How to Twist a Side Braid for Men

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Twist Me Up A Sidekick Buddy

We’ve got another sick braid for ya. It’s not only stylish, but highly functional.

Step into The Longhairs East County Headquarters while El Rubio shows you how to tie a side braid for men, or as we like to call it...The Sidekick.

While you’re at it get a little sneak preview at the brand new Rust Belt Super Slouch Soft Lid.


How To Braid Your Hair For Men

Before mastering all the dope braid styles, you’ll need to learn the fundamentals on how to braid your hair for men.
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  1. The First Nation have a belief that one strand of hair is weak, but when intertwined into a braid, it is strong. Each of us in the Longhairs community is merely a strand, but when intertwined, we are like the majestic, badass ropes of the Plains Tribes. We are stronger together.

    1. Enjoyed watching this Chamane. Would even like to contact that guy, but no info on his YouTube channel. Thanks for sharing ami!

      1. To the First Nation, the real Americans, wopila tanka. Mitakuye oyasin. Aho!!

  2. Great step-by-step instructions. Love the beanies though, I’ll be waiting for those to drop!

  3. I really love you guys, your vids, tricks and offcoursse your hair ties for guys.

    The only downside and a big sad face is that two of my V2’s snapped in one week!
    Dont know where to leave a comment so i will do it here.

    It snapped at the place where they are sealed en where your trademark logo is at.

    Still a happy costumer from the Netherlands. But its a boomer, there where my favorites and bad ass ties!

    1. Yo Luukas! Thanks for writing in, and for the love man!

      We have had a small percentage of V2’s snapping like this. We’re working on our next order of V2’s and we’re addressing the issue head-on.

      To help us make these product improvements, can you send us an email at [email protected]. Briefly describe what happened and include a picture if you can. We’ll get you taken care of also.

      Thanks again man, means a lot to know you’re still down even though you had an issue!

  4. In 5 hours 18 minutes and 33 seconds I intend on grabbing a beanie and a fresh set of hair ties. Just an FYI you guys helped me to decide not to cut my hair, I was on the edge with it but I saw some tips and things I could do with it and not cutting it was the best decision i’ve ever made!

    1. Ha! Yes man, they are comin’ in hot!

      It’s f-ing thrilling to know you decided to keep lettin it ride.

      Thanks for writing in amigo, great to hear from you!

  5. El Moreno, that looks hard to execute man! 15 months in and it takes me all my time just to pull it all back and tie a simple knot!
    In the future, perhaps in 6/9 months time I think my 9 year old daughter, who’s obsessed with plats and fishtails etc is going to come in super handy. ‘Leave the dolls alone girl, come and sort out daddy’s hair..’ 🙂
    Looking forward to seeing the new beanies boys..

    1. Ha! Thanks El Nicko, they’re comin’ in hot!

      You should get a lot of practice w/ your daughter!

  6. Amazing Video !

    Great Tutorial & Kickin Beanies !!

    I’m Definitely picking one up !


  7. Thanks for the video, El Rubio. Reminder, don’t have the music out perform the voice track. It makes it difficult to hear.

    P.S. Drop me some some Longhair business cards. I gave out a lot when I was in Iceland and Seattle. I have three left and could use a hefty handful to spread the word.

  8. you are right using only a few drops of oil; it’s sufficient andnot greasy; the franco-new zealander blogger Nouillemie give the tip using a few drops of oil in the wet palms at put it on the hair after the towel to maintain the hydratation in the hair
    your mane is magnificent ( most women should be jealous of it….)
    but i’ve two left hair, and i cannot do a braid, i must ask a female friend…

  9. That’s some swanky hair you’re rockin’ there!

    Glad to see you’re oiling now. It will save your ends. Argan Oil tends to be super thick, so it’s a good idea to apply it a drop at a time, rather than a dollop. Also, a boar bristle brush will work wonders to quickly spread it out, as opposed to a vented, blow-dry brush.

    Looking forward to the beanies being available. I’m not a cap guy, but am definitely for beanies.

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