Vaporize Split Ends and Baby Hairs

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El Rubio Goes for a Trim

Look guys. When you’re out shredding powder lines in sub-freezing temperatures, you’re gonna sustain some hair damage. This can lead to split ends, excessive tangling and intense frazzling.

And frankly, those damn baby hairs around the ears really start to get annoying. So it’s time for a trim!

I’ve found about twice a year does the trick for me, although I might clean up around the ears and back of the neck in between trims.

Typically I’ve asked for the absolute minimum, no more than one sixteenth of an inch or there will be hell to pay. In this instance, knowing I had split ends and never having gotten much trimmed at all, I acquiesced to a FULL INCH.

While that may sound horrifying, things turned out just fine. Most everything cut was ready to go, and I came out feeling fresh, light and cleaned up. Gotta give it to those gals over at House of Imago.

Watch the harrowing suspense unfold.



  1. Yooo do you have any prefered ways to cut the back so it doesn’t look weird im going for a natural look

  2. I’m getting my split ends cut soon what cut should I ask for? (I prefer bare minimum)

    1. Author

      No, don’t cut them off! It’s a slippery slope, you’ll be forced to continue cutting them forever. If anything just clean up around the ears, but let the baby hairs grow.

  3. Hey guys, love the site and the awesome amount of info you have.
    I have a recommendation for a product you might want to check out. It’s from the Aveda store. It’s called Dry-Remedy. It’s a blend of natural plant based oils that is readily absorbed into your hair to bring back the strength and the shine. It’s specifically for the ends of your hair where the damage is highest. I originally got a free sample from them and loved what it did for my hair and went back to buy the full sized bottle. I use it almost every day. And it smells great too!
    My hair is about the same length as El Rubio’s but this stuff helps to cut down on the number of split ends..
    Sending greetings from San Clemente. Keep up the good work.

    1. Author

      Yo Tony! Thanks for the suggestion man, sounds like a winner. I know Aveda is a good brand, the type of stuff we’d like to offer eventually. We’ll give it a look.

      Thanks for writing in amigo!

      By the way, how did you get a free sample? What the hell are you doing out there in San Clemente, anyway?

      1. Hey bro,
        I went into the Aveda store looking for a more natural line of hair care products. After looking at my hair and the dry and damaged ends they suggested I try the Dry-Remedy and just gave me the sample to try. They may or may not still have samples to hand out. Just have to ask.

        If you eventually have something similar I would definitely get it from you. I love the HairTies V2’s.

        I lived in San Diego for many years but then changed jobs and had to move. San Clemente is nice though. Still close enough to SD and LA when I have a reason to go visit. I work in a lab doing DNA diagnostics. Since I don’t deal with the public it’s no big deal to let my hair grow… so I did. Almost 3 years now. A throwback to my grad school days when I had long hair too.

        May the flow be with you! 🙂

        1. Author

          And may it be with you as well, amigo.

          Thanks for the advice. I looked up the stuff on Amazon, but I think I’ll try an Aveda store.

          Also badass that you went to grad school and you’re doing professional work.

          Come down next time we have something going on man!

  4. I love this video! Awesome work, as always. I only wish there was a House of Imago in LA! Do you (or any other fellow Longhairs) have a place that is trustworthy in the City of Angels? Santa Monica salons look overwhelming, but maybe I fear the shears!

    1. Author

      Yo DAWG! They only have two locations, both in SD, but sounds like a GREAT reason for a trip south!

      C’mon down amigo, we’ll get a night on the ole town.

  5. You look great man!!!! How do you know if you have split ends? How do you check?

  6. Haha! Great video- BTW love the new hair ties and the speed in which they arrived! With thick hair these are perfect. Thanks so much.

  7. What about baby hair on your forehead? I can’t even wash my hair without wearing a hat the next two days because the baby hairs are long enough to be in my face, and seem to always be at that annoying length. People tell me not to cut them.

    1. Author

      It’s a slippery slope man. If you cut them, you may be forced to continue trimming them forever or regrow them out. I have the same dilemma myself, that’s why I trust my hair pro to make the call.

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