The Indisputable Reason to Grow Long Hair

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Should I Grow My Hair Out?

A question as old as time, and yet we humbly submit it’s the wrong question to be asking. The question is not…should I grow my hair out?

The real question is…

…why should I grow my hair out?

To which there could be infinite compelling answers.

But first, to be fair, let’s consider the myriad reasons you should not grow your hair out:

Your boss won’t allow it
Your boss won't allow long hair
Your school prohibits it
Your boss won't allow it
Your girl isn’t into it
Long hair with short shorts
Your family despises it
Mom who hates long hair
You can’t get through the awkward stage
Awkward Stage Hair
Longhair problems

...and more.

While a case can be made for each, and while friends, family and co-workers might dissuade you, there is a counter to every cajoling, a parry for every punch, a yin for every yang, a tik for every tok.

Every objection is but a surmountable challenge when you ask the right question.

Why should you grow your hair out?

It’s awesome
You can do hairwhips
The water whip
Water long hair whip
This could be your last chance
Old man losing his hair with long hair
If you don’t try it you’ll never know
long hair guy looking questioniable
The list goes on, but there is one indisputable reason you should grow your hair out…

So you can donate it to a little girl who can’t grow her own hair.

That’s what we do. And that’s what you should do.

Specifically we’ll attempt another Guinness World Records title at The Great Cut 2024 (you’re welcome to join us), but you can donate your hair whenever it’s long enough.

We do recommend you donate your hair to Children With Hair Loss, the only organization that provides quality, custom hair replacements to children with medically-related hair loss 100% free to the families, and has never denied a child for any reason.

Grow Your Hair With Purpose

Who’s gonna tell you to cut it if you’re growing your hair to donate? If you indulge in some hairwhips and high fives in the meantime, no harm done!

Grow it out with us and utilize the greatest library of content ever created for guys with long hair, we’ve even got you covered with tips and tactics to power through the awkward stage.

Join our hair-cutting shindig and you can rep one of these swaggy TGC 2024 T-Shirts, which measure your hair length while shutting down the naysayers.

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Or you can grow it out alone, in the dark, without purpose or a lifeline, which is cool too.

Last Ditch Effort

If you’re still asking yourself...sit back and let El Moreno take it from here.

Who are you guys, and why do you care if I grow my hair out?

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