brand of the Year to finally destroy the word “manbun”, and instill some culture into our way of life and perception. As I glide through the streets of NYC, I now feel reinvigorated. Now I Highball through Harlem. These guys are on to something.

  17. I live in St. Louis, Missouri where men with long hair are generally considered to be “rednecks” or slackers. I am 59 years old and work as a Senior Research Scientist at a major corporation headquartered in St. Louis. I attend professional scientific meetings and routinely interact with scientists in academia from around the country and in other countries as well. I also have long hair (for close to three years now). Longhairs gave me the confidence to believe that wearing long hair is not unprofessional, and with the guidance I have gained from them on how to groom, care for, and style my long hair I know that I am representing a new generation of professional, respectable men with long hair.

  18. I’m a shorthair but have known the longhairs since the beginning, what they are promoting and advocating is a culture of acceptance, freedom and knowledge in an area not many have talked about. Keep up the great work guys.

  19. These guys are in it for the community – the weekly content I look forward to – creative, fun, engaging and on brand every time – makes me wonder what they could do if this was their full time gig. I’ve been reminded that Long Hairs were/are everywhere in history – from George Washington to today’s heros. I enjoyed their Sports Teams (NFL) players with Long Hair and the Famous Longhair Fridays. Keep the Tier 1 content coming and I believe the world will discover this gem that was birthed in San Diego by a couple of Long Hairs – smart, passionate, successful, driven, innovative, introspective, caring, giving, … definitely not the 1970s stereotype “hippie” or “deadbeat” that surrounds this community before you guys brought the reality back.

  20. Keeps me up to date and CONSTANTLY gives me new ideas. Reading their stuff is always informative and entertaining.

  21. I’m from Moline IL and the longhairs’ posts have helped me during these awkward stages of growth and hopefully will be a longhair soon!

  22. Found The Longhairs a couple years ago while searching youtube vids for how to comb and tie long hair for different occasions. This group has helped fuel my love for my long hair plus my wife thinks it rocks! I think you deserve the award for your efforts! From Raleigh, NC

  23. The Longhairs is an awesome brand that is run by two men who know how to put in the hard work to make their ideas come to life. They have transformed a simple idea into a global community – and it just keeps getting bigger everyday. I am so proud of you guys and honored to be part of the journey.

  24. Wow !!!! Finally a company who is all about men’s hair by men with LONGHAIR !!!!! Keep it up !!!!!! Customer 4 Life!!!!!

  25. I live in Mankato, Minnesota and travel the world preaching about The Longhairs. In the past I have handed out their intro cards throughout the USA, Central and South America as well as Southeast Asia, across Oceania and parts of Europe. (I have since stopped as they are out of print, and I believe they are no longer doing them? Send me more fellas if you get back to printing them again!) It was an excellent way to make an introduction to a total stranger and leave later feeling like you met someone amazing! How many people do folks walk up to and strike up a conversation on the streets w/o them thinking they are crazy? The Longhair cards were an easy way to do it, and from there I have been invited to dinner, cocktails, met Longhair families and even traveled together. It has been an instant comradery and bond with men from around the globe. I have also learned how to care and manage my hair (from braids to conditioning), gotten insight on being a professional Longhair in business, and I have also encouraged other men with questions/answers. It’s awesome to know that there are others like me in the world making a difference. Go Longhairs!

  26. Hi, I’m Linda from Mesquite, NV. I just love these guys and their ideas. They have my vote!!

  27. Doug from Toronto Ontario Canada.
    I think the Longhairs have done a great jog. They have helped me move through the transition of growing my hair out with there fabulous Web site and their instructional videos. Keep up the great work guys.
    Long hairs rock!

  28. Thanks for being a successful business full of men with long hair in a world where it is taught that you must look like everyone else to succeed. Here’s to freedom and even more success! You guys are the shiznit!

  29. The longhaires are amazing! People just don’t know or can’t handle a good thing when it comes around!

  30. Hi from Cordova, Alaska! You guys have awesome ideas and I greatly appreciate everything you do for the long-haired community!

