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A Swanky Holiday Mixer + Hair Ties For Guys Launch Party

Please join us in celebrating the long-awaited and much-anticipated launch of Hair Ties For Guys, in our favorite neighborhood, during our favorite time of year.

Friday, December 11

  • 98 Bottles
  • 2400 Kettner Boulevard in San Diego
  • 6:00 – 10:00 pm


This is a private event. Only 100 150 tickets are available. Only 6 tickets left!

Event Information

Your Ticket Includes

  • Musical Entertainment
  • A Specialty Holiday Cocktail
  • Appetizers From Little Italy Businesses
  • A Special Gift From The Longhairs

You’ll Also Enjoy

  • The Global Release of Hair Ties For Guys
  • Raffle with Wares from Little Italy Businesses
  • Longhairs Merchandise
  • Spirited Merriment


Hair Ties For Guys

Conceived on a fateful car ride in April 2014, Hair Ties For Guys was the idea that sparked the evolution of The Longhairs.

Stemming from the notion that men shouldn’t have to use the same hair ties as their little sister, or purchase them from the women’s hair care aisle, we recognized the glaring need for a superior men’s hair tie.

Hair Ties For Guys are thicker, stronger, durable—yet remarkably gentle on the hair. Adorned with lightning bolts and surfboards, crosshairs and camouflage, stiff martinis and gnarly rastafarian designs, others still are emblazoned with the stars and stripes of Old Glory.

They are the next evolution of hair ties for men. But can women buy them? Hell yes, for your boyfriend, and tell him to start growing his hair out.

Get Your Tickets

The Longhairs

The Longhairs is a global community whose mission is to advocate, educate and celebrate long hair on men.

“The best thing invented for men since the boxer brief”

The Venue

98 Bottles

98 Bottles is a favorite neighborhood tavern and entertainment venue, located in the same building as The Longhairs Global Headquarters.

As friends and supporters, 98 Bottles has been home to numerous strategic longhair meetings and gatherings, and was the site of our infamously secretive Hair Ties For Guys video.

  • 98_inside_backroom
  • 98_outside
  • 98_upstairsbar

Why You Should Be There

  • Music

    You want to go to a crackin’ holiday party.

  • Drinks

    You can expect to have a f—ing great time.

  • Gifts

    You want to get your hands on a fresh new pack of Hair Ties For Guys.

  • Community

    Friends and family, Little Italy and San Diego community, and Longhairs of the world unite.

  • Love

    Show some love and support.

  • Long Hair

    Please, leave your scissors at home.


Please purchase your tickets early, there are a limited quantity and they will sell out. Only 6 tickets remaining! (12/11)

We thank our San Diego Business Sponsors

Chrome Digital

Photo and fine art printing in Little Italy. Print on metal, wood, acrylic & more.

Lorn Wallington

An evolving, handcrafted American menswear line, redefining accessories and tailored wardrobe staples.

Motorcycle sales, rentals and service in Little Italy.

San Diego fine artist of original oil paintings and works on paper.

The most highly educated salon and beauty collective in San Diego, in Normal Heights and now Pacific Beach.


The original, affordable, Southern California sunglasses.

Quality custom home builder of Southern California.

A San Diego brewery dedicated to the craft, with local tasting room and kitchen right here in Little Italy.

A luxurious beauty spa in a contemporary setting, specializing in waxing, rejuvinating facials and relaxing massages.

The District

Local East Village gourmet sandwich shop in downtown San Diego.

James Coffee Co

A casual coffee collective in Little Italy, specializing in handcrafted artisan-roasted coffee beans.

An urban winery, tasting room and kitchen in Little Italy, handpressing and winemaking in our own back yard.

A full service branding agency offering expert support in sales, design, brand strategy & product manufacturing.

Round 2 Creative Group

Web professionals, who finish projects like diving touchdown receptions.

Style Lounge Salon

Stylish, inventive hair salon in the heart of San Diego’s historic Gaslamp quarter.

A classy craft beer & wine bar and swanky entertainment venue in Little Italy.

A group of tattoo artists with a passion for fine art, in a creative space that’s part tattoo studio, part art gallery.

San Diego’s oldest tavern, offering friendly food and drink in the heart of Little Italy, 20 hours a day.


  1. Hey guys , a question . Will the hair ties be available world wide ? Becouse I’m from Europe that’s why I’m asking

  2. Stoked about this. On my 8th month now of no haircuts, and going strong… Luckily this site has kept me on the path to long hair victory. On top of that, SD born and bred as well… My Magic 8-Ball says that all signs point to yes (regarding this Friday).

    1. Author

      Alright Andrew glad to hear it man! Stay away from any barber shops until Friday, and we’ll see ya out there.

