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It’s For Life

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And That Shit’s Permanent

Matt Heinz is a professional tattoo artist, which isn’t a part-time job, or even a full-time job. It’s a full-time life—much like long hair, which Matt has, so you could say he’s working overtime.

Since 2013 he’s been skillfully tattooing art-loving clients at Bearcat Tattoo Gallery*, one of the finest tattoo shops in San Diego and proud sponsors of The Great Cut.

Matt’s specialty is illustrated color tattoos with concepts inspired by medieval fantasy art, European black metal, neo-traditional, Japanese and video game illustrations. His favorite subject matter includes witches, wizards, skeletons, suits of armor, weapons, women’s faces, animals, floral designs, and anything in the realm of the mysterious and provocative.


He is also the artist who masterfully applied a virtually perfect rendition of the bound shears on Sam’s upper shoulder in permanent black ink, a piece he remembers with reverence. You can still find out why Sam did it on The Longhairs podcast.

Having been neighbors on Kettner Boulevard dating back to the founding days of The Longhairs, we were especially thrilled to invite professional tattoo artist Matt Heinz on Let It Ride.

What you'll hear about:

  • The daily life of a professional tattoo artist
  • Reliving the story behind Sam’s epic piece
  • What makes a good tattoo client?
  • When you immediately regret cutting your hair
  • A glimpse into Bearcat Tattoo Gallery
  • The first steps to becoming a tattoo artist

You’ll want to get inked up with Matt Heinz after hearing him describe life as a professional tattoo artist with long hair on The Longhairs podcast.

El Tatuaje

Matt Heinz is a professional tattoo artist working at Bearcat Tattoo Gallery. Follow him @mattheinztattoo, visit his personal website or view his artist page on the Bearcat website.

*The Bearcat Tattoo Gallery website was created by your boys in a previous life before we became The Longhairs, and to this day is the (self-proclaimed) finest tattoo shop website in the world. Prove us wrong.

Matt Heinz Professional Tattoo Artist
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What’s your next tattoo idea?


  1. Can’t believe it took me so long to listen to this…

    Really enjoyed your chat! Great to learn a bit more about Matt, and easy to see why he is such a pro! (Also Matt, I can’t braid my own hair very well either!)

    Thanks for the kind words as well, I obviously think of the awesome experience every single day. Can’t thank each one of you enough!

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Btw, my wife has her name in elvish writing tattoo’d inside her arm. I told her I was going to marry her when I heard it and this was before we officially met. I bit my tongue but it worked out somehow. Cool to hear he has a similar tattoo.

  3. Badass! Love to hear another artist on the podcast! I enjoyed it a lot!

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