  31. The Longhairs deserve to win the Brand Diego Emerging Brand of the Year- hands down! From their initial “whiteboard” stage to their current international largess the Longhairs have remained true to their vision – to educate, celebrate and advocate for men with long hair. They are a vibrant part of Little Italy – all of us that live and work here feel proud to have them as part of our community!!!

  32. I’m from Georgia, a little while ago I was doing some soul searching after a breakup and decided I wanted to grow my hair out. Through that time and process I found out more about myself and the longhairs really gave me the motivation and tools to achieve my long term goal of growing long hair. If not for the longhairs I probably would not have started this journey and it’s because of the longhairs that I cannot wait to finish it and see the end results. Most people will not understand this but long hair is more than just a style or hair length and the longhairs are more than just a brand.

  33. Hi, I’m from San Diego. The Longhairs offer insightful and useful blogs and videos for people with long hair. I have many friends who have gone to them online for help. Their brand is streamlined, creative, and clear. The LHs are also very engaged and helpful on social media platforms and definitely have my vote!

  34. They deserve this because I’m counting down the days until my work contract ends in May so I can join the club!
    -Lexington, VA

  35. The Longhairs are what provides the men with long hair community with products and advice! They have helped many worldwide. From a Long hair in Iowa, they have helped me in my journey.

  36. You guys have made having long hair cool. I’m no longer ashamed to have a long mane and I’ve met so many great other long hairs because of you guys. Even though I plan to donate 10-12in the spring I’ll still be a long hair and keep letting it ride after that.

  37. ‘Longhairs’ should for sure Win this award. May Great Spirit Bless all Longhairs and May you all find Peace, Love & Happiness in this Longhaired life. Wado, Redbird

  38. The Longhairs undoubtedly deserve to win Brand Diego Emerging Brand of the Year because of their vision, execution, and that they connect a Global Community, from their HQ in Little Italy. Their vision was brilliant, because there are men with long hair all over the world, that have been mocked, judged, or were even scared to keep growing their hair. They execute by consistently putting out great content every single week, they offer a variety of tips and tricks for growing and maintaining long hair. But it’s not only functional information, its entertaining as well! You can tell by the comments on their site, and on their YouTube videos that they are truly a Global brand, and the success of Hair Ties For Guys quantifies that. Big things are coming from The Longhairs, as more fellows have the knowledge and sense of community, to keep “Letting it Ride.” San Diego is truly luck to have them.

    1. Forgot to mention: I grew my hair out in my home state of Missouri. I claim San Diego as home, but currently live in Santa Monica. A Longhair, wherever I go!

  39. For me, being a longhair is more than just an aesthetic choice; it’s an integral part of my identity. There’s a feeling, hard to describe in words honestly, that having long hair offers. The Longhairs get that. I’d actually wanted to grow my hair out since before high school, but was unsure of how I would be perceived and how to take care of it. Shorty before starting college, I said, “Screw it, I’m doing this.” I had to learn the hard way, because The Longhairs didn’t exist at that time. Man do I wish they were around when I was in “the awkward stage”! These guys just get it, they understand what having long hair entails, and they’ve done an awesome job of creating a community focused on the mane. Plus, now I know how ta braid my hair!

    Hails from Ohio,

    – Jacob

  40. I found out about these guys pretty early on. I drove from Orange County to San Diego to attend Candy Canes and Long Manes, which was a blast and meeting the guys was amazing. I ordered extra cards before I studied abroad in London, England. I’d love to see these guys win an award, because they work super hard

  41. You guys are awesome! The content you put out is very educational, funny and has a strong sense of identity. Long live the Long Hairs!!
    (San Diego)

  42. I refer a lot of longhaired guys or aspiring longhaired guys to this website.
    Seaside Heights, NJ.

  43. The Longhairs have filled a void previously left for us guys with long hair. We’ve always rocked our look & been proud of it but never really had a good resource for tips & tricks, products & camaraderie. They’ve absolutely killed it & have been a great resource for a lot of guys. Cheers, Longhairs!

