Why Did Sam Do It?

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The Story Behind A Longhairs Tattoo

Our boy Sam wrote us expressing his desire to get a Longhairs tattoo on his body, respectfully seeking our blessing. We responded with an enthusiastic green light.

Not only did Sam get the bound shears permanently emblazoned upon his shoulder, thus securing himself a surefire first-round ballot into The Longhairs Hall of Fame, but he got it done at San Diego’s finest tattoo shop, Bearcat Tattoo Gallery, where Matt Heinz masterfully executed a virtually perfect rendition.

The question everyone wants to know is, why did Sam do it?

Freshly inked and literally bleeding Longhairs, Sam joined us at our global headquarters to help us better understand what compelled him to such a righteous demonstration of being DOWN.

Listen to this rousing podcast, and find out why he did it.

WARNING: this podcast is a little salty. Not recommended for little longhairs.

Sam StokedSam Final on Longhairs Tattoo


  1. I’ve have been growing the glorious long locks for 4 years now and it’s been epic.

    1. Dude! We’ll be here man! You’re always welcome at The Longhairs Global Headquarters and Administrative Offices.

  2. I’ve wanted a tattoo for a decent while, but I’ve wanted it to be something meaningful with a story. So when I saw this post I thought when I do get one it’ll probably be the longhairs logo on my wrist because you guys have been a huge help in the awkward stage! Salute

    1. Lowki, sick man! On the wrist that’s pretty…low…key.

      Glad to hear we’ve been a help, and it’s badass to hear that guys would want to get the bound shears inked. If you end up doing it let us know man, we’d be super stoked!

  3. Wow… Stoked at being part of this movement (just joined your online community), all I wanted was tips on how to hide my long hair for a wedding. (baseball cap was out of the question, WTF! )
    Congrats to the new ink dude!
    Looking forward to all the tips and advice along with your product.

    Gray Longhair

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