El Rubio's 15 Month Hair Update

El Rubio’s 15-Month Hair Update

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A Different Kind of Hair Update

We’ve been seeing a lot of hair updates lately, from our Grow With Moreno series to El Chuckarino’s explosive first update. Not to be outgrown, El Rubio checks in with his 15 month hair update, with no tremendous growth to speak of, but an important update no less.

That’s because he’s doing something he’s never done before: growing out his neck hair.

Having consistently stuck to the approach of keeping it tightly trimmed, offering a clean neckline and a sharper, tidy appearance, he’s been letting the neck hair ride since January, experimenting with a more natural, free flowing appearance.

How’s it growing? Is it working? Is this experiment a complete disaster? El Rubio tells all in his 15 month hair update…but first some context with this video.

Confidence and Community

If you’ve seen our recent collaboration with Trav White and other longhairs in How To Handle Long Hair Haters, you’ll know why confidence and community have been top of mind.

While these values are engrained in The Longhairs’ Core Focus, this co-lab has provided an opportunity to see these values at work in real life, with a clear and pervasive theme of confidence emanating from throughout the longhair community.

Published here in short form, you can read further into the meaning of The Longhairs core vision and core values in 5 Years & 300 Blog Posts: The Longhairs Core Focus.


To inspire confidence, develop masculinity and foster community among guys growing their hair.


  1. Do things right
  2. Do the right things
  3. Creativity and authenticity
  4. Team spirit and contagious enthusiasm
  5. Unwavering confidence and determination to achieve
  6. Building and influencing community from San Diego outward
A photo of El Moreno in El Rubio's 15 Month Hair Update

“Allow Your Confidence to Carry You Through Each Day”

A powerful daily affirmation, you’d never guess it came from a fortune cookie.

With adequate context provided, enjoy El Rubio’s 15 month hair update…and stay confident.

El Rubio's 15 Month Hair Update


  1. as we remember you were lobbed at Great Cut, it is a good hair growth, bro !!!

  2. Yo, I haven’t cut my neck hair since I started growing out my mane. It was maybe a little weird at first, but its almost the same length as the rest of my hair and has attained full blown head-hair status, no longer to be looked down upon by my other hairs for being shorter. Nay, neck hair is still hair. No 3/5ths compromise here. #neckhairsmatter

    1. Author

      Mine is starting to look better too! Finally staying w/ the rest of my hair in a hair tie. All in!

  3. I like the video you and El Moreno did with Trav White. Long hair Avengers, ASSEMBLE!!!!

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