Vaporize Split Ends and Baby Hairs

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El Rubio Goes for a Trim

Look guys. When you’re out shredding powder lines in sub-freezing temperatures, you’re gonna sustain some hair damage. This can lead to split ends, excessive tangling and intense frazzling.

And frankly, those damn baby hairs around the ears really start to get annoying. So it’s time for a trim!

I’ve found about twice a year does the trick for me, although I might clean up around the ears and back of the neck in between trims.

Typically I’ve asked for the absolute minimum, no more than one sixteenth of an inch or there will be hell to pay. In this instance, knowing I had split ends and never having gotten much trimmed at all, I acquiesced to a FULL INCH.

While that may sound horrifying, things turned out just fine. Most everything cut was ready to go, and I came out feeling fresh, light and cleaned up. Gotta give it to those gals over at House of Imago.

Watch the harrowing suspense unfold.