How To Tie Your Hair For Men, Part II

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Three More Options For Your Sick Flow

In January 2015, we kicked off our first ever video tutorial with How To Tie Your Long Hair - For Men. It was a smash hit, and we’ve been showing you sick long hairstyles for men ever since.

In that video we alluded to a future post with more tying techniques for guys. And the future is here.

So here you go boys. How to tie your hair. For men. Part II.

UPDATE: be sure to visit How to Tie Your Long Hair – 5 Year Anniversary Edition, updated in 2020 with a focus back on the fundamentals.

We know what you're asking. How do I get my hands on some of those SICK hair ties??

Glad you asked.

Right Over Here
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  1. Thank you guys for the support…he’s trying a new style everyday this week. He got so many compliments on monday…his friends love his hair and it’s been great for him to have something to talk about with his peers…this year is his first year in a regular classroom setting and start of middle school….he’s the coolest kid in the 6th grade! Thank y’all so much.

    1. YEEWW!! Great to hear Jessica and stoked for your little guy! Thanks for the update.

  2. Looking for some community support! I write this post on behalf of my 12 yrs old son. He has autism. He loves his long hair, but at school he needs it tie back, because he’s lazy and won’t push his hair behind his ears. Being a woman and mother of 3, I’ve been researching ways that guys with long hair tie their hair back. He still has a few front pieces that are slipping out of a low manstail. Every site I’ve checked out which hasn’t been many as of yet or all with men with facial hair. My kiddo is 12 and he doesn’t want to look
    Like a girl. We are almost to the point where his hair will be all one length. He’s been rocking a very layered shag cut for years…..and now we just have a bit of transitioning left to go. So if anyone has some suggestions, or nice comments that I can show to my son that hey….guys think this cool to wear their hair like this…. it would really help us over this speed bump. Please keep clean laugage. Any support from fellow long haired men should help him and myself tremendously! Thanks in advance for your support. He loves his hair so much.

    1. Hi Jessica!

      Great to see you found us and thanks for reaching out. Sounds like he is super close to getting over that last little bump. We’re all hear for ya man and it is SUPER AWESOME to have long hair especially as a little guy. Check out this post and video, it will be perfect for him to see

    1. Author

      Indy that means a lot to us! We will continue pumping out the longhairs freshness.


    Just got my two packs of Hair Ties for Guys in the mail yesterday — excellent product! Looking forward to V. 2.0 as well.

    I’ve been growing my mane now for just barely over a year (from buzz-cut length) and I now have *just enough* length that I can use the new hair ties. SO STOKED! The meeting between my hair and shoulders is nearly here.

    Question: At what point should I consider myself beyond the “awkward stage”? Hair touching shoulders? Able to tie it up? (can’t submit photos here)

    I can hardly wait to see where I’m at this time NEXT year.

    1. Author

      Yo J-Dub!

      Awesome man, super pumped to hear. The internationally recognized ending point of the awkward stage is when you can tie it up, so it sounds like you’ve made it.

      Congratulations, and welcome to the team. Thanks for writing in amigo!

  4. Number three’s a good one – I use it quite a lot – you can wrap the hair through a couple of times if you want 🙂

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