  44. Rushed for time so will have to be short(ish) and sweet;
    Simply outstanding brand, realises the real need of men with long hair having to use women’s products (not that men are not ok with it it’s just….Pink cheap hair ties aren’t our thing really).
    Good quality videos, good quality website, good quality hair ties. Now change all the goods to ‘Outstanding and amazing’ and that sentence says how it really is.
    Also, donating money to charity in such a short time shows real compassion, and not to mention the love spread to all guys (regardless of hair length) and knowledge demonstrated on their videos (just look at ‘little guys with long hair’ for a prime example) just goes to show why they are destined winners.
    Currently still growing hair out and this brand/community/power has helped motivate me further
    Rock on!

  45. The Longhairs have made a name for themselves in the men’s hair market and have boldly entered into a underserved marketplace. They have consistently put out a good product and have committed themselves to giving back to their community. The Longhairs have earned this award!!

  46. They are having fun, making a brand and donating to a worthy cause. Nicely done!

  47. I am from Benicia CA and the long hairs deserve to win this because they help men with long hair feel confident and included.

  48. Thanks to these boys my hair style at work is on point and on the streets feeling fresher than ever.
    Berlin thanks you!

  49. I’m from France, and, seriously, these guys rock.

    Since I saw the video “A Hairstyle For Courageous Warriors And Other Longhairs”, I knew at this moment that I had found a place for me and my medium longhair (there are going to be long as possible !).
    Longhair staff give great advice and are the best for me.
    They must win, they deserve it so much.

    Rock it guys !

  50. It’s about time men with flowing locks of follicles have a place to congregate and be supported by masters of the mane. There aren’t too many brands from San Diego that have come out of the gates with such Samson-like strength and grabbed a niche by its fishtail as the Longhairs have done, with all the swagger in the world while doing it. San Diego needs more FUN brands, more lifestyle brands that shun the staunch, undercut conservatism that this city is known for. LET IT FUCKING RIDE!


    I have two young boys with long hair and the difficulties for me have been solved by the Longhairs, from practical washing solutions to different ways they can wear their hair all the way to feeling part of a group who “gets us.”

    I love their products (have bought probably too many hair ties for guys) and love them (me as well, I’m Mom).

    Plus, their language and communication is totally rad and I can relate!

    100% LOVE and SUPPORT for the Longhairs… we’re lucky as a planet they’re doing their incredible work for men and women alike.

    I’m from Charlotte, NC, USA and all the reasons above are just the beginning of why my vote is for the Longhairs! <3 <3 <3

  52. This is a quality product and an innovative idea. Community is important to these two so not only do they have a great idea, they’re great guys.

  53. Solid group right here. Really doesn’t get much better than these guys!!

  54. Content, content, content. Brand positioning, knowing your niche and over-delivering your brand proposition. That’s the business slant for the Longhairs. But let’s back it up, I’m stepping away from my day job as head of group marketing for two digital agencies and web dev company. These guys have nailed their offering. They’ve melded business with belief. They have helped me and so many others make this journey to expressing ourselves. Dang, I even wrote a blog post about these dudes.

  55. I don’t know if you can call the long hairs a minority in a global sense. In the circles of hair among men it certainly is. Coming from the background I have, having long hair is frowned upon for various reasons including “you look like a girl” to “Guys just shouldn’t have long hair”. The Longhairs have provided support for men in growing out my hair in confidence and not having to worry about the haters. The Longhairs give much needed advice on how to take care of one’s hair (an essential part of everyday grooming) as well as advice about hair, grooming products (hair ties and suggestions) and it’s history among men which you can’t find anywhere else.

    In my opinion, the longhairs have surpassed the label of ‘brand’, rather being an institution for men with long hair.

  56. Fellow San Diego Longhair, by way of the bay area, ca

    These two live and breathe their brand. The passion is infectious and completely refreshing – thanks guys!

  57. as a very long time longhair ( around 25 years) and a regular sharer and translater of several posts
    as a costumer of hair ties, i vote
    Yes, we can!!!!!
    et je vous transmets le bonjour des longhairs consommateurs du Café citoyen de Lille ( f) et du Petit Badau à Loos les Lille ( f)

  58. The Longhairs over the past few years have shown, a great amount of leadership and dedication to the community of Little Italy San Diego. Their passion for success and love for their fellow longhaired men is beyond words! They deserve the best, because they are the best!

