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Giving San Diego anchor Raoul Martinez the hard sell on growing it out, LIVE on Fox 5 San Diego. What do you think he should do? Cast your vote!

VOTE FOR RAOUL: long hair…or short hair?



  1. Hey guys, love your channel and blog. Just ordered a pack of hair ties. I’m into 1 year and 8 month of hair growing, unfortunately I cut it a little a few times around the “awkward” stage… Can’t wait to grow them longer now. What I would like is to get a look at pictures of you two guys, when you had a lenght just passing the chin and sleighly touching the shoulder at the back 😉

    1. Yo Hankill! Thanks for writing in man. Let me see if I can find something in the archives…

      Keep lettin it ride man!

  2. why did’nt you put a long hair wig on the head of raoul?
    it should have been funnier
    but his face as he sees the longhair picture… in french, “mort de rire” !!! ( dead from laugh)

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