  3. Stoked for hair ties for guys. Also an East coaster here.
    Rock on, gentlemen.

  4. I usually compliment their hair,

    “Hey man, killer hair! Working on it myself, check out this awesome group of guys that are all about long hair!”

    Hand them the card, “if you ever need hair care tips, or just want to chat about hair stuff with guys, check it out”

    I’ve gotten nothing but positive responses so far! A couple guys have even said they were for sure going to check it out!

    It’s crazy to think how handing out the referral cards and talking about the site and you guys have opened up a lot of networking opportunities! One guy even said if I needed anything to let him know and he gave me his business card! I always give the long hair guys that come through my store the hook up, and it’s great to know that it’s received well and helping you guys out! I comp their order and give them my employee discount on and merchandise, and then hand them the card as well. A couple guys have asked why I do that, and I always say that I have major respect for guys who have the patience, resolve, and the balls to be different, and grow their hair out. And they were really appreciative.

    That’s awesome that Texas is the second biggest state for traffic to the site! Now you’ve got me wanting to make it the highest! Haha I’ll need to order more referral cards soon!

    Thanks again for just being awesome guys! It’s appreciated in many ways!

    Dallas/Ft Worth, TX

  5. Hey guys! Wish I could attend but I’m here in Texas and don’t think I can swing it. But hoping to see some pictures and videos maybe of the event! Can’t wait for the hair ties to come out! Though my hair may not be long enough yet for these awesome hair ties, I’m getting some the moment they are available! I’ll wear one on my wrist to keep me motivated through this awkward stage. One day I’ll be able to make an awesome highball with these ties!

    Anyways, hope the event goes well guys! Wish I could be there! But perhaps I’ll be able to attend one of the many future events that I’m sure will happen! Of the twenty cards that I have I’ve already handed about about 15 of them! Keep growing and flowing guys! Thanks for rocking!

    Dallas/Ft Worth, TX

    1. Author

      Yo yo Jonathan! Sorry you can’t make it man, but there will be more chances. And trust me when I say we are equally pumped about the hair ties, just a matter of weeks before they are available.

      Want to thank you also for handing out the referral cards. I wonder what has your experience has been like? What do you say when you hand one out, and what kind of response do you get?

      You’ll be glad to know that Texas is the #2 state in the union where most of our website traffic comes from, only behind California. No doubt you have been part of that, we thank you for being an advocate!

  6. Would love to be there but gonna be en route to Vancouver WA. Have a blast — you guys are the best.

    1. Author

      Yo Downtown Tony Browne! Wish you could make it but thanks for the good wishes. Take it easy on those boys in Vancouver, WA!

  7. You guys, thanks for the invite! Your party is the same night as my art opening at Sparks Gallery downtown, so I won’t be able to make. It looks like it will be really fun though! Nice new product guys! I hope you a lot of them.

    1. Stacy!! It was awesome running into you yesterday on the sidewalk. Bummed you can’t make it to the big party, we’ll have on for ya. Thanks for the props, hair ties coming soon!

  8. Thanks Longhairs for creating the badass hair ties, I am definitely going to purchase some. Plus the event is looking killer, keep letting it ride!

  9. Hey guys! Sounds like an awesome event! I unfortunately am underaged and live on the other side of the country, so I cannot go to this swanky mixer. So, is there a way I can get these hair ties? Will they be on sale soon?

    1. Author

      Hey Joe! Sad to hear you won’t make it, but understandable.

      To answer your question, YES, Hair Ties For Guys WILL be available on our website. If not ON December 11, they will be shortly thereafter and we’ll definitely make the announcement as soon as they’re live.

      Thanks for checking in, we’ll celebrate for you at Manes & Canes!

  10. Hey guys whats up,

    I’m back here in Montreal, Canada; so it’s impossible for me to come. I wish I could. Is there anyway ways i can buy a huge bundle of these? They look awesome! I’d pay the shipping and everything I don’t mind!

    Thanks to answer me,


    1. Author

      Yo Julien! Great to hear from you man. Thank you for the comment and we wish you could be here too. There is a way you can buy as many of them as you like—they’ll be available exclusively on our website within a few days of Long Manes & Candy Canes. We will definitely make the announcement as soon as they are available! Thanks again for writing and stay tuned for these dope hair ties.

  11. Since I won’t be able to attend the event living on the east coast (as much as I would want to), will I be able to purchase the hair ties on the site on the 11th? In other words, will they be available at the same time on here? I really hope they will be available for purchase on the site. 🙂

    1. Author

      What up D-Money! Sad you won’t make it, but the hair ties will be available exclusively on our website within a few days of Long Manes & Candy Canes. We will definitely make the announcement as soon as they are available! Glad to hear you are pumped up man just hang in there a bit longer. Thanks for the comment!

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