  59. El Pelo Largo says, “The Longhairs” rock and should absolutely win the award!

  60. Hey Longhairs!
    My name is Leo and I’m from México. I started growing my hair because a year ago I saw your videos and they motivated me.
    Now I’m a whole new person, my longhair changed my life. I met people I wouldnt met with a short hair. My selfesteem grew and I’m very happy.

    Que onda longhairs!
    Soy Leo y soy de México. Empecé a dejar crecer mi pelo hace un año gracias a uno de sus vídeos, me dio mucha curiosidad saber que era tener el pelo largo, cómo se sentiría poder dejarlo suelto o amarrarlo en un manbun.
    Ahora soy una persona diferente, tener el pelo largo me cambio la vida! He conocido gente que jamás hubiera conocido de no ser por mi pelo largo. Mi autoestima ha crecido mucho y se los agradezco infinitamente.

  61. The long hairs are the greatest organization on the planet. And one of the founders is a San Francisco Giants fan.
    I love the brand and the people that are apart of the brand.
    Keep up the good work guys!!!!

  62. As a shorthair, I’ve come to have a lot of respect for these guys over at the Longhairs. The main reason I feel this way is the awareness they’ve brought to the fact that many men have various motivations to grow their hair long, with my favorite being to donate it. Many men have decided to take the step to grow their hair for donating to cancer patients in need. This selfless act is what scored big points in my book and I have major respect for these guys for what they’re doing!

  63. I’m a longhair from PA.

    I grew out my hair for the first time when I started college in fall 2011. By day one of 2013, I was what you might call “a longhair,” but I was ignorant – shampooing everyday, brushing when wet, towel-drying on the reg’ – you name it, I was doing it wrong, and my hair suffered. To boot, very few men on my campus had long hair, and I received many more weird looks than encouraging comments. I got it cut that year.

    Fast-forward to fall 2014, I was doing some soul-searching, and it hit me, “damn that long hair was sweet.” Luckily I found the reddit community r/fierceflow (shout out) which directed me to the Longhairs.

    If it were not for the Longhairs’ educational tips, charisma, and encouraging words, I would not have long hair today. The Longhairs gave me the confidence to express myself in a way that most men are not bold enough to try or sustain over time. The social pressure for men to have short hair is a real thing, and the Longhairs are making the world a more inviting place by showing men that not only is it totally okay for them to have long hair, but also that it is badass, and that is why the Longhairs deserve to win the Brand Diego Emerging Brand of the Year.

  64. Hey there, Géza here from Serbia.

    I came across The Longhairs accidentally while surfing through the web about a year ago, and haven’t left since! I ordered Longhairs Referral Cards, gave them to all of my long haired friends, and I never miss an opportunity to promote The Longhairs, with a Hair Ties For Guys in my hair, around my wrist, or in my pocket. Why? Because that’s who we are and where we belong. We ride as one!

  65. Personally, I really value how the Longhairs represents men with long hair as upstanding citizens as well as educated professionals. I feel that the Longhairs present masculinity authentically and that is something that other men with long hair struggle to find.

  66. I have been a member for about a year +. I ran across a video on YouTube and I was hooked. I’m from Phoenix AZ. I really appreciate these guys for helping us long hairs come together and become a strong and positive community . Long Hairs Forever.

  67. There are even Longahirs fans in capital of Poland, for example me. Longhairs videos and guides made my mid-back length hair shine and make me fabulous. I hope they they grow even bigger because everyone should have long epic hair

  68. As a guy with long hair (in the UK) it has been a great help to know these guys exist. They work their way through the many hiccups and problems we longhairs put up with, with their usual charm and wit.
    It has been good to watch their presence and ideas expand – particularly their inspired ‘hair ties for guys’ brand.
    Long may they prosper ! ?

  69. I’m in Philadelphia, a city that isn’t exactly known for exceptional man hair. But these guys have awesome products and keep me updated on how to keep my long hair looking fresh every day. Longhairs rocks!!!???

