Tame Your Curly, Frizzy or Damaged Hair With A Keratin Treatment

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The Frizzbuster

Need a solution for your curls, frizz or damaged hair? A keratin treatment for men is a certified frizzbuster, but also offers incredible results for curly, damaged or unruly hair.

In this post I’m going to cover why a keratin treatment is one of the best long-term solutions for guys struggling with curly, frizzy hair, offering ultimate control and saving you from a daily, time-consuming hair routine.


Why Does Hair Get Frizzy?

Understanding frizzy hair is the first step to finding the best solution.

In short, frizzy hair is caused from the amount of open space between your hair cuticles, the microscopic fish-like scales on the outer surface of the hair shaft, which behave in similar fashion to the pores on your skin.

The proper term for the space between your cuticles is called “porosity,” and depending on the conditions of the air and the natural porosity of your hair, your cuticles can open wider and shut tighter.

Some guys naturally have lower porosity and experience minimal or no frizz, whilst other guys, particularly with curly hair, may experience unpleasant poof and frightfully frizzy conditions.

Porosity Chart illustrating the benefit of a keratin treatment for men

Understanding your hair type and where you are on the porosity chart is key when choosing a solution for your hair. In the next section I’ll explain how a keratin treatment can help guys who have curly hair and identify on the higher end of the porosity scale.

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How Does a Keratin Treatment For Curly Hair Fight Frizz?

A keratin treatment, made from same protein as your hair, is an in-salon procedure designed to close your cuticles and reduce porosity for an extended period.

Much like hair ties, these hair treatments are not well-marketed to men, usually labelled as a “beauty product.” In fact, both men and women can benefit from a keratin treatment, even guys with straight hair and minimal frizz. El Rubio swears by them, especially when he's dealing with tangled and damaged hair. 

I have a video on my YouTube channel demonstrating how a keratin treatment worked on my frizzy curls and what to expect when getting a treatment. You can also find more useful information about keratin treatments on my blog.

What Makes it a Keratin Treatment 'For Men?'

A keratin treatment for men is nothing different than a treatment for women. Your hair professional will do your treatment exactly the same as she would for anyone's hair. 

Because people often think of keratin treatments for women, I used the male terminology in this post to emphasize they are just as effective for men's hair. And since most articles on the subject are geared towards women, my aim is to offer some solid keratin education from a guy's point of view. I hope the info is helpful!


Are Keratin Treatments For Curly Hair Permanent?

No, keratin treatments are not permanent and do not straighten your hair. It’s a common misconception for people to think keratin treatments work the same as a chemical straighten because they both give the hair a significantly more relaxed look.

The main difference between these two treatments is:


a) Chemical straightening psychically breaks the structural bonds of your hair. This permanently disables your curl pattern and leaves your hair vulnerable to breakage. This treatment is also irreversible so you need to think carefully before deciding on something like this.

b) A Keratin treatment lightly coats the structural bonds of your hair, giving them a smooth, relaxed look. Instead of losing your curl altogether, it becomes looser and frizz-free, making it far more manageable every day. This treatment typically can last anywhere from two-four months, depending on how you care for it.

When I got my first keratin treatment, I was given 3 different options. I was able to have the treatment on for either 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 1 hour.

Each time length was going to give me a different result in terms of how relaxed I wanted my curls to look. The longer I had the treatment on, the more relaxed and frizz-free my hair would turn out.

I ended up choosing the 45 minute option as I still wanted a curly appearance but really wanted a frizz-free result. You’ll see at the end of my video above, I revealed my new relaxed curl pattern two days after the treatment and was pretty stoked with my results.

Since my first treatment I’ve been getting one every three months to keep my maintenance low and feeling awesome. #wouldreccommend

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How Much Does A Keratin Treatment Cost?

Keratin treatments can cost anywhere from $200 - $350 in the USA depending on how much hair you have. Some may consider this to be rather expensive, however, it depends on how you value time. If you spend a lot of time trying to tame your curls and reduce frizz on a daily basis, you may find a keratin treatment more beneficial in the long run.

For me personally, getting a keratin treatment allowed me to stop fluffing around so much with my hair in the morning and focus more on my business and the content I want to make.

Plus it made the act of just doing my hair more enjoyable, which seems to be the biggest problem when dealing with frizz.


Where Can A Guy Get A Keratin Treatment for Curly Hair?

If you’re in San Diego, The Longhairs always recommend House of Imago. If you’re elsewhere, most professional salons offer keratin treatments. Ask your trusted hair pro—here are some tips on how to confidently navigate your visit to the salon.


Shut Down Frizz With A Keratin Treatment For Curly Hair

At the end of the day, picking the right solution to deal with your frizzy hair is entirely up to you. I feel it’s also got a lot to do with how your hair makes you feel.

Personally, when I have a frizzy hair day, my confidence sinks. That’s why I deem a keratin treatment worthwhile, busting frizz and helping me manage my hair FAR easier.

If you have any questions regarding keratin treatments or need advice on curly hair, connect with me at the links below. I hope you found this post helpful and would love to hear about your experience if you choose to get a keratin treatment.

Keep rocking that mane!

Yours in good hair,


Thomas In Action


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