How To Use Beard Oil

How To Use Beard Oil (Definitive)

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Back Up a Few Steps

There are a myriad of products out there and a seemingly incalculable amount of tutorials on how to use beard oil. With so many options it’s hard to know where to start and who to trust with your precious face-mane.

Well you’re in luck my good sir because as we’ve already established, The Longhairs is your source for all things hair (including your face!). So I, El Sicario, the team’s designated Beard Captain, will get you spun up on what you need to know.

Why Use Beard Oil?

Ok so you’re probably combing the internet for beard oil tips and there are several internet vikings telling you how to use beard oil in all its intricacies. That's all fine and dandy but it begs one of the most important questions: “What the f*ck does beard oil even do?”

To sum it up, beard oil looks great, feels great and smells great.

Looks great. Beard oil helps keep your hair hydrated and soft. This avoids breakage and other nasty bits like split ends.
Feels great. The oil will help your skin stay healthy and keep the treacherous beard itch at bay.
Smells great. One of the benefits of having so many options on the market is there is no shortage of scents to choose from. Don’t be afraid to try! Only your nose knows!
Plus. I like to think of my beard oil as a layer of protection from pollutants and debris that get caught in this net hanging from my chin. Later that makes it easier to clean my beard in the shower.

How Often Should I Use Beard Oil?

It’s a solid question. The truest answer is simply…as often as you like.

Some guys will say every single day, other guys will say every other day and so on. Much like you’ve done with your hair care routine, you should conduct some trial and error on your face.

Consider factors like your own natural oil production, environmental effects, your wash routine, etc. An overly-oiled beard is better than a dry, damaged beard, so you can’t go wrong with applying oil every day and then cutting back as needed.

You’ll know you’re using too much when your beard starts leaving residual oil on your clothes or other surfaces it touches.

What’s The Best Beard Oil?

Naturally I’m going to be a little biased and say we have the best beard oil on the market. I’m willing to stake my name on such a claim because unlike several of our competitors, we try everything on ourselves before we even think of asking our loyal customers to use it. We’re hair guys and we make the products that we want to use on our own bodies.

Step-by-Step Beard Oil Application

The most ideal time to apply beard oil is after a hot shower. Your pores will be open and you’ll be working with a blank canvas (clean skin and clean beard).
Naturally, oil and water do not mix, so you’ll want to towel dry your beard first, otherwise the oil simply won't get in. When drying, make sure not to go at your hair too harshly. You can cause breakage and even roll your beard hair into knots.
Once your hair is nice and damp, pour a dime sized amount of oil into your hand and spread it across your palms by quickly rubbing your hands together. You can always add more oil but you can’t put it back, so start small and use more if needed.
Now you want to gently work the oil into your hair and be mindful that you want it to penetrate down to the skin and also touch those hairs buried deep into your beard. Many guys just glide the oil across the surface of the beard which isn't going to do you much good.
One simple hack is after applying your oil as completely as possible, just run a comb through your beard. Let the comb do most of the work by spreading the oil down to the tough-to-reach hairs.

The Beard Oil Takeaways

Learning how to use beard oil will keep your face and chin looking good, feeling good, and smelling good. Don’t be afraid to try different scents. Use as little as you need or as much as you must. Come to us for all your hair needs!

This is El Sicario. Pop smoke and I’m out.

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