  70. The Longhairs are a community that I’m proud and happy to be a part of, all the way over in the UK!

  71. I’m JR from Florida, until I found the LONGHAIRS website I new very little about longhair. I have had long hair for over 50 years and the only thing I new to do with it was pull it back into a pony tail. Because of the LONGHAIRS website I now know how to braid it myself and have many new choices. These guys deserve the Brand Diego award for their commitment to helping others who make the personal choice to have longhair in this still stereotype society.

  72. Great place for men with long hair. Not only is it a great company but it’s run by great people. I had trouble getting an order and they sent me at least 3 sets of hairs ties until I received them.

  73. I’m from Michigan and I’ve been following the Longhairs blog posts for a long time. I’m at about a year and a half of hair growth now, and these guys helped me get through the awkward stage. I definitely had my bad hair days, but they demonstrated different ways to tie it up and make it look less awkward. As of now, I’ve gotten many compliments from girls saying that they really like it. I can’t thank the Longhairs enough for the incredibly useful content they have put out and for making long hair cool again!! They are SO deserving of this award.

  74. Tozer from East coast of Australia here

    Been following the longhairs site and other social medias since they were just starting and my hair was still short.
    I credit to them the mad flow I’ve got today, 2 haircuts later but still down on my chest.
    A reason that really sticks out to me as to why the longhairs are deserving of this specific award is that they really tapped into a (previously completely untapped) growing market and that the concept is so remarkably inclusive, it really doesn’t matter who you are at all ,as long as you’ve got long hair or at least have it at heart.

    Also incredible, aesthetic and constantly innovative site design.

    Good luck to these legends, they really deserve some recognition for their ingenuity

  75. The Longhairs is a unique and valuable asset to men who choose to wear longer hair. I am one of those men and can attest to the many specific articles I have found. The Longhairs consistently offer very good information about hair care, while also providing a needed community with a voice we need.

  76. The Longhairs is a unique and valuable asset to men who choose to wear longer hair. I am one of those men and can attest to the many specific articles I have found The Longhairs consistently offer very good information about hair care, while also providing a needed community with a voice we need.

  77. You guys are awesome. I love your hair ties, I can’t for the new ones.

  78. I’m an avid reader of these guys blogs and watch their entertaining videos when they get posted. I’ve been growing my hair for the last 18 months and feel these guys have motivated me and been part of the journey. You can also officially say you have international reach as I live in the U.K.! Keep up the amazing work 🙂

  79. Jo Longhairs, Im Kai from Germany and I have to say the Longhairs really helped me with my mane. All of there tips and guids are awesome and im just really thankful!
    Thank you so much.
    Stay Awesome!
    Greets Kai

  80. It’s rare that brands really get the language of their customers. Normally there are half assed attempts at communicating vomited up by some drunk copywriter in a dark room, but here it’s different – it’s personal and it’s necessary.

    Love what you guys are doing – keep it up.

  81. You’ll never see as much passion in a brand as El Rubio and El Moreno put into The Longhairs. Their content is educational, informative, EXCLUSIVE, easy to understand, funny, and correct.
    I’m a short hair at heart due to my genetics but, these guys and their brand demands respect and understanding for a minority in the world.
    “Be yourself”. I think their message conveys pretty loudly. If you’re a man, grow out your hair, power through that awkward stage and maintain your mane, then these guys will help you.
    These guys earn this award. No one does more. Power through and Push on, Chris and Lindsay!

  82. These guys are firing on all cylinders! They formalized a community that has long been forced in the shadows and brought it into the light. With a great message, excellent content, and wonderful presence, the Longhairs have defined how to create something from nothing in the most dramatic way possible.

  83. I’m from San Jose. I found The Longhairs through their inspirational intro video and how El Rubio traveled the world while growing his hair. That was one of the most IF not THE MOST inspirational videos I’ve seen in a really long time. At that time I had not cut my hair for two years and now one year after that, thinking back, I realized how big of an impact The Longhairs had to this community. It’s not just a Youtube channel or a website about guys with long hair. It is a phenomenon, something so simple yet so unique and innovative in a sense. I really think they deserves something for what they’ve accomplished and contributed.

