Let’s Be Clear About Clarifying Shampoo

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To Clarify

You’ve learned about dry shampoo, sulfates, parabens and all the shampoo tech. Now what the hell is clarifying shampoo? For a product purporting clarity, this doesn’t seem clear at all…while adding another shampoo sounds murky at best.

Here we deliver some much-needed clarification on this heavyweight hair care product, while shamelessly featuring The Longhairs’ POWER CLEAN clarifying shampoo. Get ready for that DEEP CLEAN.

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What Is Clarifying Shampoo?

Clarifying shampoo is a heavy-duty, deep-cleansing formula designed to remove stubborn buildup and residue that regular shampoo can leave behind.

Your standard shampoo is typically a gentle formula using mild surfactants, offering regular cleansing without stripping or drying your hair. For example, our own Epic Cleanse shampoo is specifically designed with mild cleansing agents and hydrating ingredients.

While ideal for everyday use, traditional shampoo doesn’t provide the level of deep clean you can achieve with clarifying shampoo (a good thing, because you don’t want to be power washing your scalp every week).

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Why Clarify?

Even with a quality shampoo, buildup can accumulate in your hair and scalp from excess oil, sweat, dirt, grime and product residue. Buildup weighs down your hair, making it feel greasy, heavy or limp. Over time it can feel dirty even after you shampoo, appearing dull or flat.

Designed and recommended for occasional use, clarifying shampoo provides a deep, thorough clean, cutting through that buildup and residue to give your hair and scalp a fresh start, closest to its natural state.

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How Often Should I Clarify?

Like any hair care product, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to clarifying shampoo.

How often you clarify depends on your hair type, your regular shampoo schedule, what kind of products you use, how much you use them, and environmental factors, like your daily activities and the type of water in your shower.

Generally speaking you should clarify whenever you need a deep clean. A good rule of thumb is every 4-6 shampoo cycles, or once a month.

If your hair and scalp are especially oily, if you go heavy on the products, work in a grimy vocation or shower with hard water, you might clarify more often (like twice a month or once a week).

In particularly oily cases you can use clarifying shampoo as your primary cleanser, but you don’t want to overdo it. Start with moderate use and see what works best for your mane.

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What’s The Best Clarifying Shampoo?

It would be easy to say POWER CLEAN is a superior clarifying shampoo because of its striking name and captivating aluminum vessel, but this isn’t just a pretty bottle.

While most clarifying shampoos use sulfates to achieve that “extra clean,” POWER CLEAN delivers intense, thorough clean without sulfates or harsh surfactants that can dry and damage your hair.

Instead of sulfates, we use chelating (KEY lay teeng) agents. These chelaters bond molecules of dirt, oils, minerals and pollutants with ions, extracting buildup and residue, then rinsing out completely—like using a magnet instead of a scrub brush.

The end result is a brilliant, comprehensive clean without harsh ingredients, leaving your locks light, fresh and revitalized.

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How To Use Clarifying Shampoo

Brace yourself for intensive cleansing as El Gnarstavo demonstrates how to use clarifying shampoo.
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Clarifying Shampoo
For a wonderfully thorough hair & scalp deep cleanse.
Power Clean Clarifying Shampoo on marble countertop


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