Sneak Peek: Hair Ties For Guys V2

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In 2015 The Longhairs launched a product line featuring the finest mens hair ties in the world.

The staggering ramifications were felt globally, with orders from over 25 nations around the planet. Longhairs worldwide spoke in unison,


But just as these hot tickets were being swiftly delivered to the four corners of the globe, you told us you wanted more.

We’ve gotten dozens of requests from longhairs near and far for new designs, nearly all focused on solid colors and all blacks.

We heard ya boys. You asked for it, and you’re gonna get it.

Tune in to the enclosed video for a little stroll around The Longhairs Global Headquarters, and an exclusive sneak peek at the fabled V2 collections of Hair Ties For Guys.

Hair Ties For Guys Liquidation Sale

Hair Ties For Guys V2 collections are coming this fall, with new designs, solid colors and all blacks.
Get a 50% OFF coupon for your first pack when you purchase HTFG below.

With HTFG V2 coming in hot, we’ve got to move some inventory off the shelves. For a limited time we are offering a blowout liquidation fire sale on our full selection of Hair Ties For Guys V1.

When you purchase any of our three sale packages below, we’ll give you a 50% off coupon for one pack of Hair Ties For Guys V2 when they hit the shelves this fall.


But we need to get our current collections into your hair in the meantime. When you purchase from this sale, you’ll be helping us get these fresh new designs into production. Here’s how it works:

  • Choose 2, 4 or 6 packs
  • Mix & match your collections
  • Get these babies in your locks

$1 from every sale donated to Locks of Love


But you can find what you’re looking for right over…



  1. Hey, I realise this threads kind of old now but i was just wondering if your gonna be bringing back ant of the old V1 designs for the V2’s?

      1. Sweet 😀 got a date for them? Just getting to that point where my hair can go up and really really want some of these :’)

        1. Expecting by the end of next week! We’ll do everything we can to launch by next Friday.

          Thanks man!

    1. Yo Chandler!

      V2 will be available in time for delivery BEFORE Christmas. Guaranteed.

      More details coming soon, but you can count on that!

  2. Great!

    Once they’re out I will order a pack of all blacks.
    Do you guys have a twitter account by the way? Once I have them ties I might aswell tweet you guys a picture in which my hair is tied with your product! ?

    Kind regards,

  3. I haven’t touched my hair in five years. (and) I have experienced everything that you have documented on this site! i love the site and idea!

    ok, so i recently bought a pack of yah-mons. i like the material and stretch, but with my thick hair, i cant quite get that third loop in my mantail. i love them but can i suggest a bigger size. i cant be the only one. keep up the good work

    1. Yoooo dude! Great feedback, we appreciate it and especially from a longhair veteran like yourself! You’re right, you’re not the only one, and we’ve added an additional 1/4″ on the V2s coming very soon. They will be in time for the holidays. Thanks again man, appreciate the great feedback and you taking the time. Keep lettin it ride!

  4. Yo Lonhgair HQ. Y’all need some more banded scissor tees in the store. I’d snap that shit up. Please put a sizing chart too!

    I’m at music school as well and there’s heaps of longhair bros. I’ve already dished out the business cards I got with my htfg packs. Spreading the love, from the great white north.

    1. Author

      Ian thanks brother! Loving the enthusiasm! Good news, we’re dropping shirts next week so stay tuned.

  5. I didn’t see this before I ordered a two pack yesterday, can I still get a discount code when the V2’s come out? I’m loving this website by the way, still lots to explore!

    1. Author

      Thanks brotha! Sorry you missed the sale, but let us know what you think about the ties. V2 coming in HOTT!

  6. Heyo Longhairs,
    bought some packs immediately when i saw the sale. And i got to say, the ties are feeling great, looking awesome, I can see them lasting much longer than the normal “girl ties” (but thats just a guess so far, they just seem very durable), the old glorys are my favorite ones right now (and I’m not even from good ol’ murica) and I just can’t wait for the version 2 ones!
    That beeing said, I didn’t get a coupon code for the V2 yet. Are you mailing those out when the V2 are released? Thought I would recieve the code right after the purchase (but that might have been a misunderstanding on my part).

    Keep up the good work dudes!

    1. Author

      Thanks man! Stoked you are digging them. Yea, we will email the coupon code to ya once the sale is over (which is tonight at midnight). So look out for that tomorrow, we’ll also send a reminder about the coupon once the V2’s are released.

  7. My hair is a little past my shoulders, looking for good shampoo and conditioner any recommendations would be appreciated.

    1. We’ve been recommending the ‘One N Only’ brand Argan Oil shampoo and conditioner. I’ve been using it for about two years now and it’s good stuff!

  8. Well, I’ll wait the V2 version ?, all black will suit me at work. I’m looking forward to get these new hairties ???

  9. Cant wait for hair ties for guys v2, they’re really gonna suit me in my daily life!

    1. Glad to hear it Will!

      You may already know this, but you’ll get 50% off your first pack of v2 if you buy any of our v1 sale packages now.

      Either way v2 will be here soon, thanks for writing in man!

  10. I have the admit, the product is looking good, but can you PLEASE stop with the FIRE reference in your sale ads!
    Gives me the shivers just thinking of it.

    1. And 100x better than regular hair ties…making it a 2x great deal.

      Regular hair ties are cheap because they suck, and you get what you pay for.

      But really man, when you buy Hair Ties For Guys you’re not just buying superior hair ties for men. You’re buying into the brand, the community, and the firm conviction that we shouldn’t have to wear women’s hair ties any more.

      Still thanks for writing in amigo, hope you enjoy the community.

  11. Well, I was about to take three inches off my hair (seriously!), but your news ties have got me questioning that decision. Dang you Longhairs!!!!!!!
    Those ties look sweet!

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