  84. I currently cruise this world as a nohair, but I’m a former longhair who rocked a pony tail in H.S. so I know what’s up inside this community.

    I know firsthand how the longhairs have impacted folks with lovely locks along with the follically challenged.

    From the inspiring stories of young ones gaining more confidence to the old guys letting it flow, I flipping love the longhairs and all of the right stuff they rep day after day.

    Stay strong and brush properly my brothers and sisters.

  85. Awesome guys!! Love the informative videos you guys put out for us Longhairs! And I own 2 packs the outdoorsman and the yahmans!!! Very comfortable hair ties. You guys should win !!!! Good luck bros!
    Santa Clarita, California

  86. From Cottonwood Heights, UT. Love you guys! I have all the new and older ties. Wouldn’t use anything else! My hair is down past my belt now and these guys’ info is definitely legit. You know guys love running their fingers through it too. LGBT love. And of course all of mine. Keep up the great work! ♥️

  87. The Long Hairs NEED to win this San Diego up and coming business of the year competition(?). I think it’s safe to say that I, and all the other commenters, don’t think the Long Hairs are the best up and coming business– we KNOW they are!

    I have been in contact with many small(ish) businesses on the rise –be it through professional contact or business – customer relationship– and the Long Hairs are without a doubt the best.
    1) their videos are some of the best on YouTube. There are tons of long hair videos on YouTube; unfortunately 90% of this videos are for women which makes men uncomfortable to watch them. More and more men are growing their hair out these days, and inevitably those new Long Hair growers will stumble upon the Long Hairs YouTube channel (then they’ll check out the website and ultimately make purchases).
    2) They’re willing to put in the work to get things done to achieve their goals.
    3)they listen to their customers and treat them really well.
    4) they’re great dudes
    5) probably the most important reason they’re the best: they produce high quality products that everyone is happy with.

    You’d be making a mistake by not choosing the Long Hairs.

  88. Yo! El Rubio!
    Show them Longhairs how to time it up with that unique flow.
    Much appreciated.

    Regan _ from New Hampshire USA

  89. They are simply a great Community with real valuable content that helps us guys with long hair keep flowing, growing and showing ?

  90. I’m Noah, from Missouri. I started my quest for Longhair status 2 years ago and about 8 months into I found the Longhairs. They showed me that I was not alone with my worries and my struggles and gave me access to tools that has made my flowing locks much stronger than they would be without them. I am proud of my hair and I am proud of the work the Longhairs do. Whenever I see another guy out and about with longer hair, I smile and give that acknowledging headnod, knowing he and I share something others just simply don’t. I would’ve cut my hair long ago if not for the Longhairs.

  91. My name is Hayden and I am from Shakopee, MN. I am currently in the awkward stage and The Longhairs is the only place I go if I have questions or need some moral support. I look forward to their new posts every week. Keep up the great work guys!

  92. Dear Longhairs,
    Hello I am from Hawthorne, CA. I think The Longhairs deserve to win the Brand Diego Emerging Brand of the Year because we in a community live a daily life trying to fight against bullying, discrimination towards gender equality, and peer pressure. A few months ago I heard about The Longhairs when I watched a video in YouTube. The video has shown me that there are other men and boys who go through struggles and judgement. They try to get through judgment by being what makes them, them. Many men with longhair out there who have gotten their degrees from university and majored in professional careers don’t get an opportunity to get the job they were wishing to have. Both of you have shown us men, teenage boys, and little boys that there is no reason why someone should pressure into cutting your only because of a difference in gender roles. We must put a stop towards the discrimination about men with longhair. We must be Advocated, Educated, and we must Celebrate.

  93. The Longhairs have made great strides by recognizing a demographic without proper representation, along with creating not only a helpful environment in which longhairs can communicate and learn, but also a srylish, standout product tailored for the long haired man. It’s an honor to be a part of this community that The Longhairs have helped to create.

  94. I’m from Sri Lanka. This is the best place for long hair men. Great ideas. Really helpful.

  95. Yo. Longhair here from corporate America. Got to hand it to you guys I love all the content it has truely helped me look professional at work, and still be able to let it ride when not in the office. But a brand is only as good as its product, and I have to admit HTFGs are the real deal. Hope you guys get the recognition you deserve for all the hard work you’ve done, and all the longhairs you’ve helped.

  96. I am from Midvale, Utah and have long hair myself so I love to see others with long hair as well. They should win because we are great

  97. I’m living in Arizona, and the Longhairs in San Diego are much more than a smart business with clever and entertaining marketing. The Longhairs are about community, inclusiveness, and brotherhood. There exists a need for information and customer service regarding men’s hair care, products, and accessories. The Longhairs fulfill that need while building and uniting a community beautifully! Are these guys behind Longhairs deserving of the San Diego Emerging Brand of the Year award? ……………….Absolutely!

  98. I’m from Colorado and I think the Long Hairs should win because they have an amazing, fresh, new idea. Most guys grow up with short hair, so they don’t know how to “do” long hair; how to wash it, brush it (etc.) The Longhairs help guys to rock long hair the right way. Their products make having long hair still feel manly.

  99. On the west coast of Australia and I love reppin’ longhairs! keep up the teachings and stay rad!

  100. All the way from HK. I think The Long Hairs provides a virtual community (yet also real!) for us to have support and great resources regarding the matter. They’re pretty funny too, which is why I read their newsletter.

  101. The longhairs have changed my life, and I truly mean that. They made my hair look way better which has improved my confidence and quaintly of life. The first step to feeling good is looking good!

  102. The longhairs has kept me on course in my pursuit of being the independent guy who strives to be me. – I had longhairvwhen there was no support and now trying to grow it back has been hard, but thanks to the support of the longhairs I’m doing it and being me again.

  103. I’m from the San Francisco Bay Area. They didn’t post their mission statement, which is emblazoned on their studio wall, but The Longhairs live it every day. Their focus on community and giving back–while nurturing a new company–is remarkable. Their devotion to the Little Italy community is inspiring. They promote local businesses and bring people together. These guys deserve to win the Brand Diego Emergeing Brand of the Year.

  104. I’m from San Jose, CA

    I think the Longhairs deserve to win the Brand Diego Emerging Brand of the Year award because these boys (and girls) flat out. ROCK. They don’t miss deadlines. They don’t miss customer satisfaction. They don’t miss cool shit. They don’t wait to hear about what’s trending.

    Because they ARE what’s trending. #LonghairsYo

  105. Greetings from a long hair from Texas. I’m a 60 year old non-balding Vietnam and Desert Storm veteran with PTSD who has defied all expectations of what a great-grandfather should be thanks in part to the Longhairs. They’ve made me see that I’m not alone in my long hairyness. Having hair halfway down my back has been a source of embarrassment for my kids but you know what? I don’t care anymore. I found there are MANY more like me out there and I’m damned proud of myhair now. Thanks to the Longhairs for helping me realize it and that I could care less about what the rest of the world thinks about my hair. They’re just jealous they can’t grow it this long.

  106. Simply the best. If I have to photograph the winners, I certainly request these guys to be on the other side of the lens. They bring the community together and are some of the best men I know! Plus let’s give some credit to the copy and blog posts

  107. From San Diego, CA and these Long Hairs are trailblazers, goddammit! Give them things, like dabs, awards, money — because they absolutely earned it.

  108. I’m a long hair forever heart and scalp; even if all my hair falls out one day. (Please don’t fall out, hair…) Thank you, gentlemen, for all that you do. Hope doing fantastic work, and we appreciate it. Peace, love, and altoids from Texas. Go Long Hairs!!! Woo!

  109. The Longhairs have created a community where the different are accepted. There’s so many initial questions about hair care and finding a place where it isn’t awkward is what I was looking for.
    – Titus

  110. I’m Ty, from Orange County. The Longhairs should definitely win the Brand Diego thing because they’re f*cking awesome and have done a superb job with their social media and email marketing campaigns. Their brand voice and attitude are not only awesome, but also well thought out in appealing to their ideal target demographic. BOOM.

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